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Last active February 2, 2022 21:58
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57396 Test 01/26/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57578 Release 2/2/2022
Freedom now gives +2 Science per Urban Specialist (All Cities) and +2 Culture in the Capital
Iconography gives +10 Money from Temples and +2 Training from Monasteries
Centralization now gives +10 Civics per year
Repair now repairs 20% of a city's HP each turn and cities naturally heal for 5%
Pillaging now costs 1 Fatigue (and only puts the unit on Cooldown if already Fatigued)
Garrisons/Stronghold/Citadel now only give defensive bonuses in Friendly territory
Adjusted non-linear resources rates granted for Leader/Succession/Courtier's stats (Wisdom, Discipline, Charisma, Courage)
Updated Maps:
Number of players in the game cannot exceed the number of map assigned starting locations
Adjusted rules for specific nation starts
Added "Victory Types" to the Encyclopedia
Automated units now always move last, except on the turn you assign them to be automated
Multiplayer: Increased the size of maps with 2 teams
Worker underneath Military units will now get pushed off the tile if the Military unit is killed
Added Ping display on minimap and improved current ping animation
Added titles for tribal leaders
Launch Offensive now only removes attack cooldowns.
3 new tracks from Charbel Rouhana have been added
Performance improvements
Play By Cloud: Deleting a game when you are not host will surrender the player from the game
Hall of Fame has been added
We now display the Bastard Trait on the Character List
pacify city mission list now sorts by city discontent level
Encyclopedia entry buttons are now labeled with their host category
Difficulty tooltip now lists other difficulties as links for comparison
Added Testudo modifier to unit tooltip
Added preview when hovering over heal city project
When discontent growth is negative yield progress will now display lighter in color
Map editor: Added prominent dark red higlights for out of bounds
Network Multiplayer: Game now shows orders left on other human player's turns
Improvements to the tech tree interface
Current song information will display when hovering over music player
Flag that displays characters opinion has been added to more menus
Game will always show Farm/Mine/Quarry/Mill buttons when on non-Urban tiles
We now display "ill" and other similar traits when adding Govenors etc...
Improved choose character panel
New Events
Sweet Scents
Carved Jewelry
Distant Riches: Proposal
Distant Riches: Contact (3 variations)
Distant Riches: Results! (3 variations)
Distant Riches: A Second Expedition?
They’ll Never See It Coming
The Public Relations Guild
Convert or Kill
Happy Days!
Sharing Spirits
Harvest and Hunt
Wagging the Dog
Ready for Anything
A Night to Remember
Chance Discovery
Embracing Change
A Friend Indeed...
Relief of Harvest
Fates and Fortunes
Soldier of Fortune
An Iron Giant
The Zoological Society
Mercy for the Weak
Bug Fixes
Various text and event fixes
Clicking flashing luxury display now opens family panel even with no orders, per Soren
Fixed text pings with remind turns not working when time victory is disabled
Fixed character selection scroll panel not working properly after entering/exiting city screen
It is no longer possible to attempt to start a game with zero players in a team
Learn to Play 4, Fixed issue where Alexander wouldn't procreate
Fixed link issue on tech tree for free courtiers from reform techs
Fixed issue with inheritance menu not behaving properly
Fixed issue with selection interface on unit selection menu
Fixed issue with Stun in MP games
Added missing Testudo text on attack preview
Fixed completed scenarios not being recorded in gameOptionsSave for local player
PBC email: Fixed issue where Rebels were also listed as attacking when Raiders attacked
Tile yields information now displays properly for Landowners, Sages, Freedom etc...
Fixed issue with nested tooltips
Events will no longer complete goals that have previously been completed
Family seats are now set when allocating an unused family to a captured or gifted city.
Known Issue
If you have the "no fog" option in your options file, it will affect all scenarios
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