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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55979 Test 11/10/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.56149 Release 11/18/2021
Increased food from game, citrus, fish, crabs, pigs, cows, goats and sheep
Council projects boost training, civics and money have been reduced
Dyes and Pearls resources are now worth +20 money +2 culture
Inheritance UI has been updated to make heirs more clear
We now show archetypes for all generals and govenors
Added reminder system, using a ping you can set a message to appear on a specific turn
Added additional achievements to the Barbarian Horde Scenario
Updated color of stone on Marble Quarry
New Events
The Harvest Festival
The Old Gods
An Unlikely Partnership
An Offer We May Not Want To Refuse... (6 variations)
Fixed issue where gifting could be exploited
Carthage IV: fixed issue with underwater improvement, adjusted for inflation
fixed archetype alignment in the encyclopedia window
Adjusted titles for characters in Carthage Scenario
Adult characters will no longer see the Regency Council event
Fixed ambition requiring 4 govenors instead of 3
Fixed issue with family opinion
Various event and text fixes
Additional Fixes:
Fixed bug with multiplayer
Addressed issue where victory occured and didn't pop up appropriate panel
Fixed issue with foreign marriages
Fixed issue with duplicated MP lobbies
Added link to the Official Old World Wiki to Main Menu
Removed job posting from main menu
Addressed learn-to-play issue
Fixed PBC email notification issues
Fixed issue with upgrading units losing their family
Fixed issue with worker tile recommendations
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