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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49383 Test (04/12/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49463 Early Release (04/14/2021) [Windows] - Old World Version 0.1.49468 Early Release (04/14/2021) [Mac]
Characters can now have a maximum of 3 negative traits (Up from 2)
High Synod missions now require the Metaphysics technology (Previously Doctrine)
Battering Rams and Siege Towers now get +25% Defense vs Ranged (Down from +50%)
Launch Offensive now costs 500 Training to start (Up from 400)
Reduced the cost of all Theologies by 200 Civics
Tier 1 - 200 Civics
Tier 2 - 400 Civics
Tier 3 - 600 Civics
Hamlets now provide +10 Money if on Trade Network (Up from 5)
Villages now provide +15 Money if on Trade Network (Up from 10)
Towns now provide +20 Money if on Trade Network (Up from 15)
Rebalanced the odds of receiving various events
Religion Opinion to Family and Players is now capped between -200 and 200
Cities with the player’s State Religion will now reduce discontent by 1 (Down from 2)
Reworked some Family Opinions
Families will now receive +20 opinion when Holy Cities are in their territory (Down from 40)
Landowner families no longer receive an opinion boost from units defending their cities
Statesmen Families now receive -20 opinion if their leader is unmarried (Up from -40)
Patron Families will now receive -20 opinion if their leader is not an adult
Patron Families no longer receive an opinion penalty for damaged cities
Cleric Families will now receive +40 opinion for having the largest population
Cleric Families no longer receive an opinion boost for having units inside their territory
Sage Families no longer receive an opinion penalty from pillaged improvements
Sage Families now receive +20 opinion when their cities are defended
Trader Families now receive +10 opinion for having connected cities (The penalty associated with not having connected cities has been removed)
Trader Families will now receive -40 opinion when their cities are damaged
Artisan Families will now receive -20 opinion from pillaged improvements
Rider Families will no longer receive opinion boosts or penalties for having the largest/smallest military
Rider Families will now receive -20 opinion when hostile units are inside their territory
Hunter Families no longer receive an opinion penalty when their leader is not an adult, Hunter Families no longer receive an opinion boost for having the largest population
Hunter Families will now gain +5 opinion when their units are inside their territory
Some laws have been updated
Exploration: Now grants no extra unit consumption costs when outside borders and allows scouts to move on water (Movement bonus along neutral rivers has been removed)
Centralization: Now grants +10 Civics per turn and boosts Capital city science production by 25% (Capital City money production boost has been removed)
Colonization: Now grants a movement bonus along neutral rivers
Some Nations starting Technologies have been updated
Assyria: Now starts with Trapping, Administration, and Military Drill (Military Drill was previously Sovereignty)
Carthage: Now starts with Trapping, Divination, and Aristocracy (Aristocracy was previously Military Drill)
Rome: Now starts with Ironworking, Stonecutting, and Polis (Stonecutting and Polis were previously Divination and Aristocracy)
Some Archetypes have received updates
Tactician [Leader:] Ranged units will now be hidden in non-hostile trees with a Tactician Leader (No extra unit consumption costs when outside borders and Mounted Units +20% Combat Strength removed)
Tactician [General:] Generals with the Tactician archetype are now immune to Critical Hits (Invisible in non-hostile trees removed)
Zealot: Generals with the Zealot archetype now get +1 Fatigue Limit (Heal in neutral territory removed)
Hero: Generals with the Hero archetype can now heal in neutral territory (Immune to critical hit removed)
Various updates to the Technology Tree
Military Reform has been renamed to Military Prestige
Political Reform has been renamed to Industrial Progress
Reworked some Technology costs and tiers
Spymaster is now unlocked by Portcullis (Previously unlocked with Ramparts)
All Tier 1 Unique Units (Battering Ram, Hastatus) now cost 120 Training to build
All Tier 2 Unique Units (Siege Towers, Legions) now cost 160 Training to build
Undo is no longer allowed when multiple players are connected to a game
The following unit models have been updated
Akkadian Archer
Light Chariot
The Swordsman unit has been updated to display team color textures
Two new event paintings have been added
Barbarian Battle
The following mission icons have been updated
Demand Tribute
Rome’s Capital and urban tiles have received various art updates and improvements
The Game Log screen [Opened with F4] has received some updates
The Game Log now displays your timeline
Various information is displayed here, such as your leaders, your game log of events (Character births, Courtiers joining your Court, etc.) and the map
