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Last active Oct 28, 2022
A simple bash script to install the font. Needs more error handling and some documentation. And the code is horrible.
rel() {
echo $(echo $latest_release | jq --raw-output "$1")
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Last active Apr 8, 2022
Notable Theming Tips & Tricks

Random Notes on Notable Custom CSS

Customising colours

Adjusting the colour of various parts of the UI is a fun way to get started with Custom CSS.

Unfortunately, due to the way that Notable applies its own styles, you have to use !important whenever you want to change the colour of something - this includes background colours. On that note, be sure to use the background-color property over the shorthand background property so that the background colour is overridden correctly.

You may also need to use !important to override some other properties. Use the Styles pane in DevTools to check if that is the case.

MMK21Hub / custom.css
Last active Apr 8, 2022
Notable Custom CSS: Fixes for the Dracula custom theme in v1.9-beta.2 to v1.9-beta.7
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body, html {
--bg-primary: #292a36;
--bg-primary-border: #404154;
--bg-secondary: #21222c;
--bg-secondary-border: #424457 /* --bg-secondary + 15% Lightness */;
--bg-secondary-hover: #2c2d3a /* --bg-secondary + 5% Lightness */;
--bg-secondary-active: #373849 /* --bg-secondary + 10% Lightness */;
--bg-tertiary: #1e1f29;


Tags Key Description Cause Notes Dupes
MC-219840 The Mossy Stone Brick recipe cannot be unlocked mossy_moss
MC-219841 Lighting Rod particle effects render incorrectly AR
MC-219842 The Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone Brick recipes aren't grouped in the recipe book mossy_moss
MC-219846 The water fog is too intense at low render distances
MMK21Hub / shortcuts.json
Last active Feb 11, 2022
Notable: Default keybindings [1.9.0-beta.0]
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{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+K Ctrl+K Ctrl+I", "command": "devtools.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I", "command": "devtools.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/", "command": "help.tutorial" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Shift+/", "command": "help.cheatsheet" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+K Ctrl+K Ctrl+P", "command": "processExplorer.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P", "command": "processExplorer.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Q", "command": "app.quit" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R", "command": "app.reload" },
{ "shortcut": "Shift+F5", "command": "app.reload" },
MMK21Hub / commands.json
Created Jan 11, 2021
Notable: All commands [1.9.0-beta.0]
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{ "command": "about.close", "title": "About: Close", "description": "Close the about window" },
{ "command": "", "title": "About: Open", "description": "Open the about window" },
{ "command": "about.toggle", "title": "About: Toggle", "description": "Open/close the about window", "args": "force?" },
{ "command": "app.exit", "title": "App: Exit", "description": "Exit the app, this is just an alias for \"app.quit\"" },
{ "command": "app.quit", "title": "App: Quit", "description": "Quit the app" },
{ "command": "app.reload", "title": "App: Reload", "description": "Reload the app" },
{ "command": "attachment.copy", "title": "Attachment: Copy...", "description": "Copy the relative path of an attachment to the clipboard", "args": "attachment" },
{ "command": "attachment.copyLink", "title": "Attachment: Copy Link...", "description": "Copy the link to an attachment to the clipboard", "args": "attachment" },
{ "command": "attachment.copyMarkdownLink", "title": "Attachment: Copy Markdown Li
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Created Jan 2, 2021
Knowledge Base: what's new?
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Last active Dec 16, 2020
Things to watch


  • bootstrap
  • angular
  • vue
  • react
  • docker
  • jquery
  • typescript
  • node.js
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