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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49096 Test (04/05/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49176 Early Release (04/07/2021)
Religions will now gain opinion boosts when certain Theologies and Laws are paired together
Mythology: +30 Opinion of Polytheism
Veneration: +50 Opinion of Iconography
Legalism: +30 Opinion of Centralization
Revelation: +40 Opinion of Orthodoxy
Dualism: +40 Opinion of Tolerance
Gnosticism: +30 Opinion of Monotheism
Redemption: +50 Opinion of Pilgrimage
Enlightenment: +50 Opinion of Philosophy
Archetypes now have opinions of Laws
Hero: +20 Opinion of Epics
Commander +60 Opinion of Autarky
Tactician: +40 Opinion of Professional Army
Zealot: +50 Opinion of Holy War
Schemer: +30 Opinion of Elites, +30 Opinion of Coin Debasement
Orator: +20 Opinion of Tyranny
Diplomat: +30 Opinion of Colonization
Judge: +40 Opinion of Legal Code
Builder: +20 Opinion of Slavery
Scholar: +50 Opinion of Engineering
Family Opinion of Laws has been simplified
Champion Families (Assyria, Greece, Rome) +30 Opinion of Volunteers
Hunter Families (Assyria, Babylonia, Persia): +20 Opinion of Exploration
Patron Families (Assyria, Greece, Rome): +50 Opinion of Calligraphy
Cleric Families (Assyria, Egypt, Persia): +40 Opinion of Divine Rule
Artisan Families (Babylonia, Carthage, Greece): +60 Opinion of Guilds
Trader Families (Babylonia, Carthage): +30 Opinion of Trade League, +30 Opinion of Monetary Reform
Sage Families (Babylonia, Egypt, Greece): +20 Opinion of Freedom
Rider Families (Carthage, Egypt, Persia): +20 Opinion of Vassalage
Statesmen Families (Carthage, Persia, Rome): +20 Opinion of Constitution
Landowner Families (Egypt, Rome): +30 Opinion of Serfdom
The Philosophy Law now grants -20% Urban Specialists construction time (Was previously -25%)
The Autarky law now grants +20% yields from Mines, Quarries, and Lumbermills
Sniping now grants +20% combat strength in Home territory
Saddleborn now grants +50% defense vs Melee
The Herbalist trait now heals +4 HP (Down from +5)
Launch Offensive now costs 400 Training to start (Down from 600)
Some Leader General abilities have been swapped
Hero General (if Leader:) Can Launch Offensive (Previously stunned target)
Tactician General (if Leader:) Stuns target (Previously +20% combat strength if flanking)
Commander General (if Leader:) +20% combat strength if flanking (Previously could Launch Offensive)
Wonders will now lose build progress each turn if the worker leaves the tile
This progress will resume when the worker moves back to the tile
Random Leaders are now random ages
Tribal characters can now serve as a General for mercenary tribe units
Undo is now allowed in Cooperative Multiplayer games with Strict Turns
Asking another player to declare war on a different player now requires Friendly relations
A new ambition has been added: Have three specialists
Some technology costs have been rebalanced
City effects modified by Culture are now boosted by each Legendary Step
When you are out of money, your empire will sell off resources you are producing the most of to negate your debts (Previously an equal amount of all resources was sold)
Some new event portraits have been added
Promotion icons are now color coded
Unit promotions are displayed with blue icons
Promotions/Effects earned from Leader/General traits are displayed with brown icons
Rivers have been updated
Running dust particles have been added to most units
More bonus technology icons have received a polish update
City health bars have been adjusted and are now slightly taller
Multiplayer player names are now displayed as “[Nation Name] (Player Name)”
For example, “Rome (John)” or “Persia (Jane)” etc.
