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Tags Key Description Cause Notes Dupes
MC-219840 The Mossy Stone Brick recipe cannot be unlocked mossy_moss
MC-219841 Lighting Rod particle effects render incorrectly AR
MC-219842 The Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone Brick recipes aren't grouped in the recipe book mossy_moss
MC-219846 The water fog is too intense at low render distances
MMK21Hub / shortcuts.json
Last active Jan 11, 2021
Notable: Default keybindings [1.9.0-beta.0]
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{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+K Ctrl+K Ctrl+I", "command": "devtools.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I", "command": "devtools.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/", "command": "help.tutorial" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Shift+/", "command": "help.cheatsheet" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+K Ctrl+K Ctrl+P", "command": "processExplorer.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P", "command": "processExplorer.toggle" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Q", "command": "app.quit" },
{ "shortcut": "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R", "command": "app.reload" },
{ "shortcut": "Shift+F5", "command": "app.reload" },
MMK21Hub / commands.json
Created Jan 11, 2021
Notable: All commands [1.9.0-beta.0]
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{ "command": "about.close", "title": "About: Close", "description": "Close the about window" },
{ "command": "", "title": "About: Open", "description": "Open the about window" },
{ "command": "about.toggle", "title": "About: Toggle", "description": "Open/close the about window", "args": "force?" },
{ "command": "app.exit", "title": "App: Exit", "description": "Exit the app, this is just an alias for \"app.quit\"" },
{ "command": "app.quit", "title": "App: Quit", "description": "Quit the app" },
{ "command": "app.reload", "title": "App: Reload", "description": "Reload the app" },
{ "command": "attachment.copy", "title": "Attachment: Copy...", "description": "Copy the relative path of an attachment to the clipboard", "args": "attachment" },
{ "command": "attachment.copyLink", "title": "Attachment: Copy Link...", "description": "Copy the link to an attachment to the clipboard", "args": "attachment" },
{ "command": "attachment.copyMarkdownLink", "title": "Attachment: Copy Markdown Li
MMK21Hub /
Last active Dec 16, 2020
Things to watch


  • bootstrap
  • angular
  • vue
  • react
  • docker
  • jquery
  • typescript
  • node.js
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Minecraft 20w30a: Technical changes

Want to know all the changes in this snapshot? See the Minecraft Wiki article!


  • Bed / Respawn Anchor respawning mechanics have changed.
    • Cardinal directions will now be prioritised over diagnals.
    • The game will attempt to avoid respawning the player on 'potentially harmful blocks'.[More infomation needed]

Exploit patches

MMK21Hub /
Last active Jul 25, 2020
Minecraft 30w30a: Overview [snapshot]
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"afk display": "v1.0.1",
"anti creeper grief": "v1.0.2",
"anti enderman grief": "v1.0",
"anti ghast grief": "v1.0",
"armour statues": "v2.7.1",
"classic fishing loot": "v1.0",
"coordinates hud": "v1.1.2",
"count mob deaths": "v1.0.1",
"custom nether portals": "v2.2.1",