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Last active September 16, 2020 17:42
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42493 Test (09/14/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42584 Early Release (09/16/2020)
Multiplayer is now available on Old World
Play By Cloud is currently unavailable in Old World but remains available on the Test Branch
A new resource has been added to the game: Honey
This resource will provide a varying amount of Culture when harvested
Improving this resource with a Grove grants +2 Culture, +5 Food and luxury resource
Manichaeism now requires 2 Christian and 2 Zoroastrian cities
Units guarding unused City Sites cost 1 Order per year
The cost of various missions have been changed
The Assassinate Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
The Treachery Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
The Family Gifts Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
The Pay Ransom Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
The Tutor Mission now costs 200 Money (Down from 500)
The following improvement culture requirements have been changed
The Garrison now requires Weak culture (Down from Developing)
The Stronghold now requires Developing culture (Down from Strong)
The Citadel now requires Strong culture (Down from Legendary)
The following projects now provide a small Money boost when completed (This was previously a Civics boost)
Treasury I now provides 20 Money when completed
Treasury II now provides 30 Money when completed
Treasury III now provides 40 Money when completed
Treasury IV now provides 50 Money when completed
The following projects now provide a small Science boost when completed (This was previously a Civics boost)
Archive I now provides 20 Science when completed
Archive II now provides 30 Science when completed
Archive III now provides 40 Science when completed
Archive IV now provides 50 Science when completed
Caravans no longer need a revealed path to their destination to establish a trade route
The Acropolis event has been updated with new art
Two new portraits for illness-related events have been added
More Persian elder portraits have been added
Scrub has been recolored to help differentiate it from other vegetation
Diplomacy icons have been updated
Various cooldown icons have been updated
Birds have received some texture and animation updates
Tile improvement recommendations now update after a worker changes city territory
Improvement tooltips now list build requirements as ‘Construction’ rather than ‘Cost’
Hurry Production buttons are now always visible within the City screen
Mouseover help has been added to the Yield Column headers on the City List screen
Yield rates in the Top UI bar no longer feature decimal points
Redrawing Techs now immediately refreshes the Choose Research screen
Tech card frames have been added to the tech icons featured on the Singleplayer setup screen
The starting techs featured on the Singleplayer setup screen have been updated to include the expanded Tech Deck tooltips
The Tech Tree has been renamed to the Tech Deck
Succession order indicators have been added to the Character Tab
A blinking state has been added to the Laws Button and the Luxury counter to indicate when a new law can be enacted/when a luxury can be sent
The notification icon for starting a new ambition has been updated
Tooltips within the options menus now have more consistent placement
Some adjustments have been made to the stat rating and job icon positioning within the Cycler HUD
The Tech Deck has received some polish updates
Hit audio effects have been added for the Skirmisher unit
Attack audio effects have been adjusted for the following units
New Events
Island Council
A character from your nation has arranged for a meeting with another nation leader
This event can start an event chain
Mutinous Military
Panic erupts in several cities as rumors of mutinous soldiers spread through the populace
This event can start an event chain
The Map and the Dagger
A Governor invites you to their city for a guided tour of some of the improvements and expansions they have planned
This event can start an event chain
Return of the Prophet
The Prophet returns with another Prophecy to share
Chariot of the Anointed
Watchmen in one of your cities spot a lone chariot racing towards the city walls
This event can start an event chain
AI Scout sentry use has been improved
AI now builds less ranged units
Competitive AI will not offer you a truce tribute if they are in a dominant position
AI is more likely to explore tiles on its trade network
AI combat tactics have been improved
Miscellaneous Changes
The Enter key can now be used to make selections on the Load/Save window
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with inconsistent family crest colors in the city widget
Fixed a font issue with certain worker unit actions
Fixed an issue with some mission icons
Fixed a formatting issues with the help text for the Riders family
Fixed a sorting order issue with the improvement construction progress widget and the city widget
Fixed an issue where selected city production arrows would appear on top of the city list screen
Fixed an issue where the border boost bonus card description was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where AI was not building enough Master and Elder specialists
Fixed an issue with the scrollbar on the Cities screen
Fixed an issue where the random map script could return invalid map scripts during game setup
Fixed an issue where certain traits were not formatted correctly in the Encyclopedia
Fixed some links being unresponsive for selected character bonuses in the choose governor/general/council pop ups
Fixed some readability issues on the Inheritance screen
Fixed an issue where unit tooltips were not expanding properly when holding ALT
Fixed some issues that could occur with the selected character panel when selecting characters on the Inheritance screen
Fixed some issues with inconsistent row heights on the City screen
Fixed an issue with tree orientation on the lumber mill improvement
Fixed some banner issues that could occur when units were consumed while in the middle of a move
Fixed an issue with scout displacement that resulted in scouts being moved further away than necessary to remain hidden
Fixed an issue where character action menus could expand past the playable window
Fixed an issue where events options granting a random trait always granted the same trait
Fixed some issues with the responsiveness of the Load/Save window
Fixed some issues with succession
Fixed a few UI layout issues
Fixed some inconsistent help text issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed various event issues
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