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Send an email via an R function using Mailgun
#' Email a user a report is ready
#' Requires an account at Mailgun:
#' Pre-verification can only send to a whitelist of emails you configure
#' @param email Email to send to
#' @param mail_message Any extra info
#' @return TRUE if successful email sent
#' @import httr
#' @export
sendEmail <- function(email = "",
mail_message = "Hello"){
url <- ""
## username:password so api_key is all after the api:
api_key <- "key-c5957XXXXXXXXXXXbb9cf8ce"
the_body <-
from="Mailgun Sandbox <>",
subject="Mailgun from R",
req <- httr::POST(url,
httr::authenticate("api", api_key),
encode = "form",
body = the_body)
IronistM commented Apr 13, 2017 edited

I think that at line:23 value mailmessage should be mail_message.

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