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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55149 Test 10/04/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55203 Release 10/06/2021
Launch Offensive now costs 600 Training
Hero Leaders: Units heal when pillaging (removed 10% attack bonus for all units)
Added F1 hotkey info to tooltips that will open a linked encyclopedia page when active
Pastures, Camps, Town, Village, Windmills, Christian Holy Site, and Watermills now have team color
Adjusted placement of mining workers
Path changes for saves, game uses /Test or /Dev on all platforms
Game displays multiple players' anchoring borders when they overlap
Joblink on Main Menu has been updated
Improvements to performance
Improvements to AI
New Events:
A Jewish Council (Start)
A Jewish Council (Complete)
To be King (Start)
To be King (Failed)
To be King (Complete)
The Sacred City (Start)
The Sacred City (Complete)
City Culture events now use the Tile/Turn seed (so will always be the same event on the same turn)
Adjusted slave revolt event chain
Fixed issue where mods would pop a warning unnecessarily
Adjustments to city information panel
Spacing adjustements for some UI elements
Minor text and event fixes
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