Tooltip text has been added to the player status bars featured on the empires tab in Multiplayer games
The orders widget shown on the Empires tab in Multiplayer games has been updated to display the Orders icon
The top UI bar icons have received a polish update
The following units have been updated with new SFX
Amazon Cavalry
New Events
Sudden Savior
You are trapped in a chaotic battle when someone suddenly comes to your rescue
Wounded General
One of your generals is severely wounded and their chances for recovery are slim
Flee the Field
The battlefield is a slaughterhouse, and you must decide whether to flee or fight
Into the Mist
You return to the battlefield to retrieve your dead, but are unable to find your General
A Whole New World
You receive a message from a member of your nation that has been traveling the world during their elopement
Three Weeks
A member of your nation returns from their elopement in regret and shame
Eloper Captured
Members of your nation are captured while eloping
Sudden Return
A member of your nation strolls into court as if they had never left
Honored Enemy
The body of your general arrives at court, with a message from the leader of another nation
Battlefield Duel
Your general and the general of a rival nation duel on the battlefield
Heroic Stand
Your general and a handful of volunteers hold off pursuing troops while the rest of your armies retreat
By [His/Her] Own Sword
Your general makes a choice in battle that strikes up a debate in court
Ambushed General
You receive word from a rival nation that your forces have been slaughtered and your general is to be held indefinitely
Lover Lost
You receive word that your lover was slain in battle
Cease Fire Tragedy
A lone soldier returns from battle with a horrific tale to tell
Mutiny in the Ranks
Some of your troops are on the verge of rising up against their general after continued losses
Trapped General
Your general and their troops are trapped in a ruin, surrounded by enemy forces
Tutorial: Training
This tutorial event explains Training to the player
Tutorial: Trade Network
This tutorial event explains Trade Networks to the player
Tutorial: Mercenaries
This tutorial event explains Carthage’s ability to hire mercenaries
Tutorial: Recruit Mercenaries
This tutorial event explains how Leaders with the ‘Orator’ archetype can recruit mercenaries
You Owe Me
You are told that you owe someone a favor after a particularly trying Intercession mission
Quid Pro Quo
You are asked to repay a favor
A Regal Faux Pas
You are caught in a compromising position after a day at court
A Martial Faux Pas
You find yourself in an untenable situation during a meeting with your Generals
A Covert Faux Pas
You are caught torturing a suspected enemy agent
Various AI improvements have been made
Improved worker improvement selection
Improved AI family luxury handling
Improved technology handling
Improved character handling
Improved AI law picking
Workers now move more freely between cities of the same family
Play to Win AI lets Human players have their empty city sites for a few turns
AI workers will now repair pillaged improvements before building new ones
AI now upgrades units more frequently
AI now builds more advanced units
Miscellaneous Changes
The Barbarian Invasion mod has received a few updates
This mod is only available on the Test Branch
The mod description text has been updated
The Archipelago map script has been removed from the available map options
Increased the invading unit count for the “None” Tribe level setting
The ‘Improvements’ category in the Encyclopedia has been expanded into multiple categories
Improvements (General)
Improvements (Religion)
Improvements (Wonders)
The ‘Traits’ category in the Encyclopedia has been expanded into multiple categories
Traits (Adjectives)
Traits (Archetypes)
Traits (Other)
Years have been replaced with Roman Numerals in the Inheritance screen
Bug Fixes
Fixed a text issue that could occur with the combat preview window when Siege units were attacking urban tiles
Fixed an issue with map dropdown heights on game setup screens
Fixed an issue where non-eligible improvements were shown when holding CTRL and hovering over tiles with a worker selected
Fixed a null reference that could occur when trying to save after using undo in certain instances
Fixed an issue where difficulty mode settings were overriding advanced settings in Multiplayer game set up
Fixed an issue where icons for locked technologies were not appearing correctly on the technology tree
Fixed an overlay issue with the minimap
Fixed some tile hover help text issues
Fixed an issue with the agent icon on character panels
Fixed some more issues with decisions not properly clearing when force ending a turn
Fixed an issue where the cursor could flicker outside of the bounds of the player screen
Fixed an issue where tribe diplomacy was hidden when all players were on the same team
Fixed an issue where Unique Units were not clickable in the encyclopedia
Fixed an issue where sorting arrows were not properly showing their sort order on the Cities screen
Fixed some issues with maintenance modifiers
Fixed some movement issues with AI units
Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes not attack after a Rout
Fixed a discontent issue related to Hunter families
Fixed an issue where Leader stat numbers could get cut off in their portrait area
Fixed an issue with religious opinion help text
Fixed an issue related to AI characters abdicating the throne
Fixed an issue where AI was overvaluing the Navigation technology
Fixed an issue where the upgrade button was present on units not owned by the player
Fixed an animation issue with unit combat preview portraits
Fixed an issue where succession law icons were not appearing correctly in the Encyclopedia
Fixed an issue related to undo and redo
Fixed a seed issue related to using undo
Fixed an issue where Multiplayer games with 8 or more players could not be started
Fixed some chat name formatting issues in Multiplayer chat
Fixed an issue where the gift button was not appearing in No Characters games
Fixed an issue where tabs were not correctly highlighting when selected
Fixed some character trait and grouping issues
Fixed an issue with caravan cooldowns
Fixed an issue where characters were not properly removed after a nation was defeated
Fixed some balancing issues with certain ambitions
Fixed an issue where players could not look at a list of potential job candidates if they didn’t have the resources to assign a candidate to the job
Fixed a null reference that could occur when starting games with ‘Pick Later’ Nation option selected
Fixed an issue with pillaged tiles
Fixed various event issues
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