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Created May 19, 2020 22:24
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When redrawing techs, the research bar will now update to say “Redrawing” until the next turn
Clicking on the research bar in this state will allow the player to choose an available tech to research - which will cancel the redraw
Caravan earnings are now boosted based on market inflation
The cost increase per unit produced has been reduced for Worker, Scout, Caravan, and Disciple units
Units can now be promoted, upgraded, or have generals added to them after moving
Cognomen Legitimacy gives diminishing returns for previous leaders, rather than each previous ruler contributing half their earned legitimacy
March now costs 100 Training
The Drawbridge Tech has been renamed to Portcullis
The Warrior Code Tech has been renamed to Martial Code
The various tiers of the amphitheater improvement have been renamed
Previously these tiers were: Amphitheater, Hippodrome, Colosseum
These tiers are now: Odeon, Amphitheater, Colosseum
Ashurbanipal’s intro text has been updated
Death and Succession events now have priority at the start of a turn
Highest Military and Population ambitions will now list the highest rival
Military comparisons now account for total strength, rather than number of units
Diplomacy demands have been tweaked to occur less often
Events that result in a General becoming injured have been tweaked to occur less often
Spouses who like/dislike you will now lead to having more or less children
Some map scripts have received name updates
Names have been added for salt water bodies on the Disjunction map script
Names have been added for oceans on the Northern Ocean map script
The Axeman unit has been updated with hit, death and fortify animations
The Warrior unit has been updated with a fortify animation
The Barbarian Raider unit has been updated with a combat idle animation
Scouts will now appear in a boat when they are on water tiles
The art for the scrub resource has been updated
Event art for the Colossus has been added
More action icons have been added/updated
New resource icons have been added
The Choose Research pop up design has been updated
This pop up now features a tech deck icon that will show you what is available, what is in your deck, and what is in your discard pile
This pop up now has icons to distinguish what each tech unlocks (Improvements that can be built, projects, etc.)
The research bar has received a small polish update
The research progress bar has been updated to appear slightly transparent
New recommendation icons and arrows have been added
The character selection panel that can be opened within the Primogeniture screen now matches the character selection panels that can be opened from other areas within the game
Portrait backgrounds have been added to the character select panel buttons
Selected family portraits will now highlight when moused over
The character, units, and cities tabs now update to show new additions instantly
Unit tooltips have been expanded, and unit mouseover help has been improved
Unit prerequisites are now shown in the encyclopedia
The choose governor/general pop up will now close when selecting something other than a city or a unit
The project area of the city screen has received a small polish update
Overall padding and layout polish updates have been added for various UI elements
Yield text on the city screen has been adjusted
New button for city project queue tab?
Clicking on the unit/project finished widget within the city screen should now make it disappear
The Religion screen has received some small adjustments
The Submit Bug window has been resized
A despair audio cue has been added to certain events
A unit cooldown sound has been added
New Events
A Terrible Loss
Your spouse has died and the nation attends a vigil for them
Laid to Rest
Your spouse has died and the nation mourns their loss
Farewell Brother/Sister
You receive news that your sibling has died
Secret of the Fool
You discover some interesting rumors about Pieface
Rise of Pieface
Pieface flees the palace and returns home after successfully carrying out a plot
World Tour
Plays from your finest dramatists have impressed another nation, and they arrive in court to ask if they might learn your secrets
Scientists from another nation arrive to showcase their latest advancements, but it doesn’t go as expected
Between Us
A character from another nation requests to learn your knowledge about horse armor
Token of Goodwill
Another nation sends a gift to your nation, and requests a gift of their own in return
Exchange of Ideas
Your great scientist wishes to exchange your nation’s knowledge of Metaphysics with another nation
Another nation is impressed with your military knowledge and wishes to learn from you
Sharing the Loot
Another nation has sacked a barbarian encampment and wishes to share the loot with you
Under (Nation)
Scientists from another nation believe there may be ruins, mines, or vaults buried beneath a city and request permission to excavate
Suspected Spy
Agents from one of your families have taken an ambassador from another nation prisoner as a spy
Dinner with a Rival
A delegation from another nation is sent to help settle a dispute brewing between your nations
Dinner with Rivals
A delegation from another nation is sent to help settle a dispute brewing between your nations, and multiple suggestions are made
A Toast
While dining in the company of another nation, your general gives a toast that isn’t received well
A Duel
After a spear duel, your general dies of severe injuries
A Duel
After a spear duel, your heir dies of severe injuries
A Mother’s/Father’s Touch
After news of a duel reaches a person in your nation, they visit the tents of those injured to pray for their health
Mother/Father in exile
While in exile, a person from your nation is giving away state secrets and spreading rumors about you
The Return Home
Someone returns to the nation with dates, spiced wines, and incense - insisting on accepting their gifts as a sign of forgiveness
The Return Home: Dates
After enjoying the dates brought back to the nation, you are experiencing moderate discomfort and suspect something is amiss
The Return Home: Wine
After partaking in the wine brought back to the nation, you feel weak and suspect the wine was poisoned
The Return Home: Incense
The incense brought back to the nation feels as if it is following you everywhere and driving you mad
Time to Feast
Your spouse demands a banquet to celebrate your heir
The Dark Arts
Your spouse is impressed with the heir and wishes to teach them the dark arts of espionage
A New General
A seer discovers a strange omen before your coronation and shares their thoughts with you
Improved AI late game performance
Better AI attack tile selection
Fixed AI trying to use barracks in cities
Miscellaneous Changes
A ‘Show Rival Family Colors’ option is now available in the UI options menu
Some Announcements have been added
There is now an announcement for when counselors die
There is now an announcement for when a nation goes to war due to an alliance
New city and character names have been added
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the Submit Bug window dropdown didn’t open within the window correctly
Fixed an issue with the game editor where specialists could not be added to city territory tiles
Fixed an issue where the initial tutorial event was not occurring correctly
Fixed an issue where progress for the capture city ambition was not tracked correctly
Fixed an issue where the Game of the Week could have the wrong number of players
Fixed an issue where techs with longer names would not fit properly within the Choose Research pop up
Fixed an issue where the category button within the encyclopedia did not return to categories correctly when a search term was present
Fixed an issue where unit consumption values were not shown correctly in the encyclopedia screen
Fixed an issue that could occur with the flags on certain rotations of the amphitheater improvement
Fixed an issue where selecting a city from the overview screen, and then clicking outside of that city would not correctly leave the city screen
Fixed an issue where the city tooltip would not remain present when hovering over a city name while a unit was selected
Fixed an issue where city widgets would not update to show religion in that city if religion was added to that city via an event
Fixed an issue where characters could appear in the Primogeniture screen and Character Relatives panel more than once
Fixed an issue where the “Actions” label on the character selection panel opened from within the Primogeniture screen was positioned incorrectly
Fixed an issue with unit action icons in the unit list
Fixed an issues where units could march while on cooldown
Fixed an issue with AI barbarian colors
Fixed an issue with the sentry and wake icons
Fixed a null exception that could occur when hovering over the projects number in the city screen
Various exception errors have been fixed
General crash fixes related to Cultural differences in numeric and date formats
Addressed some late game memory issues and out of memory crashes
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