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Last active May 20, 2021 14:50
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.50823 Test (05/17/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.50948 Early Release (05/19/2021)
Leader can convert to any religion followed by their cities
Adjustments to city build recommendation system
Adjustments to unit cycling
Increased the number of granaries/other specific building type per city’s culture level
Six cathedrals ambition now requires holy site
Highest victory point ambition has been removed from the game
Adjustments to which characters can be killed by events
The cost of hold court missions has been reduced
Added tutorials for hold court and rally troops
Barbarian invasion and raiding units can cross water
Adjustments to diplomat and orator archetypes
The following units have been updated with new animations:
Camel archer
Palton Cavalry
The following new models have been added to game:
Cold Baths
Warm Baths
Heated Baths
Christian Temple
Walls have been added to the game, but are not final.
Scale adjustments to promotion icons and event popups
Updated culture icon
Adjustments to new landmark window
Game now always shows religious improvements that can be built by disciples
Adjusted icon for fortified units
Tooltip added to main menu to preview settings for game of the week
Leader’s Archetype has been added to the Leader Select Menu
Added ability to dismiss visible notifications: CTRL + Right-Click
Audio has been updated for the following units:
Barbarian Raider
New Events
Various new events have been added including new hold court events, completed ambition events and an event featuring a jealous suitor
Continued improvments to the AI system
Miscellaneous Changes
Host of Play-By-Cloud games can now rewind the game to any player’s previous turn
Host of Play-By-Cloud games can now set another player as the host
Bug Fixes
Console menu no longer has error hovering over tabs when player is not a nation
Fixed issue with victory settings not showing correct state on the setup screen
Minor fix to opinions
Minor fixes to events
Court panel no longer glows after deselecting character
Sfx updates to tree chopping sfx, horse resource
Addressed visual issue with chariot and kushite cavalry attack animation
Improvements to handling cases where epic authorization expires
Continued improvements to performance
Fixed an issue where some mission buttons were not properly hidden from the interface
Fixed issue where player opinion tab wasn’t updating after some events
Fixed issue where cities could not be gifted in multiplayer
Forts and other specific improvements can be built in neutral territory
Fixed issue where foriegn cities with agents were not selectable.
Fixed various event issues
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Keep it up Mohawk! <3

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