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Last active January 6, 2021 22:38
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45686 Test (01/04/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45776 Early Release (01/06/2021)
A new promotion is available for Onager and Mangonel units
Shrapnel: +25% Splash Damage
Two new ambitions have been added
Three Caravan missions
Six Caravan missions
Caravan trade money now increases for each new caravan
Water control now blocks enemy trade networks
Anchoring ships in rival territory will block that nation’s access to their trade network during times of war
It is now possible to assassinate imprisoned characters
The following Shrine models have been updated
War [Ninurta / Mars]
Fire [Nuska / Atar / Vulcan]
Healing [Eshmun / Isis]
Sun [Shamahs / Ra / Hvar Khshaita]
Kingship [Ashur / Marduk / Zeus]
Ruined variants [shown after defeat] of the following models have been updated
The Acropolis model has received some updates
The Crossbowman unit model has been updated
The following units have been updated with new animations
Amazon Cavalry
Elite Amazon Cavalry
New event paintings have been added
Arid land exploration
More Carthaginian teen portraits have been added
The following icons have been updated
Caravan Mission
Recruit Mercenary
Hire Mercenary
Horse [For mounted units]
Mounted [unit trait]
Camel [For mounted units]
Elephant [For mounted units]
Coasts and Lakes have received a few more updates
The encyclopedia has received a few updates
Unit preview bonus summary (located above the combat preview window) information has been updated to be displayed in table format
Rome’s nation color has been adjusted
The tab area on the right hand side (Characters, Units tabs, etc.) has been made a bit wider
Various UI elements have received a polish update
Selection sounds have been added for the following units
Elite Javalineer
Nomad Marauder
Elite Marauder
Elite Nomad Marauder
The Javalineer unit has been updated with new attack, death, and run SFX
The following units have been updated with new death SFX
Nomad Skirmisher
Siege Tower
New Events
The Way Forward
The head of one of your families shares their concern over the treatment of a recently defeated tribe
A member of your nation approaches you with an idea after the recent conquest of a tribe
Steal Away
A member of your nation returns from a rival nation with a hostage
Fire and Brimstone
A Zealot leader establishes contact to ask for your aid
Investment Opportunity
You are approached with an exciting opportunity
A rival nation requests aid after a recent law change causes stress on their resources
A rival nation seeks aid after their recent campaign
Passionate Plea
A rival nation leader gives an impassioned speech asking for aid
New End of Alliance events have been added
Miscellaneous Changes
The Barbarian Invasion mod has received a few updates
A quick reminder, the Barbarian Invasion mod is only available on the Test Branch
A ‘Very Short’ uprising time has been added (60 Years)
The Barbarian Invasion mod can now be played on small maps
The Invasion timer now scales down 5% per additional player (max 25%)
Invasion size now scales down for ‘small’ maps (usually ~20%)
Intro text has been updated and various event edits/fixes have been made
Marauders will now look around at various elements of their environments (Shrines, Wonders, etc.)
More landmark names have been added for all of the available nations
Characters that are controlled by other players are no longer included in the family tree
Bug Fixes
Fixed an exception and UI freeze that occurred when eliminating a rival nation
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when assigning certain characters as Governors
Fixed an issue with luxury tooltips
Fixed an issue where Lakes were generating multiple names for a single Lake
Fixed an issue where the unit tab would initially appear empty when opened
Fixed some tab panel toggling issues
Fixed an issue where Leader archetype icons were not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue with selecting characters via the Council UI
Fixed some Council UI tooltip issues
Fixed an issue where city health bars were not showing on the city screen
Fixed an issue with trade networks and player alliances
Fixed an issue where latest settings for map, nation and difficulty were lost after starting a game with Advanced Setup
Fixed an issue where Co-op MP games would show loss state upon victory [with Barbarian invasion mod active]
Fixed an issue with AI picking families
Fixed an issue with AI movement
Fixed an issue that could occur with Spymaster missions after the Spymaster died
Fixed an issue where map overlay toggles were not updating properly between turns
Fixed some sorting issues with city screen elements when opening the Technology tree
Fixed some combat preview issues
Fixed an issue where the city screen was not updating properly
Fixed a null reference that could occur when minimizing the city family assignment event
Fixed an issue where pathfinding would sometimes allow illegal moves
Fixed an issue where Religion could spread to non-tribe barbarians
Fixed an issue where Legacy turn timers were resetting when a new leader took control of the nation
Fixed an issue with Siege traits
Fixed some icon alignment issues
Fixed some map script issues
Fixed various event issues
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