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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43644 Test (10/19/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43711 Early Release (10/21/2020)
Players can now choose to delay making an ambition decision for 5 years
Increased the amount of XP earned for serving as a Governor
Various Mission Orders costs have been increased
The Patron Family Seat bonus has been updated
The Family Seat (The first city given to the Patron Family) will now gain +20 Orders and -1 Discontent Level per Culture Event
Culture generated from Poets has been reduced
Apprentice Poets produce 3 Culture per year (Down from 4)
Master Poets produce 4 Culture per year (Down from 6)
Elder Poets produce 5 Culture per year (Down from 8)
Hunting Shrines now give an XP bonus (+10 XP/Year) to Ranged units stationed on the tile
Shrine of Diana, Shrine of Neith
Healing Shrines now heal units (+5 HP) stationed on the tile
Shrine of Eshmun, Shrine of Isis
Windmills and Watermills now grant +60% yields to adjacent mines, lumbermills and quarries
Some theologies can now increase the spread of their Religion
Theologies now give opinion bonuses to Religions for various Laws (Mythology prefers Epics, for example)
All Shrines now give an opinion boost for Pagan Religions
Religious Specialists now improve Religious opinions
Pagan Religions no longer spread randomly
Your leader will now gain an opinion boost with characters they share traits with
Opposite traits can now cause a negative opinion
For example, Leaders with the Bold trait will now gain a negative opinion modifier with characters who have the Cowardly trait
Memories now decay each turn
The model for the honey grove has been updated
The model for the horseman unit has been updated
This unit has been updated to a formation of three units (Was previously a single unit)
More Egyptian elder portraits have been added
The Archer unit icon has been updated
The following improvement icons have been updated
End Alliance mission icons have been updated
Various technology bonus icons and unlock effect icons have been updated
Players can now send goods to other nations by selecting them from the Empires tab (This is available in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes)
Players must be at peace with the nation to send goods to them
The Multiplayer turn timer has been updated to include clock ticking SFX
This sound effect starts when there are five seconds remaining for your turn (This sound effect only plays during the player’s turn)
The following units have been updated with new attack and hit audio SFX
Battering Ram
Warrior death audio SFX has been updated
Slinger death audio SFX has been updated
Ballista movement audio SFX has been adjusted
Unit killed audio SFX has been adjusted
New Events
Hollow Rhetoric
Your series of inspiring speeches fall on deaf ears
Proud Throngs
You visit every city in your nation in an attempt to inspire your forces
Angry Soldiers
The military crowds in one of your cities seem rowdier than usual
The Drunken Army
You are met with cheers as you arrive at the military training grounds
Standing Armies
Inspired by your speeches, soldiers across your nation intensify their drills and offer their help elsewhere
Blood for Blood
Your attempts to embolden your army are successful, but some soldiers grow too frenzied
Overlooked Innovators
Moved by your speeches, a small group of soldiers request a private audience with you
Thrown Roses
Soldiers of your nation admire and respect your leadership
In the Field
You arrive in a city to inspire your troops, and a group of infantrymen invite you to join their wilderness expedition
Terrifying Emissary
You encounter a terrifying emissary from a nearby tribe
Peaceful Emissary
A nearby tribe sends a charming emissary to meet with you
Head Collection
A tribal emissary arrives with a number of servants carrying sacks
Disciplined Tribe
A tribal emissary is escorted to your capital by a surprisingly well-disciplined formation of soldiers
Mystical Tribe
A delegation from a nearby tribe arrives to perform an elaborate ritual
Animal Worshippers
The emissary from a nearby tribe arrives accompanied by several surprisingly tame animals
Influence of Wine
After attempting to influence the opinion of another member of your nation, they meet you in your bed chambers
Influence of Money
A member of your nation asks for monetary support after you attempt to improve their opinion of you
Influence of Council
A member of your nation demands a council position after you try to influence their opinion of you
Influence of Governors
A member of you nation asks to be granted a Governor position after you attempt to influence their opinion of you
Rejection of Influence
Your attempt to influence a member of your nation doesn’t go as planned
Husband/Wife and Manservant/Handmaiden
Your spouse receives your request for divorce and suggests a different solution
Lover and Husband/Wife
Your spouse has other plans in mind after receiving your request for divorce
Recognition of Lover
Your spouse asks you not to divorce them, eager to avoid the wrath of their family
The default AI development level for Multiplayer has been set to none
This setting is still tied to difficulty in Single Player
AI nations try to respect their family law and theology preferences more
Allied barbarian units can now cross friendly water provided they have enough movement to do so
Improved AI danger awareness
Better AI city danger assessment
Improved AI ship management
AI now avoids retreating units adjacent to each other
Miscellaneous Changes
The following updates have been made to the Mod Manager
Mod selections are now saved when exiting the mod screen instead of when clicking the ‘Save’ button
The ‘Save’ button has been replaced with a ‘Clear Mods’ button to make it easier to clear all mod selections
The following map scripts have been updated to keep human players grouped at the start (This is for multiplayer games that include teams composed of a mix of Human and AI players)
Arid Plateau
Coastal Rain Basin
Inland Sea
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Pagan Religion icons were not aligned correctly
Fixed some team color texture issues
Fixed an issue where hidden tile tooltips could block clicks while trying to move the map view
Fixed some issues where send yield buttons were not appearing under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where send yield button tooltips listed incorrect resource icons
Fixed an issue where the player truce mission recipient list featured multiple entries for the same nation
Fixed an issue where tech cards were using the ‘Add Road’ icon incorrectly for certain unlocks
Fixed an issue that was causing various wonders and improvements to rise above or sink below the terrain
Fixed an issue where players could load Cloud MP games when it was not their turn
Fixed some Single Player setup screen alignment issues
Fixed an issue where units banners would revert to their original tile during unit movement
Fixed an issue where the worker unit run animation would stop playing if undo was used during movement
Fixed an issue where the Religion Head icon wouldn’t populate until another character action was taken (This icon now populates after ending the turn that the religion was founded on)
Fixed some Multiplayer issues
Fixed some icon alignment issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed various event issues
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