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One Page Bug Report
Title: (Create a sentence that accurately describes the bug without having to look at the details)
DateTime captured: (Could be important as sometimes systems have issues and defects could be resolved when systems are restored)
Steps To Reproduce: (Assume whomever is picking up the defect does know a bit about the application. If everything is normal until a certain page or
button click, then start from the step before the defect appears. (ie: Work flow is normal until page 2, click button, defect happens...) Using short
hand directions this way allows for the succinct information. If you have a test case to reference, indicate test case, then indicate the step number
which the defect starts or appears.)
Addtional Details: (The who, what, when, where, why, and how of a defect. This could include additional details such as DB interations, API calls,
error messages, device and browser details, version numbers, deployment or commit references. The list is pretty extensive here but remember to include
it only if you think it will help. Don't overwhelm the reader with unnecessary info.)
Add Artifacts: (Add images, screen captures, logs, log reports, error messages, screen shots of error messages, gifs and videos of the workflow and issues
Anything which might serve as a visual reference for the developer. Some have even suggested that in some instances, this might really be the only thing
someone would need if the image or video captured enough information.)
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