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Disabling GNOME Tracker and Other Info

GNOME's tracker is a CPU and privacy hog. There's a pretty good case as to why it's neither useful nor necessary here:

After discovering it chowing 2 cores, I decided to go about disabling it.


Mark-Booth / log.txt
Last active Sep 25, 2017
Effects of different build groups on eclipse scanning
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Worker information
hostname: f5a04d8c-fdfb-4325-b347-bbd8c94395bb@1.production-1-worker-org-c-6-gce
version: v3.0.2
instance: testing-gce-9fa8c465-9267-45e7-8a18-5ccc791323ac:travis-ci-garnet-trusty-1499451966 (via amqp)
startup: 21.098226806s
Build system information
Build language: java
Mark-Booth / git-branch-status
Last active Aug 19, 2019 — forked from lth2h/git-branch-status
Version of git-branch-status which only shows the current branch and only generates output if a branch is ahead or behind.Added options to:* Show all branches (revert to the old behaviour)* Show output even if the branch isn't ahead or behind (revert to the old behaviour)* Show branch(es) with respect to origin/master (inspired by git-branches-v…
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# hosted at
# forked from @ ae184f1 by mark.booth
# forked from @ e357c1e by lth2h
# ideas from
# this prints out some branch status
# (similar to the '... ahead' info you get from git status)
# example: