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This is a wrapper FBX class useful in accessing and modifying the FBX Scene
This is a helper FBX class useful in accessing and modifying the FBX Scene
Documentation for the FBX SDK
# instantiate the class, as seen below with a path to an FBX file
fbx_file = FBX_Class(r'c:\my_path\character.fbx')
#get all of the scene nodes
all_fbx_nodes = fbx_file.file.scene_nodes()
# remove namespaces from all of the nodes
# get the display layer objects
display_layer_nodes = fbx_file.get_type_nodes( u'DisplayLayer' )
geometry_nodes = fbx_file.get_class_nodes( fbx_file.FbxGeometry.ClassId )
# save the file that was given
# cleanly close the fbx scene.
import fbx
import FbxCommon
class FBX_Class(object):
def __init__(self, filename):
FBX Scene Object
self.filename = filename
self.scene = None
self.sdk_manager = None
self.sdk_manager, self.scene = FbxCommon.InitializeSdkObjects()
FbxCommon.LoadScene(self.sdk_manager, self.scene, filename)
self.root_node = self.scene.GetRootNode()
self.scene_nodes = self.get_scene_nodes()
def close(self):
You need to run this to close the FBX scene safely
# destroy objects created by the sdk
def __get_scene_nodes_recursive(self, node):
Rescursive method to get all scene nodes
this should be private, called by get_scene_nodes()
for i in range(node.GetChildCount()):
def __cast_property_type(self, fbx_property):
Cast a property to type to properly get the value
casted_property = None
unsupported_types = [fbx.eFbxUndefined, fbx.eFbxChar, fbx.eFbxUChar, fbx.eFbxShort, fbx.eFbxUShort, fbx.eFbxUInt,
fbx.eFbxLongLong, fbx.eFbxHalfFloat, fbx.eFbxDouble4x4, fbx.eFbxEnum, fbx.eFbxTime,
fbx.eFbxReference, fbx.eFbxBlob, fbx.eFbxDistance, fbx.eFbxDateTime, fbx.eFbxTypeCount]
# property is not supported or mapped yet
property_type = fbx_property.GetPropertyDataType().GetType()
if property_type in unsupported_types:
return None
if property_type == fbx.eFbxBool:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyBool1( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxDouble:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyDouble1( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxDouble2:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyDouble2( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxDouble3:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyDouble3( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxDouble4:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyDouble4( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxInt:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyInteger1( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxFloat:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyFloat1( fbx_property )
elif property_type == fbx.eFbxString:
casted_property = fbx.FbxPropertyString( fbx_property )
raise ValueError( 'Unknown property type: {0} {1}'.format(property.GetPropertyDataType().GetName(), property_type))
return casted_property
def get_scene_nodes(self):
Get all nodes in the fbx scene
self.scene_nodes = []
for i in range(self.root_node.GetChildCount()):
return self.scene_nodes
def get_type_nodes(self, type):
Get nodes from the scene with the given type
display_layer_nodes = fbx_file.get_type_nodes( u'DisplayLayer' )
nodes = []
num_objects = self.scene.RootProperty.GetSrcObjectCount()
for i in range(0, num_objects):
node = self.scene.RootProperty.GetSrcObject(i)
if node:
if node.GetTypeName() == type:
return nodes
def get_class_nodes(self, class_id):
Get nodes in the scene with the given classid
geometry_nodes = fbx_file.get_class_nodes( fbx.FbxGeometry.ClassId )
nodes = []
num_nodes = self.scene.RootProperty.GetSrcObjectCount(fbx.FbxCriteria.ObjectType(class_id))
for index in range(0, num_objects):
node = self.scene.RootProperty.GetSrcObject(fbx.FbxCriteria.ObjectType(class_id), index)
if node:
return nodes
def get_property(self, node, property_string):
Gets a property from an Fbx node
export_property = fbx_file.get_property(node, 'no_export')
fbx_property = node.FindProperty(property_string)
return fbx_property
def get_property_value(self, node, property_string):
Gets the property value from an Fbx node
property_value = fbx_file.get_property_value(node, 'no_export')
fbx_property = node.FindProperty(property_string)
if fbx_property.IsValid():
# cast to correct property type so you can get
casted_property = self.__cast_property_type(fbx_property)
if casted_property:
return casted_property.Get()
return None
def get_node_by_name(self, name):
Get the fbx node by name
# right now this is only getting the first one found
node = [ node for node in self.scene_nodes if node.GetName() == name ]
if node:
return node[0]
return None
def remove_namespace(self):
Remove all namespaces from all nodes
This is not an ideal method but
for node in self.scene_nodes:
orig_name = node.GetName()
split_by_colon = orig_name.split(':')
if len(split_by_colon) > 1:
new_name = split_by_colon[-1:][0]
return True
def remove_node_property(self, node, property_string):
Remove a property from an Fbx node
remove_property = fbx_file.remove_property(node, 'UDP3DSMAX')
node_property = self.get_property(node, property_string)
if node_property.IsValid():
return True
return False
def remove_nodes_by_names(self, names):
Remove nodes from the fbx file from a list of names
names = ['object1','shape2','joint3']
remove_nodes = fbx_file.remove_nodes_by_names(names)
if names == None or len(names) == 0:
return True
remove_nodes = [ node for node in self.scene_nodes if node.GetName() in names ]
for node in remove_nodes:
disconnect_node = self.scene.DisconnectSrcObject(node)
remove_node = self.scene.RemoveNode(node)
return True
def save(self, filename = None ):
Save the current fbx scene as the incoming filename .fbx
# save as a different filename
if not filename is None:
FbxCommon.SaveScene(self.sdk_manager, self.scene, filename)
FbxCommon.SaveScene(self.sdk_manager, self.scene, self.filename)
You will need to instantiate the class to access its methods
#fbx_file = FBX_Class(r'd:\my_path\test.fbx')
#node = fbx_file.get_node_by_name('head')
#node_property = fbx_file.get_property(node, 'no_export')
#node_property_value = fbx_file.get_property_value( node, 'no_export')
#remove_property = fbx_file.remove_node_property(node, 'no_anim_export')
#remove_property = fbx_file.remove_node_property(node, 'no_export')
#remove_node = fbx_file.remove_nodes_by_names('hair_a_01')
#save_file ='d:\temp.fbx')

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commented Feb 6, 2019

hi Meatplowz,

I'm finding that occasionally when I open and process an FBX with the python SDK, afterwards the edited FBX appears to have no Takes. Have you seen this behavior?


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commented Mar 29, 2019

Hi Meatplowz,

Could you hint about modifying this class for animations? I want to write one...


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