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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45180 Test (12/07/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45231 Early Release (12/09/2020)
Players can now start marriage missions with rival nations or tribes
Added more opinion changes based on foreign character Archetypes
For example, Hero characters dislike you if your nation is too close to theirs
Judge and Diplomat characters dislike you if you have more active laws and a bigger trading partner, respectively
The Raise Improvement ability has been switched to the Judge character archetype (This ability was previously connected to the Orator character archetype)
Naval boats now move faster through their own territory
Increased yields from character Agents to 10% (Was previously 2%)
Mercenaries now get more expensive the more you hire/recruit them
Underworld Shrines [Ereshkigal, Osiris, Hades] must be built next to mountains/volcanoes
Orthodoxy now stops random spread of non-state religions in all cities
Religions will now spread randomly to tribal sites
The following unit models and icons have been updated
Hoplite (This unit has also had its formation changed to four units)
A fortify idle animation has been added to the Maceman unit
The model for the village improvement has been updated
The hovel model has received some updates
The icon for the ‘Cancel Action Queue’ action has been updated
Some new characters portraits have been added
Teenage versions of various Assyrian portraits have been added
The following improvements have had their icons updated
Lakes have received a few updates (These changes are still a WIP)
Diplomacy state change icons have been added to relevant event options
The tribal invasion icon has been added to event options that trigger a tribal invasion
The undo and redo buttons are now different colors to help differentiate the two
Widget icons (the star signaling a unit’s general, for example) will now differ when the Governor or General is the nation leader
The city widget has received some updates
Religious help text has been improved
Opinion help text has been added to the gift yield buttons
Ambition information is no longer displayed if ambition victory or characters are not enabled
Tile tooltips on tiles with existing improvements are now expandable
Players can expand tooltips by holding ALT
The settler unit has been updated with new fidget, hit, run and death SFX
New Events
Hopes and Prayers
A nation asks for your aid after their religious construction costs cause a strain on their resources
An Urgent Matter!
An agent brings you some troubling news regarding a wood shipment
War Games
Another nation asks for your help, as their recent campaigns have left them short on manpower
With Great Works Comes Great Importability
Another nation asks for your help, as they are short on resources for their latest project
A Fist Full of Forms
Another nation asks for diplomatic favors because their nation is suffering from a shortage of bureaucrats
Poetic Petition
You receive a lengthy missive from another nation asking for your aid
Blessing of the Gods
You are asked to attend the dedication of a new shrine
Dedication of the Gods
You are invited to attend the dedication of a new shrine
Displeasure of the Gods
You are asked to attend the dedication of a new shrine because the Gods are displeased with you
Religion Spread events have been added for the following shrines
War [Ninurta/Mars]
Fire [Nuska/Atar/Vulcan]
Wisdom [Nabu/Athena]
Sun [Shamahs/Ra/Hvar Khshaita]
Water [Melqart/Poseidon/Anahita]
Love [Ishtar/Astarte/Venus]
AI teammates now gift unused orders to human teammates
Improved AI city defense
Miscellaneous Changes
Players will now receive a ‘Lost connection to server’ pop up when hosts drop out of a network game
Turn style and turn timer dropdowns have been added to the options menu for the host of network games
Server mode now connects to a remote headless server and uploads the game there
This change is still a work in progress and needs some additional UI changes
Players can start a headless server by running the batch file ‘OldWorldServer.bat’ - which is in the same location as the executable
Various units will now turn their heads and look around at certain elements of their environment
These units will look at certain improvements like Shrines, as well as Holy Sites and Wonders - units can also look at birds as they fly away
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the ‘Pass’ icon was shown when units were set to ‘Sleep’ or ‘Sentry’
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when trying to ALT Buy improvements
Fixed an issue where banner outlines were not being drawn properly
Fixed an issue where players with less than 50 resources couldn’t properly receive gifted resources
Fixed some issues with religion spread event triggers
Fixed an issue where the grocer model was appearing slightly under the ground
Fixed an issue with the choose research button
Fixed an issue with stunned units
Fixed an issue where full screen mode distorted upon changing to windowed mode and back again
Fixed an issue where characters could sometimes be assigned the wrong portrait when born
Fixed an alignment issue with the tribal invasion icon
Fixed a missing folder warning that could occur after uninstalling a mod
Fixed various UI issues
Fixed a map editor issue where the UI was not layering below the escape menu
Fixed an issue where certain tiles were not being added to the trade network properly
Fixed a null reference that could occur when replacing improvements
Fixed an issue where the choose character pop up ‘choose’ button would not update when selecting or previewing different characters
Fixed an issue where the map generator was placing river names on non-river tiles
Fixed an issue where the mod menu did not reload the background after returning from the leader selection menu
Fixed some display issues on the inheritance screen
Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to join a Multiplayer game that only had one slot available
Fixed various issues with Road-To functionality
Fixed some issues related to generating mirrored maps for an odd number of players
Fixed an issue where player alliances offers could be started after a player was already in an alliance
Fixed an issue where the hamlet’s texture was not appearing correctly
Fixed various event issues
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