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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46304 Test (01/20/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46333 Early Release (01/21/2021)
All Wonders now cost Civics (in addition to their resource construction costs)
The Pyramids: 100 Civics
The Great Ziggurat: 100 Civics
The Oracle: 100 Civics
The Hanging Gardens: 100 Civics
The Necropolis: 200 Civics
The Ishtar Gate: 200 Civics
The Lighthouse: 200 Civics
The Apadana: 200 Civics
The Mausoleum: 300 Civics
The Acropolis: 300 Civics
The Colossus: 300 Civics
The Musaeum: 300 Civics
The Circus Maximus: 400 Civics
The Pantheon: 400 Civics
The Hagia Sophia: 400 Civics
The Via Recta Souk: 400 Civics
All Religious Wonders (The Adur Burzen-Mihr, The Temple of Solomon, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and The Cao’an) now cost 200 Civics (Down from 400)
All Specialist Civics construction costs have been reduced
All Specialist Civics construction costs now increase by 5% per Specialist in the city
Conscripts now have a 25% bonus vs Mounted units (Down from +50%)
Villages now yield +5 Money and -3 Food per turn (Down from +10 Money)
Villages now yield +10 Money if on Trade Network (Up from +5 Money)
Towns now yield +1 Growth, +5 Money and -4 Food per turn (Down from +15 Money)
Towns now yield +15 Money if on Trade Network (Up from +5 Money)
Connected foreign cities income is now affected by the size of the foreign city as well as distance away
You can no longer release a prisoner less than 4 years after Imprisonment
Multiple heirs can no longer study the same discipline
Some law upkeep costs have been reduced
Influence missions now grant 20XP
The following improvement models have been updated
Hunting Shrine [Neith / Mithra]
Zoroastrian Monastery
Christian Monastery
Manichaean Monastery
The following improvements have received some updates
Underworld Shrine [Ereshkigal / Osiris / Hades]
Hearth Shrine [Tanit / Vesta]
The Oracle model has received some updates
Ruined variants of barbarian outposts have received some more updates
The following improvement icons have been updated
Zoroastrian Monastery
Christian Monastery
Manichaean Monastery
The following technology icons have been updated
Infantry Square
More bonus technology icons have been updated
Teenage versions of various Egyptian portraits have been added
Opinion information will no longer show if the character has no opinion of your leader
City connection icons have been added to the City List screen
Various UI tabs have received a polish update
The Clubthrower unit has been updated with new attack, hit, run and death SFX
The Gaesata unit has been updated with new attack and hit SFX
New Events
Tutorial: Undo
This tutorial event explains how players can use the Undo option
Tutorial: Family Opinion
This tutorial event explains how family opinion modifiers can affect gameplay
Tutorial: Governor
This tutorial event explains Governors and how the player can assign them
Tutorial: Unit Upgrades
This tutorial event explains unit upgrades and promotions
Tutorial: Paganism
This tutorial event explains how Pagan religions work
Tutorial: Appoint Ambassador
This tutorial event explains Ambassadors and how the player can assign them
Tutorial: Appoint Chancellor
This tutorial event explains Chancellors and how the player can assign them
Tutorial: Appoint Spymaster
This tutorial events explains Spymasters and how the player can assign them
Post War
As your war with another faction comes to an end, there is a stirring among some of the nobles
[Religion] Mob
A mob of furious religious followers gathers after your recent actions against the faith
Religious Tithes
A religious plaintiff claims the crown owes tithes for the use of religious land
Leading the Flock
A priest requests an audience to speak with you about their city being in need of guidance from a leader who supports the faith
A member of your family asks for your blessing for them to sponsor an upcoming religious festival
A Scholar Denounced
A Priest asks that you denounce the findings of a scholar in your court
Influence of Terror
After a discussion goes poorly, you wonder if you can use your terrifying presence to your advantage
Reign of Terror
Your armies support your terrifying reputation and suggest ways to further exert your power
Breaking their Fear
You receive reports that one of your subjects is no longer terrified of you
Existing events have been updated to account for different start scenarios (Intro events when a nation hasn’t yet been chosen, etc.)
Various event stubs have been updated with new text
Miscellaneous Changes
A Restart option has been added for Single Player games
This option is found in the ESC menu after starting the game
Multiplayer Game names now have a character limit
Players can now join Multiplayer games as Observers once all player slots have been filled
The ‘Allow Observers’ option needs to be toggled on during game set up
The game map is now fully revealed after the end of a Multiplayer game
Ancient Ruins are no longer placed adjacent to urban tiles during map creation
Assyrian family colors have received some updates
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where selection UI could become stuck on units
Fixed some character portrait mismatch issues
Fixed some overlapping icon issues
Fixed some missing icon issues
Fixed some incorrect tooltip issues
Fixed an issue where units were not displaying status icons and cooldown icons at the same time
Fixed an issue where city widgets were not showing Capital and Family Seat information properly
Fixed an issue with theology icon links on the religion tab
Fixed a combat preview error that could occur when attacking fortified units
Fixed an issue where workers could add urban tiles to foreign cities
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when hiding the choose research popup
Fixed an issue where tooltips were not appearing properly on the mods screen
Fixed an issue where dead council members could still appear on the council panel
Fixed a council panel display issue that could occur when no characters were assigned
Fixed an issue where portraits were not appearing in the council panel initially
Fixed an issue where the heir slot on the council panel was not updating properly in certain instances
Fixed an issue where the unit list filters were not working properly
Fixed an issue where religion icons were not showing up for characters correctly
Fixed an issue where the camera speed menu option was not working properly
Fixed some errors and display issues that could occur when giving Multiplayer games long names
Fixed an issue with movement pips on the unit list not updating when adding or removing units from the list
Fixed an issue with fatigued text
Fixed an issue where the ALT key was not toggling tooltip states
Fixed some layout issues with the choose character pop up
Fixed a lighting issue with the main menu navigation buttons
Fixed an issue with the Choose Family decision pop up
Fixed an issue with research card technology names
Fixed various unit issues (missing references, attack preview, undo issues, etc.)
Fixed an issue with unit widget health bars not updating properly
Fixed some issues with the town improvement model
Fixed some more unit head turning issues
Fixed some issues with saving and loading
Fixed some text link issues in the attack preview window
Fixed some map script issues with player start locations
Fixed an issue with the Seaside map script
Fixed some mirror map map script issues
Fixed various event issues
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