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NEXUS 5X: Fix lineage 14.1 OS vendor mismatch error (N2G47F)

Issue is due to the fact that lineage 14.1 bullhead nightlies are based on the 7.1.2 N2G47F (Apr 2017) monthly update from google.

More explanations in xda-developers.


This assumes:

  • you already know a bit about flashing you android device and you already installed TWRP.
  • you already have adb / fastboot installed and you know a bit about it
  • you are on macOS (I give some terminal command from macOS)

1- Download factory image from

Download from official Nexus 5x N2G47F image

In case link is broken find it yourself:

2- Check checksum is f5d53a67662d1b4c2b2325813d823fc49ad9fb4a5b5361e91c3aff00157c1ddf

In terminal, check downloaded zip checksum:

`shasum -a 256

it should be: f5d53a67662d1b4c2b2325813d823fc49ad9fb4a5b5361e91c3aff00157c1ddf

3- unzip

Then enter extracted directory:

cd bullhead-n2g47f

4- unzip bullhead-n2g47f/

Then enter extracted directory:

cd image-bullhead-n2g47f

5- copy vendor.img into your device

You can copy it to sdcard

6- reboot to bootloader

  • Manually
    • by holding buttons: power + volume down,
  • by adb:
    adb reboot bootloader

7- restart recovery


install image: vendor.img as vendor partition (check vendor when asked)

Now reboot system and see it is fixed, no more alert.

Wait... what about bootloader and radio?

We just fixed the origin of the error message but your android is not fully updated.

Next steps will just take less than a minute.

For radio and bootloader we will use fastboot (as suggested in xda-developers).

8- reboot to bootloader

  • Manually
    • by holding buttons: power + volume up + volume down,
  • by adb:
    adb reboot bootloader

9- On you computer, cd within image-bullhead-n2g47f — extracted directory in step 3 — directory:

cd image-bullhead-n2g47f

10- flash bootloader

You may be in the bootloader here before going on.

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-bullhead-bhz11l.img

11- flash radio

fastboot flash radio radio-bullhead-m8994f-

Now you are done, your Nexus 5x is fully updated!


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barraponto commented Apr 9, 2018

does this work for 15.1?


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benediktneumayr commented Apr 10, 2018

@barraponto Yes, it does. I've already tried.


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BrettDikeman commented Apr 18, 2018

This will not work with 15.1 nightlies, no. On the developer download page, find the version that matches the error you get on your phone. You can't use any build except the one your build of LineageOS was built against.


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georgethemarmot commented May 14, 2018

lineage-15.1-20180514-nightly-bullhead-signed now requires images from
8.1.0 (OPM4.171019.016.A1, May 2018)


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thom-nic commented May 18, 2018

The procedure works for LOS 15.1, if you choose the correct factory image.


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julianlam commented Jul 9, 2018

Updated LineageOS Nightly and got this error (was expecting 8.1.0 (OPM6.171019.030.E1, Jul 2018))

These steps work, though of course, you have to change the factory image you download to the one that the error message specifically calls for.

One thing to note -- the Google site allows you to download factory images, or the vendor.img file itself. Just extract the vendor.img, bootloader, and radio imgs from the factory image. Downloading the vendor.img file itself (under the "Driver Binaries" section) didn't actually resolve the error :\


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rithvikvibhu commented Jul 10, 2018

Just leaving this here. Chainfire created this website to automatically scrape different sources (including Google) and host individual images. So you don't need to download the whole flashable zip which includes system and other stuff.

Nexus 5X images are available here:

Edit: Looks like vendor images aren't available, just boot and recovery. Sorry about that.


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crazybird82 commented Sep 6, 2018

Its in the zip-file -> bullhead-opm6.171019.030.k1 -> -> vendor.img


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jvndl commented Sep 13, 2018

In the step nr. 7 I was unable to see&install the vendor.img via TWRP, therefor I used this command

fastboot flash vendor vendor.img


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antonsmyk commented Sep 26, 2018

@julianlam, thanks for providing this hint! worked for me!


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julianlam commented Oct 12, 2018

@antonsmyk No problem! Another month, another vendor mismatch. Time to follow these steps again 😄

@jvndl In TWRP, when you tap "install", it will be looking for archives, so that is correct, you will not see vendor.img. You will need to tap "install image" at the bottom and then you will be able to find vendor.img. Remember to tap "vendor" again at the next screen before flashing.


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blackjackshellac commented Nov 25, 2018

This started annoying me in June and I just decided to go to the trouble to fix it. Thanks for the tips.

One thing I had to do was,

 adb push vendor.img /sdcard/vendir.img

because my version of adb was complaining that the destination was a directory, not a file.

@jvndl In TWRP one must click the Image button in /sdcard before one can see the vendor.img file. After that select only vendor checkbox to limit the install.

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