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Last active October 7, 2020 21:11
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43213 Test (10/05/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43292 Early Release (10/07/2020)
Players can now swap units that are adjacent to one another
Selecting a unit and ordering them to move to an adjacent occupied tile will swap the two units
Luxuries now require Specialists
Specialists are now only lost when an improvement is destroyed, not pillaged
Training, Civics and Orders have been slightly reduced in No Character multiplayer games for balance purposes
Siege Units now ignore the distance penalty
Cathedrals now require an adjacent Temple
The Borders Boost bonus technology has been moved to the Aristocracy Technology
The following units have been updated with new icons and models
Amazon Cavalry
Elite Libyan Cavalry
The Archer unit model has been updated
The Ballista unit has been updated with new team color textures
The Pyramids have been updated to show incremental stages of construction progress while being built
Some improvements have received additional updates
Watermill, Windmill, Palace
New event art has been added
Market event art has been added to appropriate events
The event art for the Necropolis event has been updated
Unit promotion chevrons have had some polish updates
The icon for the ‘Maneuvers’ unit effect has been updated
More bonus technology card icons have been updated
Project icon backgrounds have been updated to be more consistent
A Pause/Play button is now featured next to the timer displayed for No Characters Multiplayer games
An Active Mission marker is now present on the Characters tab
‘Show Orders Left’ is now a default UI setting
The toggle for this option has been removed
Movement and selection SFX for the following units has been updated
Siege Tower
Battering Ram
Ballista Hit SFX has been updated
New Events
Various stub events have been updated with new text
A Broken Soul
The trials of the road have taken a toll on a member of your nation
Barbarian Match
You receive news about the sudden wedding of a member of your nation
Loneliness Abroad
An exploring member from your nation returns home, informing you that their time away has left them lonely
Dowry Demand
Your request for a divorce is met with some resistance
Paternal Custody
Your husband collects your children and retreats to his family’s estate after receiving your request for a divorce
Taking it Personally
Your spouse gathers their most devoted servants and leaves your nation after receiving your request for a divorce
Flight from [Nation]
Your spouse’s parents learn of your divorce before it happens, and word somehow reaches your spouse
The Queen’s Claim
Within several days of your divorce, your ex-wife claims she is pregnant with a child of royal blood
This event can start an event chain
The Witness
Your spouse requests that witnesses are present at the signing of your divorce papers
Your scouts discover the ruins of what was once a mighty city
Unfamiliar Art
Your scouts discover a strange sculpture amidst some ruins
Strange Scroll
Your scouts discover an ancient but surprisingly well-preserved scroll sealed within a musty tomb
Wise Man
Your scouts are approached by an old, one-eyed man while exploring some ruins
Giant Statue
You discover ruins that are overshadowed by an enormous status
Cursed Land
Your scouts report that a recently discovered area is cursed and blighted
Comet Sighted
Your scouts report that they witnessed a large comet streak across the sky while exploring some ruins
Chosen Child
Your scouts discover a dying priestess and a young child while exploring some ruins
Beloved Mentor
A renowned philosopher has taken notice of a student in your nation
Monkey Philosophy
While visiting the academy, a student from your nation asks you to come see their pet
A Delicate Matter
You receive news of a delicate situation regarding a student from your nation
Cinnabar Tragedies
A troubling report about a student from your nation arrives from the academy
Young Love
You receive news that two students from your nation have eloped
A Request for Tools
A student from your nation requests tools to aid them in their studies
Miscellaneous Changes
Improved handling of load failure when mods are not found
If mods are not found, a prompt will appear asking the user if they want to download
Upon downloading, they will be prompted if they want to attempt to reload the save file
The Gameplay tab in the Options Menu has been renamed to General
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where religious icons were appearing twice in the City screen
Fixed an issue where Fatigued text was incorrectly appearing on units while in the Choose General menu
Fixed an issue where player nations were not matching settings that were entered during Multiplayer game setup
Fixed an issue where the cursor remained locked to the game window after switching from Exclusive mode to another mode
Fixed an issue where Tribe symbols did not appear correctly on the Tribes tab sometimes
Fixed an issue where the Council buttons would retain their glow after the player had spent their Civics on another action
Fixed an issue where units would flicker on coastal tiles during turn transitions
Fixed an issue where AI would continue to play after a single player game was lost
Fixed an issue where the Game Loss popup was not opening correctly after a game was lost
Fixed an error that could occur after replay data had been discarded
Fixed an issue where unit death animations were not playing correctly
Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not see the Observe Toggle for Multiplayer games with that option enabled
Fixed an error that could occur with Luxury help text
Fixed a spelling error in culture help text
Fixed an issue where the luxury menu state persisted after closing the city screen
Fixed an issue with some tech tooltip unlock backgrounds
Fixed some errors with succession help text
Fixed some issues that were causing excessive GPU usage on the Main Menu
Fixed an issue where team chat would be present in Multiplayer games with teams consisting of one player
Fixed some issues with the ‘Show All Candidates’ setting
Fixed some icon alignment issues
Fixed various event issues
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