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Created July 27, 2020 21:01
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Cities are no longer worth Victory Points, this has been changed to scale with the culture rating of the City
Cities with Developing culture are now worth 1 Victory Point
Cities with Strong culture are now worth 2 Victory Points
Cities with Legendary culture are now worth 3 Victory Points
Naval units now have the ability to harvest resources
Naval units can now be assigned a General
Harbors now provide XP for naval units
Aqueducts have been removed
Marriage missions (Family Marriage and Marry Courtier) now cost 100 Civics in addition to the 1 Order cost
Choosing an Agent candidate to place in a Rival City now costs 5 Orders
Agents will now make an extra tile visible outside of city borders
Rival Nations will now display a Knowledge rating - this can be seen by hovering over their nations in the Empires tab
Players can now ask Tribes to declare war on another nation
The following improvements now give +1 Science
Players can now bounce units from rival nations they are at peace with out of their territory
This change was made to address issues where friendly units from rival nations could block the player from building improvements in their territory
The following units have been updated with combat animations
The model for the Circus Maximus wonder has been updated
The Pyramids have been updated to include urban buildings surrounding the wonder
Some law icons have been updated, or have received minor edits
The icons for Coin Debasement and Serfdom are now centered
The icon for Trade League has received some minor updates and is now centered
The icon for Iconography has been updated
The Inheritance screen has received some trim and polish updates
Popups have received some polish updates
The City screen production HUD has received some trim and polish updates
The top right UI menus have received a polish update
The City widget has been raised slightly so it doesn’t clip with unit icons
The Healthbar scale option has been temporarily disabled
Various audio elements have been added to unit run and hit effects
Foot slides and small steps in leather boots (Gravel, leaves, sand)
Armor leather shuffles
Knee impacts
The following units have been updated with hit audio effects
Barbarian Marauder
Worker movement audio effects have received some updates
New Events
Battle Plans
Your spies discover battle plans from another nation, and the court is divided on whether they should be used or not
[Tribe] Unrest
Your spymaster reports unrest in the tribal camps, and requests to intervene
This event can start an event chain
Designs on the Throne
Your spymaster believes that a character from your nation and their family have plans for the throne, and requests to gather more information
This event can start an event chain
Family Favor
In a blatant attempt to win favor, one of your families hosts your heir and their tutor
Monkey See, Monkey Kill
Your monkey assassin seems discontent with stalking the ruling court of your nation
This event can start an event chain
Double Agent
You spymaster visits you with troubling reports from another nation
Your spymaster’s infiltrators return with good news about another nation’s military
Veteran Agent
Your agents return from another nation with maps and scrolls detailing the land, along with some surprising news
Silver Linings
Your spymaster informs you that their agents were unable to complete their infiltration mission, but did attempt to make the journey worth their efforts
Captured by Barbarians
Your spymaster delivers some tragic news about agents that were sent to infiltrate another nation
Nobles Abroad
Your spymaster’s agents encounter some traveling nobles and gather some information
[Nation] Exiles
Your spymaster’s agents return with an abundance of information about another nation, along with some exiles
Land Grab
Your spymaster’s agents secure numerous pieces of intelligence from another nation, and inform you of expansion opportunities near your borders
The Polemicist [CC]
Someone from your nation has been giving public speeches condemning your rule
Locust Swarms [CC]
Swarms of locusts form in one of your cities, stripping fields and damaging crops
Riots at the Races [CC]
A riot breaks out at the colosseum during the chariot races
AI builds roads for quicker movement between cities, even if they are connected
Higher AI city growth priority if there are no citizens
AI builds fewer mounted and seige units
Miscellaneous Changes
A logo has been added to the Mods screen, this links to
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where certain events were not showing their event art properly
Fixed an issue where the ‘Choose Production’ prompt was unresponsive sometimes
Fixed an issue where using the undo action could result in units that had died previously returning without their healthbar present
Fixed an issue where it was possible to declare war immediately after calling a truce by using the character actions menu
Fixed an issue where the harvest tutorial event could occur when a scout passed over a resource tile while traveling
Fixed an issue where the ‘Show System Time’ UI option was not taking effect immediately
Fixed an issue where movement paths were displayed when selecting rival units
Fixed an issue where particle effects could occur incorrectly
Fixed an animation issue that could occur where switching between multiple animated units occupying the same tile
Fixed an issue where Cathedral buildings were not conforming to terrain correctly
Fixed an issue where allied nation territory could be revealed before addressing the Allied Intelligence event
Fixed an issue where the background of the options menu would not appear correctly under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where the Game of the Week could be loaded with mods active
Fixed other various Game of the Week issues
Fixed an issue where worker units were not positioned correctly while constructing the Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens
Fixed an issue where family opinion from Council roles was not being updated
Fixed an exception that could occur after a city was captured
Fixed an issue where rival cities with an agent did not correctly display the territory as revealed when loading a save
Fixed an issue where the city cycler hotkey (5) was not working
Fixed an issue with the update mod message pop up text
Fixed various event issues
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