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MichaelMartinez / obsidian-daily-note-template.txt
Created July 15, 2023 14:33 — forked from dannberg/obsidian-daily-note-template.txt
Dann Berg's Daily Note Template for Obsidian. Uses Dataview & Templater plugins. Should be saved as a Markdown file in Obsidian. Read the full tour:
created: <% tp.file.creation_date() %>
tags:: [[+Daily Notes]]
# <% moment(tp.file.title,'YYYY-MM-DD').format("dddd, MMMM DD, YYYY") %>
<< [[<% fileDate = moment(tp.file.title, 'YYYY-MM-DD-dddd').subtract(1, 'd').format('YYYY-MM-DD-dddd') %>|Yesterday]] | [[<% fileDate = moment(tp.file.title, 'YYYY-MM-DD-dddd').add(1, 'd').format('YYYY-MM-DD-dddd') %>|Tomorrow]] >>
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MichaelMartinez / .bashrc
Created January 26, 2016 04:55 — forked from vsouza/.bashrc
Golang 1.5 setup in Mac OSX with HomeBrew. Set `GOPATH` and `GOROOT` variables in zshell or bash.
# Set variables in .bashrc file
# don't forget to change your path correctly!
export GOPATH=$HOME/golang
export GOROOT=/usr/local/opt/go/libexec
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin
MichaelMartinez / gist:4029579
Created November 7, 2012 04:32 — forked from sjwilliams/gist:3903157
Sublime Text 2 Cheat Sheet. Shortcuts, including Vintage mode.

Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts (Mac OS X)


⌘T go to file
⌘⌃P go to project
⌘R go to methods
⌃G go to line
⌘KB toggle side bar
⌘⇧P command prompt

This is the Python half-way review

Keywords and more

• and - use to denote && inclusive of a particular condition • del - delete a value • from - tells python what and where to look for functions • not - exclusive to a particular value, as in "luke, you are NOT my father" • while - run until the condition is no longer true • as - ??? • elif - else if, a serrogate of the if statement

MichaelMartinez /
Created November 3, 2012 04:39
Pandas Pycon Tut
MichaelMartinez /
Created September 19, 2012 23:40
Notes for Sep 19 meeting

3 out of the last 5 years psprs is under performance. FY2012 -.32%

Market, write down in real estate, opportunity cost in moving funds

psprs plan will be around 58% in the next actuarial valuation

employer costs are going higher; picture isn't pretty.

bad, bad news.

MichaelMartinez /
Created September 18, 2012 06:08
OSX-VM Setups/steps y mas

Mac Setup and play

Lib's and Development stuff to set up

The List of Items the VM has!

  1. Command Line Tools from Apple - Installed
  2. Sublime Text 2 - subl has been symlink and works
  3. Git use systems; can update using brew if needed in subsequent clones
  4. Homebrew - Watch the changes - raring to brew
  5. iTerm2 / oh-my-zsh - Need to test the plugins
MichaelMartinez /
Created August 13, 2012 04:28 — forked from svnlto/
Setup OS X 10.7/8 w/ homebrew, oh-my-zsh, rvm, nodejs, nvm

Setup new Mac with OSX Lion from scratch for Virtualization

These commands are good as of 08/12/2012.

The command line tools are approximately 171mb and everything you need w/ Free Apple ID. Or you can download the entire Xcode app.

Really the nicest choice for a terminal on OSX right now, especially with Lion style full screen support.