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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45981 Test (01/12/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46017 Early Release (01/13/2021)
New Naval Promotions have been added
Maneuverable: Can rout (attack again) after combat
Grappler: Stuns target
Seaborn: +20% combat strength in Ocean
Overwhelm: +25% arc attack
Fireship: +100% combat strength vs. Ships. -50% defense, target retreats after combat)
Hero Leaders now make Melee units +10% stronger
Commander leaders now make Infantry units +10% stronger
A new opinion modifier has been added
Poached City: -80 opinion for 40 years (gained by stealing a city a rival nation is attacking)
Connected foreign cities income now increases by distance from the Capital
This information can be found in the overall nation money help tooltip
The Sarissa technology has been renamed to Infantry Square
The Unit Tactics technology has been renamed to Cohorts
Founding a Family Seat now grants +5 Legitimacy
There is no longer a Legitimacy penalty when skipping founding a Family Seat
Mercenary Tribal units will now occasionally upgrade on their own
Priests now reduce Discontent
Forts now make tiles Urban
The following improvement models have been updated
Underworld Shrine [Ereshkigal / Osiris / Hades]
Hearth Shrine [Tanit / Vesta]
The following unit models have been updated
African Elephant (this unit icon has also been updated)
Ruined variants of the barbarian structures (Hovel, Outpost, etc) have received some texture updates
Status icons have been added for the following states
Icons for the new naval promotions (Grappler, Seaborn, etc.) have been added
The Cities tab has received a few updates
City culture icons are now displayed in the Cities tab
The luxury icon will no longer appear if the city has no luxuries (mouseover help has been added to this icon when present)
Improved the Luxury tooltip located in the Cities tab
The Archer unit has been updated with new Attack, Death, Hit and Run SFX
A confirmation sound effect has been added to the confirmation pop up when choosing a new law in the Laws Screen
New Events
A Show of Faith
A Priest requests an audience, reminding you that the faithful look to you as an example
New Alliance events have been added
Miscellaneous Changes
Distance between landmark names are now map size dependent
Reduced the number of landmark names for larger maps
Increased the likelihood of named rivers and valleys
More Greek landmark names have been added
Landmark names have been randomized so that the same names aren’t always chosen
The camera now follows units when using undo/redo
Player start location is now randomized in free-for-all multiplayer games
The ‘Hide UI’ hotkey has been changed to ALT + X
Various text and link improvements have been implemented
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the Specialist tutorial was preventing games from progressing
Fixed a display issue with the characters tab and sorting filters
Fixed some issues where character opinion was not properly updating in the UI
Fixed some issues where certain character portraits were not selecting the character when clicked
Fixed an issue where chat recipients were mislabeled in Multiplayer games
Fixed an issue where Multiplayer setup settings were not being saved properly
Fixed an issue where AI players (on a team with a human player) were building settlers and claiming city sites on OCC mode in MP games
Fixed some issues with barbarian camp models
Fixed some text overlap issues in the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where ship units were using the wrong cooldown icon when anchored
Fixed an issue where the council panel was not updating when assigning new council members
Fixed some exception errors that could occur when undoing and redoing the founding of the player’s initial city
Fixed an issue where the Barbarian invasion mod allowed multiple teams to be made (This mod should only allow one team when playing MP)
Fixed an issue where lake names were not appearing for small lakes
Fixed an issue where the cycle button would appear empty under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where peak landmark names were being used to name small mountain ranges
Fixed a display issue with the opinion meters
Fixed some word wrapping issues
Fixed some issues with units looking around at their environments during times they shouldn’t be
Fixed some height placement issues with the quarry improvement
Fixed an issue where the movement grid would disappear when moving one tile
Fixed an issue where the hide UI hotkey was not working
Fixed an exception that could occur when trying to start a multiplayer game with one team on a Continent map
Fixed some issues with start locations in certain map scripts
Fixed various event issues
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