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Last active August 25, 2022 14:59
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.62179 Test 08/10/2022
Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.62336 Test 08/17/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.62422 Release 08/24/2022
Main Hotfix: Old World Version 1.0.62443 Release 08/25/2022
Free Worker bonus card now unlocks with Administration instead of Polis
Egyptian improvement cost bonus now only tests for finished improvements
Events that reduce discontent have had the discontent reduction value doubled
Blessed and Curse now remove opposing effect
Choose law events now occur less frequently, when player has a higher civics threshold
Added 4 learn by playing scenarios
Show Resources and Improvements now just shows Urban Improvements
Improved rivers on lowest detail setting
Minor improvements to AI
Improvements to disciples
AI more intelligent about succession and reassigning jobs
All Improvements worker filter now shows improvements in a grid
Bridge model appears when roads cross rivers with Engineering Law
When going from simple to advanced settings, the number of AI opponents gets set to the default for that map size.
More helptext has been added to the servers screen
Movement pip colors turn orange when force march is used with force march set to Double Fatigue
Reminder added for when laws can be adopted
Announcement panel has been added to the main menu
Unavailable scenarios now show greyed out
added indicator to SP setup screen when dynasties are available
added right-click menu to portraits for council slots, religion/family heads, nation/tribe leaders
Added Slider to adjust popup text size in Accessibility options
Bug Fixes
Improvements to localized text
Improvement to camera pan
Game no longer shows orders preview or path for moves outside of force march limits
Fixed issues in mod browser
Various text and event fixes
It is no longer possible to hire units on city tiles
Fixed issues found in no-characters mode
Fixed issue with terrain around mountains
Fixed issue with re-capturing a teammate's city.
Edit Hotkeys now working again
Nested tooltips now show when locked with shift
Carthage 1 ‘Build a market in Qart-Hadasht" goal now completes
Barbarian Horde: Fixed raiders being able to spawn on inaccessible tiles
Barbarian Horde: Tribe Peace/Alliance ambitions are no longer present in the scenario
Various small UI improvements
Russian: adjustments to how turnscale is handled
Fixed issue where city site text was not appearing when revealed but not visible
Fixed sorting issue for choose research popup
Fixed minor issue with Greece 4 end condition causing errors
Fixed underwater trees in Mediterranean map
Fixed issue with city widget on high graphic preset
Additional adjustments to events where traits are chosen the next turn
We no longer show defeated nations from luxury management panel
Game no longer shows the "could change succession" warning when there's no heir
Improvements to Heroes of the Aegean achievements unlock conditions
Fixed player list text sorting in front of some menus
Fixes to "Source of Power" and "Family Quarrel" events
Additional event fixes
Fixed potential game hang from Family Favors event
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