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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47631 Test (02/22/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47704 Early Release (02/24/2021)
Walls, Moats and Towers now each give -1 Discontent if a Family military unit is defending the city
Underworld Shrines [Ereshkigal/Osiris/Hades] now grant +20% output for adjacent quarries (Down from 50%)
Fire Shrines [Nuska/Atar/Vulcan] now grant +20% output for adjacent mines (Down from 25%)
Dualism is now a Tier II theology
Serfdom now boosts Farm and Pasture output by 20% (This previously only boosted Farms)
Pilgrimage now grants +1 Science per Grove (Previously +1 Civics)
Constitution now grants -1 Discontent per turn
Council Opinions now affect Player, Tribe, Religion and Family opinion bonuses
Pleased and Friendly Religions now reduce Discontent
Establishing Theologies now gives the associated Religion a positive opinion modifier
Scholar Leaders now have the ability to tutor children
Leaders that serve as Generals no longer retire
Leaders can only convert another character to their State Religion if they are following that religion
Various ambitions have been rebalanced
The Intercession mission now requires two turns to complete (Up from 1)
A new premade map is available: The Middle East
The following unit models have been updated
Turreted Elephant
War Elephant
Horse Archer
Camel Archer
The following unit icons have been updated
A new event painting has been added
Secret Lovers
Mountains variations have been updated
Various technology boost icons have been updated
Various map editor icons have been updated
The Leader HUD area has been updated
The Technology Tree has been expanded to include more detail
Technology names are displayed, as well as associated unlocks
A color legend detailing the different card states is now shown
Players can click the ‘Mini Tree’ button to toggle back to the traditional Technology Tree
The Landmark rename pop up has been moved to the bottom of the screen
The screen now centers on landmark tiles when they are discovered
Players can now drag items in the city queue to reorder them
Players can now drag the selection cycler buttons in the Leader HUD area to reorder them
Diplomacy icons are now color-coded based on the Nation/Tribe opinion of you
Current orders and order yield info is now shown when viewing other screens like the City Screen and the Tech Tree
Players can now view the line of succession for another nation by selecting them via the Empires tab
There is now a separate section for Family and Religious Heads on their respective selection panels
There is now a leader section included in Tribe and Player selection panels
New Events
Hook, Line, and Sinker
You notice that your companion seems distracted while on a fishing trip
The Joy of War
You reflect over the interests that you and your spouse share
Pillow Talk
Your spouse wishes to discuss your marriage
Missed Signs
You realize that you have been missing signs of affection from your spouse
Spartan Style
You share a meal with your spouse
The Right Angle
You and your spouse always seem to be on the same page
Joint Venture
You and your spouse celebrate your prosperous ventures
Power Struggles [CC]
Your recent ascension to the throne is overshadowed by family rivalries
The Undo tutorial has been updated to include an example video
Various tutorial events have been improved with links and icons
Tribe units that cannot attack when in danger will now try to retreat
Improved AI handling of family opinion management
Miscellaneous Changes
Players will now receive a notification when a Foreign Leader a chooses to abdicate their throne
The Tutor Age notification has been updated to only occur for children in the direct line of succession
The game cursor will now update in certain instances to indicate that a left or right click is needed
For example, toggling “Make City Connection” mode with a worker will now show a right-click cursor, to indicate that the player needs to right-click to confirm the road’s route
The ‘Popular Hero’ trait has been removed
Existing events using this trait will now use the ‘Famous’ trait instead
The Mediterranean Map has received various updates
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where yields were not updating after leader marriages
Fixed an issue where the AI was retreating from limbered siege weapons
Fixed a leader choice animation issue
Fixed an issue with the convert to religion icon
Fixed an issue where Observers were claiming game spots when joining first
Fixed some notification name issues
Fixed an issue where the Singleplayer setup screen was not updating default values when switching from Simple to Advanced setup
Fixed an issue where Religions were showing an opinion rating bar while having a neutral opinion
Fixed an issue where “Caravan received” notifications were being sent to the sending player
Fixed an issue where certain notifications were incorrectly being shown for the previous turn
Fixed an issue where Family Seat bonuses weren’t displaying in the help text properly when founding the Capital
Fixed some sorting issues with city widget icons and terrain
Fixed an issue where incorrect bonuses were showing up for units defending against infantry units on urban tiles
Fixed a grammar issue with ambition help text
Fixed some visual issues with scrollbars
Fixed some AI issues with attack selection
Fixed an issue where cycler icons were staying active even when there were no actions to perform
Fixed an issue where the AI was building too many disciples
Fixed an issue where Religious Disciples were not playing their Spread Religion animation correctly
Fixed a visual issue with large lakes
Fixed some game start and player placement issues with premade maps
Fixed an error that would occur when choosing the minimum graphics preset
Fixed an issue where auto saves were not occurring when AI occupied the first player slot in a game
Fixed an issue with AI retreating
Fixed some icon size issues
Fixed some map editor issues
Fixed an issue with tribe alliances
Fixed some sorting issues with menus and selection panels
Fixed an issue where recommended arrows were being shown when attached bonuses were hidden
Fixed an issue with the ambition requiring players to make peace with all other nations
Fixed various event issues
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