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Last active March 16, 2022 20:05
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.58292 Test 03/10/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.58388 Release 3/16/2022
Assyrian Unique Units get +50% versus urban, removed settlement bonus
Siege units now move double speed on roads
Routing units lose 5% attack strength for each rout per turn
Free courtiers from techs no longer have a family
Garrisons and other defensive buildings give defense bonuses to all nations not at war with you
Maps now have at least one instance of each luxury resource, if possible
It is no longer possible to launch offensive for a unit with a cooldown for anything besides attacking
Players are no able to disband units that are on cooldown
Reduced amount of science generated by inquiry
Reduced cost of Pikemen
Reduce build time for Windmills and watermills
Slavery now gives +2 discontent (up from +1 discontent)
Added more gameplay options to Barbarian Horde Scenario: randomized leaders, no starting techs, critical hit preview and role-playing
Added MP map script option for balanced player start, allowing to have map starts that don't have iron and horses
Mod Menu has been updated
tag system added
it is now possible to filter by tag
it is possible to sort by oldest/newest mods
Event browser preview now generates potential suitors
Updated unit selected particle effect
Promotions are now displayed in the Unit List
Renamed world map scenario subtitles so there is no clash in the dropdown that shows only the titles
Settler city founding preview will display even if the city site is currently occupied by another nation
When the border expansion tech is available to be selected, a border expansion preview is shown on the map.
Hide AI-related dropdowns (Aggression, Advantage, Development) if there are no AIs in the game
Hide more information from player panel/tooltip until contact is established
Improved performance of trees for higher-end cards
Improved AI's logic for building improvements
New Events
Automonous Liberties
National Workforce
The Threat of Tyre
Carthage Is Born
Salt of the Sea
The Walls of Carthage
The Children of Tyre
Rome and the Tribes
The Influence of Pygmalion
The Ghost of Romulus
Plotting Against the Law
Raised by Wolves
By Our Borders
Vying for Favor
Ancestral Claim
Calling for War
United Front
Renewed Hope?
Fire and Dust
Bitter Rivals
Let the Land Burn
No Surrender (2 variations)
Out of the Ashes
Master of the Harvest
Only the Best
Coastal Culture
To Wed a Cheiftain
Campaign Planning
Crisis on the Border
Budding Connections
A More Prosperous Future
Stubborn as a Mule
The Sword Saint
The Perfume Merchant
Foreign Rule
The Menacing Edge
Civic Trajectory
The Abacus
School of Hard Knocks
Shaping the Future
The Birthday Present
Ruins, Buried Treasure
Various text and event fixes
fixed some cases of dismissed reminders not returning when new candidates become available
fixed missing descriptions in premade maps
Fixed issue with scenario screens
Game now determines rebel spawn chance based on values from end of player's turn
Game now uses player name color instead of team name color for team links in MP games
Fixed minor issue with research
Fixed deleted cloud game being re-uploaded if there is only one human player left
Fixed issue where units were not being automatically updated after undo
Fixed exploit where enemy unit selection during replay would reveal their final destination
Fixed "no improvement" yield on resource tooltip showing 10x the actual yield
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