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Created July 6, 2020 21:16
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A new Spymaster mission has been added: Slander
This mission costs 100 Civics to start, and your Spymaster will gain +20 XP upon completion (Starting the mission will also consume 1 order)
This mission has three possible outcomes: Slander spread, Slander spread - effort exposed, or the player will receive a Slander event
A new unit promotion has been added: Tough
This promotion grants the unit +10% strength if they are damaged
A new project has been added: Monumental Gate
This project is only obtainable via the Monumental Gate event
This project yields +1 Training and +1 Culture
The amount of culture gained from harvesting resources (salt, gems, etc.) has been doubled
More Specialist Ambitions have been added
Rivers will now always provide a movement bonus in friendly territory
Schemers can now serve as Agents
Diplomats can now serve as Generals
Harbors now have to be on salt water in order to be built
Players should now always receive 10 Ambitions even if Ambition Victory is turned off
Trade Missions now cost 100 Civics to start (Down from 200)
Discontent received from Religion opinions has been reduced
The Choose Governor option will now only appear if there is a candidate without a job
The fire particles present on the Mangonel unit have been updated
The icon for the Axeman unit has been updated
The icon for the Monetary Reform law has been updated
Other law icons have received polish and scaling updates
A cooldown icon for the Rout ability has been added
The following unit effect icons have been added
Friendly (Family)
Pleased (Family)
Upset (Family)
Angry (Family)
The following unit promotion/ability icons have been updated
Various mission icons have been updated
The Laws screen has been updated
Laws will display a lock if the player does not have the required tech to enact those laws
Laws will display an exclamation point to indicate that they are unlocked but a law hasn’t been enacted
Cities can now be sorted by clicking the yield icons present on the city screen
Clicking the icons an additional time will switch the sort order (For example, if Growth is sorted lowest to highest, clicking the growth icon will switch the sort to highest to lowest)
Unit promotions will now appear below the unit action panel when a unit is selected
Leader portraits will now fade into view when selected in the Single Player set up screen
Yield progress has been added to Discontent and Citizen mouseover help text in the City screen
Character cards displayed on the Inheritance screen will now show stat ratings that are 0
Any stats with a rating of 0 will appear faded out
Missions will now be marked as (ACTIVE) after they are started
Color has been added to the character stat icons displayed on the Inheritance screen
Notification icon colors have been updated
Backgrounds have been added to yield previews shown when selecting an improvement for a worker to build
Backgrounds have been added to yield displays shown in the City Screen
The main menu buttons have received a small polish update
Unit pop up widgets have received some polish updates
Close buttons for full screen menus (Inheritance, Laws, etc.) have been moved to the center of the top bar
Clicking on the tribe name present on hovels will now select that tribe
Clicking on the widget for rival cities will now select that nation
Axeman attack audio has been updated
Warrior attack audio has been updated
Unit movement speed audio will now adjust based on the distance the unit is travelling
New Events
Events marked with [CC] are community collaboration events
Last Stand
Someone from your nation is attacked in their home while preparing for a diplomatic trip
Failed Assassination
Someone from your family is attacked during a festival
Watch Your Head
An incident occurs while someone from your nation is visiting their favorite brothels
Restful Meditation
Someone from your nation is ready to return to courtly life after spending some time at a local temple
Dream Rituals
Someone from your nation returns to court after dream rituals in a local temple helped restore them back to good health
Someone from your nation abandons the temple where they have been receiving care and flees the city
Disheartening News
Cultists from the local temple arrive with news regarding someone from your nation that has been receiving treatment
You and your spouse are attacked by highwaymen while traveling
This event can start an event chain
During a leisure voyage, your servants disturb a local tribal site
Fresh Eyes
A refreshing journey abroad has inspired you to look at the rule of your nation with renewed vision
Wonders Await
You visit another nation and marvel at their wonders, inspiring you to bring such spectacles to your own nation
News of Succession
A messenger arrives with news that the previous ruler has died, leaving the nation in your capable hands
An Empty Throne
You visit a village bustling with rumors that the leader of your nation has died, leaving the throne unoccupied
This event can start an event chain
Citadel of Death [CC]
An eerie silence welcomes your soldiers as they break into the streets of a city
The Olympiad [CC]
You can feel the excitement in the air as the day of your city’s Olympic games draws near
Save my Family [CC]
Your spouse asks for help as their kin from their tribe are under attack
Got Your Nose! [CC]
In an attempt to entertain you, someone has stolen your nose and refuses to give it back
Tribal Mercenaries [CC]
Your ambassador appears from the shadows and startles you, making you drop the sacrificial chicken
Two Mothers One Child [CC]
Two mothers appear before the court asking you to settle a dispute
Monumental Gate [CC]
The citizens of one of your cities are overjoyed at the success of a family member and wish to celebrate their recently won battle
Fixed AI overvaluing ships
AI disciple value adjustment
AI now settles cleared barbarian settlements, even if they are closer to another player
The AI will still leave empty city sites for a while if they are closer to other players
Improved AI city found location
Reduced AI road building priority
AI combat tweaks
Miscellaneous Changes
The Translation toggle in the Mod Manager screen will now only show translations mods when it is toggled on
The worker “Connect to Tile" action now queues the shortest road possible, without taking into consideration water movement or trade network
The Featured Game mode has been removed
Bug Fixes
Various attack preview issues have been fixed (Stat positioning, critical icon always appearing, etc.)
Fixed an issue where Convoy II and Convoy III weren’t displaying the correct icons
Fixed an issue with technology tooltip formatting
Fixed an issue where some tile recommendations were displaying the wrong icon
Fixed an issue with the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where critical chance was not showing on unit tooltips
Fixed an issue where some clicks would deselect characters when locked tooltips were present
Fixed an issue where tile yield overlays would not update properly when cycling through cities
Fixed an issue where minimized Choose Ambition and Upgrade Character events were not clearing after making a selection
Fixed an issue that was preventing ambitions from showing up in events
Fixed an issue where concept links in the encyclopedia always directed to the Agent page
Fixed an issue where hover text shown for event options appeared incorrectly for options that added improvements
Fixed a graphical issue that could occur when scouts were standing over rivers
Fixed some issues with the Event Browser to allow better mod support
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when transitioning from a pop up with more options to one with fewer options
Fixed an issue where event based characters (Cato, for example) were disappearing or staying around for too long
Fixed an issue where the assassinate option would appear with the Spymaster selected
Fixed a formatting issue with the ghost unit option tooltip
Fixed a bug with AI city attack damage prediction
Fixed AI not attacking cities when it can't occupy them in the current turn
Fixed an issue with archetype help text
Fixed an issue with technology progress
Fixed an issue with Science yields
Fixed various event issues
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