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Last active June 29, 2020 21:59
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Treasuries now provide Civics upon completion
Treasury: +20 Civics
Treasury II: +30 Civics
Treasury III: +40 Civics
Treasury IV: +50 Civics
Connected cities now give -1 Discontent
Peace and Truce diplomacy effects are now spread over multiple turns
Stepping on an unfinished Wonder will now destroy it
A Religion’s opinion of you will now also apply Rival Nations, Tribes, and Families following that Religion
Barbarians now heal slower than they did previously
Mounted Units can no longer use additional actions (march, promote, etc) after using the rout ability
Units can now pass through tiles with other friendly units, as long as they don’t stop on a tile that is already occupied
Land Units can now pass through eligible water tiles as long as they don’t stop on a water tile
The following units have been updated with Idle, Combat Idle, Fidget and Run animations
The Mangonel unit has been updated with Idle, Unlimbered Idle, Run, Attack, Hit, and Death animations
The following units have been updated with new models and unit icons
Nomad Marauder
Nomad Skirmisher
Elite Marauder
Elite Skirmisher
The Religion screen has received some updates
Established theologies will now show highlighted paths to indicate the next theologies players can unlock
Religious theology icons have received a polish update
The Axeman unit has been updated with a new formation
The unit now consists of four axemen rather than one
The community submitted baby pictures have been added
These images will be accompanied by a ‘CC’ logo to indicate that they are Community Collaboration additions
The Heckler unit promotion icon has been updated
The Player Start icon featured in the Territories section of the Map Editor has been updated
Fire particles have been added to the Mangonel attack
New unit effect icons have been added
Hero, Hero Leader, Commander, Tactician, Tactician Leader, Zealot, Schemer
The Chariot unit has been scaled down a bit in size
Various units have had their movement animation speeds tweaked to match the distance they are travelling
Cities with a Governor will now show a Governor button below the city widget
Right-clicking an enemy unit banner with a unit selected will now let you attack the unit
The character selection panel has been updated to only show living relatives
The size of the close button shown on certain screens (Inheritance, Laws, etc.) has been increased
Family colors have been added to the crests shown on the nation stats tab of the single player setup screen
Marriage events will now show multiple character portraits
The tooltip text for the Tracker promotion has been updated to clarify that the vision buff only applies to revealed tiles
Slinger attack and hit audio effects have been updated
New Events
Hands Tied
Your heir implores you to change the laws governing your armies
Market Unrest
Civil unrest in the markets of one of your cities threatens to erupt across the empire
The Righteous Path
Your citizens express concern over the increased activity of zealots worshipping at their shrines
Stories of Glory
Some members of the court question your commitment to foreign exploration
The Big Picture
One of your families petitions the court to rethink its current laws
Surrender Authority
Nobles from two of your families come to court to challenge your centralized government
Heir Intent
Your heir corners you to discuss the current division of power
Supply Chain Woes
Riots erupt across the coast of one of your cities, with dock workers protesting the hardship of supporting the government’s colonial aims
A Superior System
Your trusted advisor returns from a diplomatic mission and informs you of the systems a foreign nation is using
Fuming Priests
Murmurs of discontent hover over the court, as members of the church fume
Looking for Answers
Your minister fears that spirituality may be stunting your people
Progress or Perish
Your court hosts a scientist from another nation, and she questions your government’s reliance on philosophy
Inward Gaze
Your child argues that your nation’s inward gaze diminishes your influence in the world
Irreparable Damage
Your agents discover that a court merchant has been meeting with a radical isolationist sect
Our Purpose
Someone from your nation confides in you about their concerns with the direction of the government
Reports of widespread abuses on one of your families estates reach the capital
Extremist Laws
After arrests of zealous priests, some question your decision to enact laws encouraging religious extremism
The governor of one of your cities expresses concerns with the current laws
From on High
Your heir expresses concerns over how your people have come to see you as a leader
Leaders of Lunatics?
Some of your council members have started practicing a strange new form of meditation that worries you
After a tour of the capital, someone expresses sadness over your nation’s secular ways
Dancing Bears
An incident occurs during a local festival
A Messy Affair
A member from one of your families is attacked under some interesting circumstances
Hired Killers
A group of mercenaries impersonating your soldiers carry out an attack in one of your cities
Deadly Revels
A unfortunate turn of events takes place while your friends and patrons are celebrating with revels in a nearby temple
Someone from your nation is found dead in their bath
Last Kiss
Someone from one of your families kills their spouse
The Lute Player
A birthday feast thrown by one of your families descends into chaos
Suspicions Confirmed
Someone from your nation is attacked while waiting for their servants
False Charges
Your spymaster redeems several political favors to have someone from your nation killed
Various stub events have been updated with new text
Fixed issue with AI retreating instead of defending
Fixed AI thinking that captured cities are hostile to them
Fixed bug with AI roads
AI no longer starts with enough specialists to found a religion
Miscellaneous Changes
A Mods menu option has been added to the Main Menu
This will open the Mod Manager screen
In this screen players can browse downloaded mods, see their details, and select mods before entering game setup
The Save As option has been updated to start with the save name as the Nation and current year
An autosave will now be created when the game is declared to be over (For example, achieving your 10th ambition)
This save will be located in the Auto saves folder and will be named ‘OW-Save-Auto-End’
Asset modding is now supported using AssetBundles
Pressing ESC with an event open will now minimize the event rather than closing it
CTRL + R will now toggle “Add City Connection” mode with a worker selected
Add City Connection mode allows the player to queue up several ‘build road’ actions for the worker. Toggling this mode will now show a highlighted path leading to the tile that is being hovered over. Toggling this mode and then left-clicking a tile to set a destination will order the selected worker to build a road from the tile they are standing on (or the next available tile on the path if they are already standing on a tile with a road) to the destination point that was selected
Pressing ESC will deselect the worker and switch the mode back to “Add Road”
Map Element Names: Kalamiaris Palm Forest name removed, replaced with Peloponnesian Maquis
The Old World map: several trees and one new source of Horses added to Persian territory, mostly along the eastern side of the Zagros range
As a general reminder, players should add their email address in the Email field of the Gameplay Options menu - this information will allow us to get in contact with you if we need to gather more information from submitted bug and crash reports
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where an ambition victory could trigger too early
Fixed an issue where claimed city sites could be replaced by barbarian hovels
Fixed an issue where character names were not appearing as links in event pop ups
Fixed an issue where help links featured on decision choices weren’t producing tooltips properly
Fixed an issue where worker build options positioned on top of the score list could not be clicked
Fixed an issue where certain elements of the city widget would block attack clicks
Fixed an issue where the choose general pop up would deselect the active unit
Fixed an issue where certain game setup options were overlapping
Fixed an issue where right clicking would dismiss the wrong notification when notifications were added mid turn
Fixed a pathfinder warning that could occur in certain scenarios
Fixed an issue where workers using the Add City Connection function would not properly continue to build roads at the start of the next turn
The general shown within unit formations has been repositioned and scaled down to reduce clipping issues with unit banners
Fixed a null reference error that could occur for capital help text in the encyclopedia
Fixed an alignment issue with character stat ratings
Fixed some formatting issues with some encyclopedia entries
Fixed some formatting issues with promotion icons
Fixed an issue where incorrect upgrade buttons could appear
Fixed an issue with founding religions
Upgraded code base to Unity 2019.4 LTS including bug fixes, performance updates related to the Unity Engine
Minor performance updates to UI and Terrain systems
Fixed various event issues
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