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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43486 Test (10/12/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43550 Early Release (10/14/2020)
Discovering landmarks will now reward the player +1 Legitimacy
Religions now have a head member (Bishop)
Each Nation can now found a Pagan Religion
Pagan Religions are founded and spread by building Shrines
Three new missions have been added: Influence, Insurrection, Rally Troops
Influence: Costs 100 Civics and 1 Order to start and takes 2 turns to complete - has a chance to improve the selected character’s opinion, or can result in an influence event
Insurrection (Agent) [Requires Jurisprudence]: Costs 400 Money and 1 Order to start and takes 3 turns to complete - has a chance to raise the Discontent level of the city the Agent is stationed in by 1, or can result in an insurrection event
Rally Troops (Leader) [Requires Military Drill]: Costs 100 Civics and 1 Order to start and takes 2 turns to complete - has a chance to rally troops (+150 Training,) or can result in a rally troops event
New Peace and Alliance human-to-human missions have been added (for Multiplayer modes)
You can now gift Cities and Units to players you are at peace with
Polybolos are now Siege units
Camel Archers now start with Nomad (+25% strength modifier when attacking from sand)
A Surrender option has been added to Multiplayer modes
Surrendering will hand control of your nation over to AI when applicable (For example, surrendering when on a team of at least 2 players)
The following units have been updated with new models
Elite Nomad Warlord
Elite Amazon Cavalry
The following units have been updated with new animations
Elite Marauder
Elite Nomad Marauder
Elite Javelineer
The following unit icons have been updated
Elite Amazon Cavalry
The following mission icons have been added
Rally Troops
Babylonia’s Nation and Family colors have been updated
The scout has been updated with team color textures
More bonus technology card icons have been updated
The City List will now display Discontent Level in addition to Discontent information already provided
These lists can be sorted with CTRL + Click
The Religion tab has been updated to display the Bishop of the Religion
Choose Character pop ups will now update when yield stockpiles change
Choose Character pop ups will now close if the player clicks on tiles or selects units/characters outside of the pop up
Send Yield buttons have been added to the Player Tab for nations you are at peace with in Multiplayer modes
The Choose Character pop ups have received some trim and polish updates
Tech Tree tooltips have received some frame and polish updates
The Mangonel unit has been updated with new Attack and Hit SFX
New Events
Various Stub events have been updated with new text
Various events involving children inheriting traits from their parents have been added
Caught in the Act
Your agents are caught while attempting to surveil a rival city
[Nation] Plotters
Your agent encounters a group of radicals plotting an attack against you
A Way In
While plotting ways to sow discord in a rival city, your agent encounters a charming stranger
Your agents are preparing to spread disinformation about a rival city’s leadership
Death to Spies
Your agent stationed in a rival city has been discovered
Influence in Court
One of your agents assumes the role of a servant in a rival city
Strike at the Heart
One of your agents gathers a team to strike at the heart of a rival nation’s military
The Slave King
Your agent’s efforts to trigger a rebellion in a city prove too successful
Out of Touch
Communication with your agents has been slow due to various challenges
Eager [Nation]
Your agent’s insurrection efforts are bearing fruit, but the rebels have another plan in mind
The Finger
Your agent befriends some outspoken rebels and agrees to meet with their leader
Secret Lovers
While investigating ways to turn the people of a rival city against their rulers, your agent makes a shocking discovery
Grandfather/Grandmother Regent
Your grandparent offers to act as your regent until you come of age
Consort Regent
Your parent offers to act as your regent until you come of age
Lawful Regent
Your aunt/uncle offers to act as your regent until you come of age
Rightful Heir
The rightful heir returns to court to retake their inheritance
After seizing regency, you are asked to name the next heir
Miscellaneous Changes
Improvements are no longer recommended if the player cannot build them due to lack of resources
Using SHIFT + Z will now hide city widgets in addition to hiding improvements
Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues with Fullscreen Exclusive mode and several options related to Windows settings
Fixed an issue where the training cost was not being shown on the Choose General pop up
Fixed an icon issue that was present in the Laws screen
Fixed a spacing issue that was present when no turn timer was present in certain MP modes
Fixed an issue where random maps weren’t initializing properly sometimes
Fixed an issue with team color textures
Fixed an issue with the border boost bonus technology
Fixed an issue where mission icons were not appearing correctly in tech tree tooltips
Fixed an issue where unit team colors were not displaying correctly in the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where the worker unit wasn’t correctly positioned while constructing the Oracle wonder
Fixed some issues with the Warrior unit’s team color textures
Fixed an issue where the tile highlight effect was not matching the map grid in some instances
Fixed an issue with inconsistent icon backgrounds for mission unlocks within tech tree tooltips
Fixed various event issues
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