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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42303 Test (09/09/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42335 Early Release (09/10/2020)
Other factions will now become upset with the player if they are at war with nations or tribes of their ethnicity
Money and Training earned from Discipline and Courage stats has been increased
Tech Redraws now occur on the same turn
Discontent levels now affect Science instead of Culture
Any remaining cities (captured and owned) of a defeated player turn rebel, just like units
Players can now hurry the production of Settlers
The Lavender Grove now yields +2 Culture, +10 Money, and provides a luxury
The Javelineer unit has been updated with new animations
Base, combat and fidget idle, run, hit, attack, and death
The following resources have received some updates
Cooldown icons have been updated
The icon for the Valor promotion has been updated
Particle effects have been added to the combat preview window
The icon for the Settler unit has been updated
Leader stat ratings have been added to the Cycler HUD
This area will also display an icon if the leader is serving as a General or a Governor
The Religions tab will now include information on theologies established, as well as factions who have adopted the religion
The Laws button will now highlight when you can start a new law
The file browser has been updated to close if the back button is clicked while it is open
Unit selection and tile highlight are now affected by hill height
The Main HUD Cycler and City Production screen have received some polish updates
New Events
Closing the Deal
Someone from your nation has informally negotiated a generous arrangement with another nation
The Shoemaker
A philosophy student from your nation has been spending time at the market with an erudite shoemaker
In Search of Truth
A Philosophy student from your nation leaves their training and takes up residence in a nearby city
This event can start an event chain
Work of Art
A Philosophy student from your nation is inspired to create a wall painting to line the entrance of a city’s promenade
This event can start an event chain
Piracy Powers
After careful examination, your child has devised a method to reduce piracy along your nation’s trade routes
Power Broker
As tensions with a tribal faction continue to grow, you are presented with an interesting opportunity to repair the relationship
Old Enemies
A tribal faction sends a group of riders to offer help with a war you are currently involved in
Political Arena
You receive an invitation to a special sporting event hosted by a Tribal leader
Recent court gossip centers on the leader of a Tribal faction and your child
Life is Short
You receive a message from a tribal faction regarding someone that was recently captured on a diplomatic mission
Caravan Attack
A small caravan of tribal travelers is attacked in a market in one of your cities
Your recent preparations provoke a tribal faction to reach out to you regarding your plans
Furry Spy
You make a surprising discovery while preparing for a much-needed rest
Better AI unit selection for claiming city sites
Miscellaneous Changes
Mod names can now include special characters
Bug Fixes
Fixed a hang/infinite loop that could occur under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where some male portraits were incorrectly being assigned to female characters
Fixed a graphical issue with the cut scrub vegetation
Fixed another calculation error that could occur when choosing event options that granted improvements
Fixed an issue where certain unit formations were not playing the correct hit and death animations
Fixed an issue where unit widgets would flicker and reposition the first time they were opened
Fixed an issue where undo and redo buttons were not available in Single Player games with the No Characters option turned on
Fixed an issue where Fish was not listed in the expanded Food Staple tooltip
Fixed an issue where game options featured on the setup screen were not displaying their tooltips correctly
Fixed some issues with the bug reporting tool
Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes not claim city sites urgently enough
Fixed an issue where the city luxury button showed incorrect hover text
Fixed an issue where players would not properly receive ambitions if they only had one family
Fixed an issue where tribal opinion ratings were not being listed correctly in the Empires/Tribes tab
Fixed an issue where technology help text was not correctly listing ‘Leads to’ information if it only lead to one technology
Fixed an issue where it was possible to build Wonders that were part of cities that were in anarchy
Fixed various event issues
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