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Last active March 10, 2021 22:08
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.48169 Test (03/08/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.48237 Early Release (03/10/2021)
A Mac Build has been released for Old World
This version is currently only available on the Test Branch
Play By Cloud multiplayer games are now available on the Main Branch
Commander Leaders now grant Infantry units +20% Defense when serving as their General
Tactician Leaders now grant Mounted units +10% Critical Hit chance when serving as their General
Zealot General and Zealot Leader General abilities have been swapped
Zealot Generals can now heal in neutral territory
Zealot Leader Generals can no longer die with more than 1 HP
Players now have the ability to release Generals and Governors from their current jobs
To release a General, select the unit and click the ‘Release General’ button or select the General and click the ‘Leave [Unit]’ button on their Character panel
To release a Governor, select them from the Character Tab and click the ‘Leave [City]’ button on their Character Panel
Releasing Generals and Governors from their jobs costs 1 order
Leaders now have a ‘Convert Religion’ action that will convert them to the Nation’s State Religion
This action costs 100 Civics and 2 Orders
Players will now receive opinion boosts with other Tribes and Nations if members from their faction are serving on the Player’s Council
The opposite trait opinion modifier has been reduced from -80 to -60
Divorcing foreign spouses will now cause their Nation to gain a negative opinion modifier with you
Removing Luxuries no longer costs Orders
Reduced the hiring costs of Mercenary units for Carthage
Various projects that are unique to event choices (for example, Misthophoria) have been rebalanced
The Conscript unit has been updated with new animations
All land improvements have been updated to display a construction state while they are being built
The Intercession mission icon has been updated
The icon for the Gems resource has been updated
Project icons have received a polish update
Projects are now color coded
Brown - Permanent
Green - Repeatable
Maroon - No Hurry (Repair, Council, Convoy, etc.)
The game cursor now has different states when performing melee and ranged attacks
The Multiplayer join screen UI has received some updates
UI elements within the City screen have received some updates
Families desired luxuries are now displayed on the family tab
These icons will appear faded if none of the listed luxuries are being sent
The Combat Preview window has received a polish update
The Main Menu now features a button that will navigate players to the Old World sub on Reddit [This button currently features a placeholder Mohawk Games icon]
The following units have been updated with new SFX
African Elephant
Turreted Elephant
War Elephant
The following units have been updated with new selection SFX
African Elephant
Turreted Elephant
New Events
Appetite for Exploration
One of your families applauds your Exploration edict and wishes to learn more about the world outside of your borders
Epic Expectations
Your recent declaration of Epics has sparked a conversation in the court
Returning the Favor
You are asked to repay a favor by making a donation to your Religion
[Religion] Intrigue
You are presented with the opportunity to replace your Head of Religion
Conversion Spread
Your attempts to convert a member of your nation to your religion have gone better than expected
Conversion Rejected
Your attempts to convert a member of your nation to your religion have backfired
Theological Letters
Your attempts to convert a member of your nation to your religion have an unexpected side effect
[Religion] Zeal
A member of your nation has taken to their religion well, but worries they can come across too strongly at times
Conversion Gone Wrong
A member of your nation has outright refused your attempts to convert them to your Religion
Bad Blood
A member of your nation seems open to converting to your Religion, but has their own problems with the Head of Religion
The Founding Avestan
Your Religious theologies have led to new beliefs spreading through your nation
Rival at the Bridge
You question if your religious beliefs should apply to a fallen rival
Pressure from [Religion]
Your Head of Religion demands that you abdicate your throne to your Heir
Pleasing the In-Laws
Your in-laws feel neglected despite their special status
One of your families is feeling neglected, despite one of their members being your Head of Religion
Quelling Unrest
The discontent in one of your cities is less than ideal
Reign of a God
You reign as the uncontested ruler of your nation
Era of Justice
Your nation has entered an era of justice, and you must decide how to strengthen your laws
Age of Tolerance
An age of tolerance and good will fills the land
Era of Universal [Religion]
Your nation is bound together by its common faith
Age of Empires
Your armies stand ready to defend you and your nation
Era of Patriots
Your nation would not survive without the selfless sacrifice of your citizens in times of need
The Monkey Paw event chain has been updated with some new events
The AI more strongly targets cities it has lost
Miscellaneous Changes
A ‘Randomize Leaders’ option has been added
This option can be found in the Advanced Setup tab and will randomize the starting leader for each nation
The Amphitheater improvement has been renamed to Theater
The Colosseum improvement has been renamed to Amphitheater
The ‘Highest Population’ ambition has been removed
This ambition has been replaced with a ‘Highest VPs’ ambition
Increased Max HUD scaling slightly
Bug Fixes
We are aware of the issue with Kaspersky AV software flagging one of our dll files as a Trojan, we have contacted Kaspersky and they have informed us that it was a false flag and will be fixed soon!
Fixed an issue where the trade network overlay would remain active after building a Hamlet
Fixed some camera issues with the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where the combat preview window did not update when switching to adjacent targets
Fixed some unit pathing issues
Fixed some formatting issues with multi-line progress text on ambitions
Fix an issue where City HP bars were not producing popup help text
Fixed an issue where the Restart Game option would not use a random map script if that option was chosen during initial game setup
Fixed an issue with the rename unit button
Fixed some alignment issues with the unit promotion buttons
Fixed an issue where players were unable to displace at-peace units from their territory by moving onto them
Fixed an issue where max HUD scaling values were not updating properly in certain instances
Fixed a layout issue with research cards
Fixed an issue where upgrading units didn’t carry over unique names given to the units
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed some family tree alignment issues on the Inheritance screen
Fixed an issue where AI was claiming sites intended for other AI during development stage
Fixed some UI layout issues
Fixed an alignment issue with cycle button text
Fixed some Play-By-Cloud game errors
Fixed an issue where the ‘Restart Game’ option caused all future auto-saves to overwrite the same auto save file
Fixed an assert error that could occur in the Tech tree
Fixed an issue where PBC games were not updating properly on the main menu
Fixed some tooltip issues with the top UI bar yield areas
Fixed an issue where links insides mission buttons weren’t working
Fixed an issue where automation status was not updating on the unit banner properly
Fixed an issue where terrain icons weren’t appearing in the game encyclopedia properly
Fixed an issue where non-host players could download PBC games
Fixed an issue where tooltips were inconsistently appearing on the single player setup screen
Fixed some areas where technology icons weren’t appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where city widgets did not respond to clicks while the city was idle
Fixed various event issues
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