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Last active June 23, 2021 20:51
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.52562 Test 6/21/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.52636 Early Release 6/23/2021
Additional Changes:
Assyria Shamash-Shum to vengeful against Ashurbanipal, reduced from plotting against
Addressed issue with Battlefield Duel event
Helptext improved for Adopt Religion Misison
Fixed issue with Cities Opinion Calculation
Fixed issue with repair city
Fixed issue where outdated unit statuses were showing when unit banner is reactivated
Carthage Scenario 3 Mission for 3 Marble has been updated to be completable
Added "Requires Anchored Ship" warning for land units trying to cross water
Fixed issue that occured when declaring war in multiplayer games
Right-clicking on city builds menu now updates after queuing a specialist
Addressed issue with UI background scaling in Multiplayer, Mod and Scenario menus
Fixed issue with unit attack log
Fixed minor issue with goal text
Added button in Mod menu to report content that violates's TOS
Addressed issue where coasts were not displaying properly on Mac builds
Fixed tile reccomendations on pillaged tiles, where it was reccomending replacement instead of repair.
Fixed issue with AI not always retreating when they were in danger
AI nations now must have attacked a city site before they can be upset with you for stealing it
Scouts which are returned from Agent Networks are now invisible until moved
Legal Code and Monetary Reform now use Orders for upkeep
Minor adjustment to opinions to pagan religion
Starting Leader family tree for Assyria, Babylonia, Carthage, Persia have been adjusted
Envy has returned for families, but its effect has been reduced
Mine Improvement assets have been updated
Roads have been updated
Updated Zoroastrian temple
Adjustments to camera view
The garrison has been adjusted
Adjustment to the Manichean Monastery
Adjustments to the Lavender Grove
Projectiles have been added for:
Horse Archer
Camel Archer
Ballista Polybolos
Akkadian Archer
Cimmerian Archer
Light Chariot
Kushite Cavalry
Palton Cavalry
Elite Libyan Cavalry
Main menu screen has been updated with animated map
Loading screen background has been updated
Agent city view has been updated
Legacy info no longer shown on victory screen
Adjustment to community content icon for portraits
Specialists have been added to the City Improvement Tab
Happiness boost icon has been added
Adjusted unit banner colors for some families to make them more distinct
Specialist tile highlight when hovering over the city production button
A Music Player has been added to the game
Victory and defeat music has been added to the game
Adjusted tracks that are enabled in the “Skip Licensed Tracks” audio option
Additional improvements to AI nations
Undo has been adjusted to go back 5 turns, instead of infinitely
Various performance improvements
Bug Fixes:
Various text fixes
Addressed issue with mountain edges not always displaying properly
Addressed issue where Stun was not activating as designed
Fixed issue where right clicking on action buttons did not bring up options
Other minor issues addressed
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