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Honey Skip | Guide by Metacor

Honey Skip

(guide by Metacororiginal | forked from shoutplenty)

Honey Skip is a balancing act between:

  • How far forward you are
  • How far left/right you are
  • How high you hover


  • The more right you are, the higher you want to hover
  • The more forward you are, the lower you want to hover

Bounding Boxes (courtesy of ToiletMichael Industries™)

Visual Cues

  • Down Arrow: The Brick next to the dark wall decoration should be atleast ~half way in view
        Weegee's Visual Cue Video
  • Side Arrows: Pointing to 2 dark spots on the wall used as visual cues for when to stop hover
        These might be very hard (or impossible) to see on some CRT setups (example)
  • Small Red Lines: Showing ~equal distance between the white line on the left, and the wall on the right
  • Large Red Line: Showing a potential alternative visual cue for some setups

If we use the bottom of the lower dark spot as 0%, and the top of the higher dark spot as 100% then using different positions - we can get a range of %'s where Honey Skip will work

Setups: Try to be as close to the wall as possible, while still having Mario's shadow showing (click for pictures)

  • Left Most: This is nearly pixel perfect, you need to hover until the top of the lower dark spot
        if you're too far forward, this spot may be impossible
  • Half Brick: works from -10% (below the lower dark spot) to 50% (half way between the two)
  • 3/4th Brick: works from 0% (bottom of lower dark spot) to 90% (bottom of the top dark spot)
  • Right Most: works from 10% (top of the lower dark spot) to 80% (slightly below the top dark spot)

If you're too far forward (tested ~1 pixel away from death plane);
hover ~5% lower than you normally would for that spot, BUT not below the lower dark spot
if you're too far left, it may be impossible to get honey skip, but you can be as far right as you want - as long as you're not clipped out of the building, it should still work

Ideal setup - after clipping into the building:

  • Walk Mario forward until his shadow is showing
  • Position Mario roughly in the middle of the white line to the left, and the wall to the right
        too far left doesn't work and too far right has the chance of clipping out
  • Hover until you're slightly above the lower dark spot (about 20% to 25% works in nearly all scenarios)
  • Press X to switch Nozzles - this will instantly stop your Hover
        This is more consistent than just letting go of Hover, and is required to sidestep anyway
  • Press and Hold L to Groundpound as soon as possible after the X input
        Holding L will allow you to sidestep into the cutscene after the Groundpound
  • Hold Left after the Groundpound until Mario dies
        earliest 1 frame after GP animation starts, latest 1 frame before landing lag ends
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