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Last active April 29, 2022 13:46
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.59386 Test 04/20/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.59606 Release 04/27/22
Hot Fix: Old World Version 1.0.59674 Hot Fix 04/29/22
Rival player water control visible only if tiles are visible
City border preview is no longer displayed on unrevealed tiles
Champions now get a free Militia instead of a Warrior
Razing a city now destroys improvements within its city borders
Added Resource Density option to Northern Ocean Map
Forts are destroyed when pillaged
Barding now requires Battleline
Hastatus/Legionary combat bonus vs Melee instead
Cataphracts have 10% Circle attack
Increased cost and science gained from inquiries
Polybolos anti-ranged bonus is on attack only
Necropolis give -2 Discontent per Temple
Agent Networks now require Spymaster to make a Character an Agent
Removed events where the AI will declare war under Passive or the Able settings
Ruins will no longer appear in initial city borders
Added ability to export map timeline as a gif
UI now supports long text events with a scrollbar
City Production Screen Hurry action now displays tally of hurry action in tooltip
Added character portrait to character help tooltips
Added scrolling to the leader selection menu
Improvments to AI
character job assignment
more likely to pillage
other small adjustments
Various text and event changes
Fixed turn style and turn scale being available to change in-game when it should not be displayed
Fix to Hall of Fame menu so "Defeat by Scenario Victory" now shows "Scenario Defeat"
Fixed issue where ore mine was not animating
Fixed cloud away message when it includes commas
Improved logic for unit cycling
Fixed stats screen not calculating rank in single player games, other minor stats screen fixes
Fixed issue with ilde leader reminders
Fixed scenario nation dropdown getting reset when starting scenarios without switching to options
Ensured only tracks marked with the tag 'MainMenu' will play in the main menu
Fixed units playing their damage animation a second time after returning to land if they take damage while on water
Hotfix 4/29/2022
Water Shrines now give +20 Money/Turn, Healing Shrines give +2 Growth/Grove and +6 HP/Turn
Fixed bug that caused AI development cities to occasiionally spawn on top of settlements
Fixed Manuevers unit ability
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