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Last active February 16, 2022 21:36
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57748 Test 02/09/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57919 Release 2/16/2022
City Visibility now requires an Agent Character, instead of just an Agent Network
Dealmaker and Cunning Traits are now combined
Imprisoning a Family head now removes them from that position
Players can no longer make truce with a tribe allied with a nation that is at war with you
Opinion bonus from owing favor to a character has been increased
Ctrl-undo no longer shows individual moves with pauses, it rewinds directly to turn start
Tech costs for late game techs have been increased
Play to Win Gameplay setting has been renamed to Ruthless AI
Revised distribution of resouces in central region on mirror maps
Freedom now gives +1 Science per Urban Specialist
Projects give higher one-time bonuses
Testudo is now +20% vs Ranged/turn with a 3 turn max
Roman Unique Unit's ability to ignore Zone of Control has been removed
Ratios for science and other yields have been adjusted during trade events
Granaries now give +2 growth
War Elephants cost less training
Shading on units has been adjusted
Worker unit positions have been adjusted on improvements
Babylon's Nation color has been adjusted to be a brighter green
MP: Team colors have been adjusted to be more legible
Tech Tree nodes now are visually coded to indicate if prereqs are unlocked
Sounds now plays when landmark is discovered
Added available actions reminder to notifications
Added notifications for other players when a National or Tribal Alliance is made or broken
Added additional information about city healing when damanged
Updated visual feedbacks for selecting units
Units now appear in front of city widgets when selected
Pick Later nation option now added to simple setup
Added siblings to living relatives display, generalized UI relation text
Workers no longer hidden when on harbor tiles
Improvement yields now show over the entire player territory
Leader selection screen random and pick later buttons not visible if those options are invalid
Adjusted how Multiplayer Games appoint team color versus nation color when duplicate nations exist in FFA matches.
The Event Browser interface has been updated
New Events
Romulus Wood
Mercy for the Weak
Brothers and Sisters of the Faith
Dissension in the Ranks
A Display of Benevolence
Faith and Unity
Balancing Act
The Wilderness Beyond
Luxury Seekers
Wildwood Companions
Skittish Bandits
Beer Run
Scattered Independents
Swords or Plowshares
Talent Scout
Adroit Diplomacy
The Dance of Diplomacy
Various text and event fixes
Fixed issue where gamebuttons were disabled unintentionally
Fixed issue where game restart/new map would crash if mods were enabled
Turn summary no longer shows summary of undone action
Player's custom name once again stored in options file and is used instead of user name
Maps with fixed starting points that are unique for each nation do not allow the duplicate nation dropdown on setup
Fixed tech tree lines not drawing for Bodkin Arrow tech
Fixed number of opponents not working in single player setup
Fixed issue where units sometimes spawn on the same tile as an existing unit
The least expensive specialist is once again chosen when you select from the city build list
Fixed 10 players being allowed (but not 9 or 8) with unique nations option
Addressed issue where some portraits in multiplayer are not aligned
Fixed issue where religious opinion was not always updated correctly
Adjusted religious spread and conversion
Fixed issue with map generation on small maps
Fixed issue where it was sometimes possible to have Family Seat bonus trigger more than once per game
Setup screens no longer process input when they are inactive
Gifted cities no longer count as recaptured
Fixed bug with stun cooldown wearing off too quickly in Multiplayer
Fixed bug allowing generals to be re-assigned when their units were on cooldown
Additional fixes:
Fixed issue where "Pick Later" option was not working properly
Fixed issue with Stun
Improvements to notification system
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