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Last active July 20, 2022 22:32
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.61594 Test 07/14/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.61761 Release 07/20/2022
Schemer, Orator and Diplomat AI now behave more peacefully than other archetypes
Tactician units now do full counterattack damage
Unlimbered units do not do counter-damage with Tacticians, unlimbered units now get a -25% defense penalty
Market upkeep costs have been removed
Specialist effects granted by Freedom and Constitution laws have been swapped with each other
Goods goal value has been increased
Can no longer ask a Nation to declare war on another nation if they are Pleased or Friendly with that nation
Barbarian Horde Scenario: Tribe leaders (and Tribes) will no longer convert to player religions
Carthage Scenarios: Various fixes including adjustments to balance.
Adjusted the conditions which update the Able/Great cognomen to focus on Legacies/Ambitions
Bosphorus Strait on the Middle East Premade map has been adjusted
It is no longer possible to Alt-Click on event text to purchase necessary resources
LTP4: Added tutoring tutorial event
Knowledge comparisons now take tech progress into account
DLC is now available when playing in offline mode
Luxury management panel added which can be viewed from reminders or top bar interface
New Pick Later UI
Added skip button to in-game music player
Pressing SHIFT+Camera Movement will now increase the speed of the camera pan
Right-click closes any screen opened via top bar buttons
Added outlines to some text for visual clarity
Categories have been added to Encyclopedia search results
Bug Fixes
LTP5: Fixed issue where some boost cards would break the scenario
Fixed screen edge blur effects not toggling properly
Fixed issue where game wasn't checking for Victory until start of the next turn
Fixed issue where not all text was updated when changing languages
Dynasty dropdown in Multiplayer no longer always displays
Fixed layout issue with multi-line law upkeep costs
Fixed Hittite Icons used on Nation-Selection panel
Fixed children not appearing on family tree when both parents are visible but unrelated
Fixed tutor icons not appearing on council panel, selected character panel
Fixed crash in map editor when placing tiles with no height
Fixed issue where blank tiles could cause crashes in premade maps
fixed Town/Village counts not appearing in Improvements Controlled tooltip
Fixed toggle on depth of field effect and how it interacts with water
Fixed damage preview world text sticking when changing selection type while preview is active
Improvements to UI addressing overlap issues
Fixed bug with negative money when resolving events
Mac: Improvements to how ground tiles are drawn for Radeon Cards
Fixes to events
Improvements to localized text, including fixes to broken links
Additional Fixes:
Fixed religion selection panel visibility
Fixed issue where language change was not always detected
Fixed issue where character's place of birth was displaying improperly after that city was razed
Fixes to the Multiplayer Setup Screens
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