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Last active March 31, 2021 21:22
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.48868 Test (03/29/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.48932 Early Release (03/31/2021)
Players can now abandon Ambitions
To abandon an ambition, simply hover over the ambition and click the ‘X’ button
Abandoning an ambition costs 5 Legitimacy
Some Wonders have been updated
The Apadana: Now grants +20 Global Civics, and grants -50% Maintenance costs to all cities
The Great Ziggurat: Now grants +20 Global Civics
The Circus Maximus/The Pantheon: Now grant +40 Global Training
The Hagia Sofia: -2 Discontent per year [All Cities]
The Mausoleum: +50% Culture [All Cities]
The Musaeum: Grants +50% science to the city it is built in
The Necropolis: All Temples grant -1 Discontent
The Isolationism law has been renamed to Autarky
The Autarky law now grants -50% maintenance costs to all cities
The Volunteers Law upkeep cost is now Medium Civics
The ‘Swift’ trait has been updated
Leaders with the Swift trait grant all units +1 to their fatigue limit
Generals with the Swift trait get 1 additional move per Order
The ‘Hardy’ unit promotion has been removed
Generals with the ‘Tracker’ trait are now granted +3 Vision (Down from +4)
The Wanton trait now grants +2 Charisma (Previously +1 Courage)
The Humble trait now grants +1 Wisdom (Previously +1 Charisma)
Instead of 5 Traits, Characters now have a maximum of 3 Strengths and 2 Weaknesses
Encyclopedia entries will now note if a trait is a Strength or a Weakness
A new mission has been added: Demand Tribute
Players can start this mission by selecting their Ambassador and then selecting the Nation they would like to demand a tribute from
This mission costs 100 Civics and 2 Orders to start, and takes 3 turns to complete
A new map script is available: Archipelago
The Disjunction map has been updated with a new setting: King of the Hill
This setting can be toggled during game set up, and is located beneath the map’s ‘Resource Density’ dropdown setting
King of the Hill adds a resource-rich center instead of water at the channel intersection area
Yields rewarded from capturing enemy outposts have been rebalanced
The Crossbowman unit has been updated with new animations
The following unit models have been updated
Cataphract Archer
Cimmerian Archer
The following units now use arrow projectiles when attacking (These projectiles were previously placeholder)
The following improvement models have been updated
Christian Cathedral
Jewish Cathedral
The following Wonders will now display construction progress as they are being built
The Colossus
The Lighthouse
A new event portrait has been added: The Cao’an
The following unit icons have been updated
Light Chariot
Cataphract Archer
Cataphract Archer
Religion icons have been updated
Religion icons present on the city widget are now slightly larger and have received a polish update
Holy City widgets will use a triangular icon to note the Religion it founded, other religions present in Holy Cities will use the normal city widget icons
Religion icons present in the Religion tab are now slightly larger
The Zoroastrian icon has been updated
The Builder archetype icon is now an Ant
Various Roman teenage character portraits have been updated
Some boost and bonus icons have received a polish update
Improvement construction progress bars now have rounded corners
Specialists are now displayed with square frames in the City screen
Increased the height of the file browser window
The Maceman unit has been updated with new SFX
The following units have been updated with new select SFX
New Events
A Wild Night
You are distracted by the sight of your subjects enjoying a party
Only the Best
You are dissatisfied with the wine you are served at a banquet
This event can start an event chain
Let Sleeping Rulers Lie
Your duties continue to get in the way of your rest
This event can start an event chain
The Cities Take Shape
Following the completion of your latest urban improvement, you take a moment to reflect upon your accomplishments
Locals in an Uproar
The original inhabitants of your city are unhappy living under a foreign yolk
Intercultural Celebration
The original inhabitants of your city are prospering under your rule
Various Influence events have been added
Various Intercession events have been added
Some more High Synod events have been added
Improved AI tile management
Improved AI trait and rating values
Rebalanced AI law value
AI now considers influencing religion heads of non-state religions
The AI now uses Military units to buy tiles
Miscellaneous Changes
Some new achievements have been added
Players can view achievements by pressing SHIFT + F3 while in-game to open the Epic Social Overlay
Bug Fixes
Fixed a hang that could occur after rushing unit production and unlocking an achievement
Fixed an issue where completed ambitions were not showing up on the Victory Conditions screen
Fixed an issue where city widgets and improvement recommendation icons were overlapping incorrectly
Fixed some issues that would cause tile yield previews to remain on screen after selecting to build an improvement
Fixed an issue where tile yield previews were missing when an improvement was already on the tile a worker was standing on
Fixed an issue where unmet opponent scores were visible in Multiplayer games
Fixed an animation issue that could cause units to t-pose when loading games
Fixed an issue where character ethnicity opinions affected teammates in Multiplayer games
Fixed an issue where truces were possible in instances they shouldn’t have been in Multiplayer games
Fixed an issue where the newsletter field text was not bright enough
Fixed some font positioning issues with menu buttons
Fixed some instances where the culture icon was not properly appearing in the city widget
Fixed an issue where resources were being placed on tiles containing vegetation on mirror maps
Fixed an issue where project icons present in the city screen didn’t feature help text
Fixed some issues where technology tree icons could overlap with their frames
Fixed an issue with Governor buttons on the city widget
Fixed some exceptions that could occur with non-family ambitions
Fixed some combat preview text formatting issues
Fixed an issue with loading modded saves via the ‘Resume’ button
Fixed an issue with Walls discontent reduction
Fixed an inflation issue affecting Egyptian starting resources
Fixed a yield bug that could occur when switching from Simultaneous to Turn-Based MP
Fixed an issue with city effect yields
Fixed some AI issues
Fixed various text and help text issues
Fixed some combat preview camera issues
Fixed some maintenance cost issues
Fixed some incorrect text references
Fixed various event issues
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