Players can use this area to watch how their game has developed, either by advancing the timeline by events, by years, or players can simply click the ‘Show Next Event’ and ‘Show Previous Event’ buttons to play through the timeline at their own pace
The game log and map will update as you progress through the timeline, displaying events as they were received, as well as displaying the rate at which players explored the map
The following units have been updated with new SFX
Elite Nomad Skirmisher
Elite Amazon Cavalry
Libyan Cavalry
Elite Libyan Cavalry
Elite Nomad Warlord
New Events
Tutorial: Hurry Production
This tutorial event explains the different methods of hurrying production
Second Class Citizens
The original inhabitants of your city have become de facto second class citizens
Confused Loyalties
There are concerns that a family’s loyalties may be torn between their faith and their nation
Assimilation Problems
Your new colonists are upset with the haughty and superior attitude of the original inhabitants of a city
Strange Denouncement
A merchant who trades with a nearby tribe brings troubling news
Idle Hands
It seems that a nearby tribe leader has simply grown bored with peace
A Terrible Threat
A grim message from a nearby tribe awaits you at court
Unprophetable Actions
A nearby tribe seeks your downfall, as their holy women have foretold that you are destined to bring about the end of the world
A Taste of Things to Comes
Your latest delegation to a nearby tribe meets a grisly fate
As Iron Sharpens Iron
You find yourself drawn to a member of your nation
A Lost Friend
A member of your nation requests a leave of absence
A Race of Pride
A member of your nation asks for a favor
Borrowing A Dress/Tunic
A member of your nation asks to borrow some clothes
This event can start a chain event
An Ivory Box
An Ivory Box arrives at the court, with a note amongst the contents
Various events involving Pagan Shrines have been added
Some events involving tribute demands have been added
Some AI improvements have been implemented
Improved AI combat when fighting much stronger opponents
Improved AI defensive tactics
AI now tries to prevent Civics/Training shortfalls
Improved AI exploration
Miscellaneous Changes
Some new achievements have been added
Win a game against all Nations
Merchants of the Levant (Win an OCC game with a Traders family)
Alexander the Who? (Assassinate Alexander before he reaches Adulthood)
Trade Caravan (Complete a Caravan Trade Mission)
Cleopatra’s Love (Have an Egyptian Queen marry a Roman character)
The colorblind filter strength slider has been moved to the Accessibility tab in the Options Menu
Random rotation variations have been re-added to the Farm improvement
Various traits have received an updated text pass for clarity
Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues that could occur with characters from defeated nations
Fixed an issue where leader portraits were not appearing in the Empires panel
Fixed an issue where improvement unlock icons were not appearing in the Encyclopedia
Fixed some AI pathfinder issues
Fixed an issue where AI was overvaluing certain technologies
Fixed an issue that could occur when AI switched laws
Fixed an issue where the city widget displayed incorrectly while in the City Build screen
Various fixes, tweaks, and improvements (including AI improvements) have been made to the Barbarian Horde scenario
Fixed some display issues with certain unit and law icons
Fixed some icon display issues in the Inheritance screen
Fixed a display issue with the FOW
Fixed an issue with city banners in hotseat games
Fixed an issue with panic animations
Improved some existing unit SFX
Fixed an issue with AI difficulty in AI-only games
Fixed some issues with AI opinion missions
Fixed an issue with AI was not repairing their own cities
Fixed some unit banner issues that could occur during panic moves
Fixed an issue where minimized ambition decisions could appear out of order and disabled
Fixed an issue where the choose research pop up could open when closing the Technology screen
Fixed an issue where it was possible to found all 4 families in a single game
Fixed an issue where Families would not appear in the Religions/Families tab if their first city was a captured city
Fixed an issue where the Build 6 Barracks ambition could be removed incorrectly
Removed some events that could cause peace/truce with Tribes in the Barbarian Horde scenario
Fixed an issue where Elephant units would cross water very slowly
Fixed some issues that could occur when attacking a unit over water
Fixed some issues where unit banners would detach from units in certain instances of combat
Fixed some issues that were preventing help text from appearing on certain screens
Fixed some flickering tooltip issues that could occur on the City screen
Fixed some rotation issues with certain improvements
Fixed some issues where the event cycler could lose functionality
Fixed some issues where missions weren’t cancelled when characters were unable to complete them (For example, if the character was imprisoned while the mission was in progress, etc.)
Fixed various help text entries
Fixed various event issues
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