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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47151 Test (02/09/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.47212 Early Release (02/10/2021)
The Tactician Archetype now grants +2 Disciple (Previously +2 Courage)
The Zealot Archetype now grants +4 Courage (Previously +4 Charisma)
The Judge Archetype now grants +2 Charisma (Previously +2 Wisdom)
Stone costs for Holy Sites have increased (Each now costs 200 Stone to construct)
The Adur Burzen-Mihr
The Temple of Solomon
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Cao’an
Scouts now create permanent “Agent Networks” and are automatically returned after 5 turns
Character agents can be optionally added to Agent Networks at any point
The Orthodoxy law now allows State Religion cities to hurry city production with Orders
Science yield from Monasteries and Inquiries has been reduced
Shrines no longer need to be adjacent to Urban tiles
Opinion modifiers granted from Religious improvements have been increased
Technology costs have received more balance updates
Council missions are now more/less expensive based on the character’s opinion of you
Yield from Court members is now modified by their opinion of you
Some new goals have been added
Have 20/50/100 Urban Tiles
Have 20/50 Urban improvements
A new premade map is available
The Mediterranean
The Pikeman unit has been updated with new animations
The following improvement models and icons have been updated
Jewish Monastery
A new event portrait has been added
Love Whisper
Some unit effect icons have been updated
The icon for the Courthouse improvement has been updated
The icon for the “unit queue cancelled” notification has been updated
The Main Menu UI and display has been updated
The Mods Screen UI has been updated
The Victory screen has received more updates
The Laws screen has received more updates
Undo/Redo now works on the Laws Screen
The Event Browser has received some polish updates
A ‘Pacify City’ button has been added to the selected city screen
This button is located beneath the city’s Governor information
Scores for unmet opponents will no longer display in Single Player games
The unit cancelled queued movement notification will now flash until clicked
Clicking on this notification will focus the camera on the unit with a blocked path
Governors are now listed on the Cities screen
The leader’s name is now featured on their portrait
Tooltip text has been added to Gift City button located in the City Screen
Tooltip text explaining team methods has been added to the Nations option on the Multiplayer Game set up screen
Death SFX for the following units has been adjusted
Siege Tower
New Events
[Tribal] Rituals
Scholars studying a recently conquered tribe have taken a keen interest in their religious practices
Zoroastrianism Founded
Zoroastrianism has taken hold in your nation
Judaism Founded
The descendants of the prophet Abraham have settled in your nation
Christianity Founded
Your nation has started practicing Christianity, and you are asked if you would like to support the new religion
Manichaeism Founded
Your people have started practicing the Religion of Light, Manichaeism
The Dedication
Your subjects ask for aid after your nation loses a faithful religious member
The Fire Defiled
A member from one of your families goes against traditional religious teachings and you are asked to intervene
The Royal Dead
Your Royal line has been following traditional burial practices, and you are asked to consider adopting more religious practices
Fire of Fires
You are asked to make a donation towards the new Temple being built in your nation
Fire of Verethragna
Your Magi debate whether there is still a place for the sacred fire in the new Cathedral in your nation
River Contamination
Some merchants from another nation have angered your religious followers
Pilgrimage for Ahura Mazda
A nearby peak has become a popular pilgrimage site for your religious followers
World of Thought
One of your scholars has published a series of texts on Gnosticism
[Religion] Under Siege
A Priest arrives at court to discuss how you are failing the faith
Fighting for the Divine
As your armies arrive to camp, the head of your religion arrives with an entourage
More events involving scheming heirs have been added
Some more truce events have been added
The ‘Explore’ option on the ‘Choose Study’ event will now make the student go exploring
Various AI improvements have been implemented
Better expansion targeting
Better movement prioritization (Unit movement now mixed with Empire and Character management)
Now handles units with the Last Stand ability
Now plans much better how to spend yields before performing other actions
Various AI military operations have been improved
Miscellaneous Changes
Teams that initiate a diplomacy state change in Multiplayer will now receive a notification informing them of this change
Players will no longer auto-join Multiplayer games that only have one available slot
Unit healed, promotion and upgrade effects have been changed to only occur on player actions
These effects will no longer play when the AI does these actions
The ‘Surrender’ option has been changed to ‘Retire’ in Single Player games
The ‘Master of Poisons’ trait has been removed
Existing events related to the ‘Master of Poisons’ trait have been updated to work with the ‘Herbalist’ trait
Pieface now has the Orator Archetpye
Random rotation variations have been removed from most buildings
The “Show All Job Candidates” option has been removed and is now on by default
Players can now press Enter on pop ups requiring input (ex. Rename Landmark) to save the new information
Heirs reaching tutor age is now detailed in the turn summary information
Bug Fixes
Fixed a late-game performance issue related to specialist value calculations
Fixed an issue where characters from other nations were becoming the Head of a Religion they didn't found/practice
Fixed an issue where the global yield modifiers were too high when characters were angry with you
Fixed an issue where the science yield value wasn’t appearing rounded in the top UI bar
Fixed an issue where the Victory Screen was not properly accounting for Double Victory
Fixed an issue with double victory that could occur when the player hadn’t met other nations yet
Fixed an issue where certain information was not being stored in the options file properly
Fixed an issue where upgrading units could cause a crash
Fixed some issues with text wrapping on the Mods screen
Fixed some layout issues on the Mods screen
Fixed an issue where description text was getting cut off in the Mods screen
Fixed an alignment issue in the advanced setup tab
Fixed some display issues with the Inheritance screen
Fixed a text wrapping issue on the research progress bar
Fixed an issue where the culture icon was missing from the city widget located in the city screen
Fixed some sorting issues with recommended icons and city build lists
Fixed an issue where all followers of a religion were not being shown properly
Fixed an issue where living family members were not being updated properly
Fixed an issue where the choose character pop up could extend past the top of the screen
Fixed an issue where Huge Seaside maps were incorrectly setting boundary tiles in deep desert areas (This issue will not be fixed on existing saves with the issue, only on new games using this map script)
Fixed some health bar appearance issues caused by using Undo
Fixed an issue with attack duration times
Fixed an issue with the abundance of the game (deer) resource
Fixed an issue where renaming map elements wasn’t properly renaming all instances of that map element on the map
Fixed an issue with the back button on the Multiplayer Join screen
Fixed an issue where the Multiplayer Game header could appear on the Main Menu when no Multiplayer games were active
Fixed an issue where the Start Game button wasn’t properly updating after selecting a premade map
Fixed an error that could occur when invalid characters were present in MP chats
Fixed some appearance issues with certain improvements
Fixed an issue where some resources were visible through FOW
Fixed some help text issues with tile tags
Fixed some display issues with tundra hills
Fixed some issues where certain turn notifications were causing null reference errors
Fixed some issues with turn notification names
Fixed some text and font issues in the Event Browser
Fixed some AI issues
Fixed various event issues
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