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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.51079 Test (05/24/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.51079 Early Release (05/26/2021)
Purge mission now gives city a small discontent increase. Purge mission no longer uses up the disciple. Disciple goes on cooldown.
Colonization Law is now called Colonies Law.
Tribute now affects opinion. Default value +20.
Clerics families now affect Theology yields.
Tribal opinion now affects cost to settle on their city sites (when in alliance).
Zealots now have a 10% chance of enlisting units (was 5%).
No longer able to target foreign Leader with Assassinate mission. Leaders are still able to be assassinated via the event system.
No longer able to target a religion head with the Convert Religion mission.
Minor cities now receive a city name. These are taken from the nation’s city name list.
New naval promotion: Lading. Extends anchor range by +1.
Added a new raid from afar, where a map-edge city will be targeted by a raid originating from off-map.
Gendered pronouns added to trait acquired text.
Enlisted unit (Zealots) no longer have a Family
Urban placement rules for coasts have been adjusted
The following units have received animation updates:
Palton cavalry
The following icons have been added:
Stunned cooldown
Caravan mission
Citadel improvement
Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Christian Holy Site)
Temple of Solomon (Jewish Holy Site)
The following improvements models have been added:
Zoroastrian Temple
Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Christian Holy Site)
Temple of Solomon (Jewish Holy Site)
The following art has been optimised:
Barbarian/Tribe camp.
Terrain optimisations.
Cold Baths
Some polish to backgrounds of menus.
New tribal character event portrait frame.
Marriage mission now available from family, nation and tribe panels.
Some categories in encyclopedia can be sorted by type or alphabetical order.
Upgrading improvements (eg: hamlets) now have an arrow icon.
Character opinion of you will now display in turn summary popups.
Polish to city widget.
Character role and archetype icons display on character chooser panels.
Clicking worker tile recommendations whilst worker is on that tile will begin the worker building that recommendation. Works for non-improvements too (eg: urban tile).
Scenarios now include sub-titles.
Worker boats now hide when on tiles with nets (banner still visible).
Promotions section added to the encyclopedia.
Some polish to portrait camera.
Tooltip added to luxury button in city screen.
Cognomen and leader portraits in game timeline.
Envy hint has been added to set city family button
City captured text is now integrated into city widget
Added city tab filter that shows all cities with agent networks
Audio plugin components updated.
Numerous audio effects updated.
Palton cavalry attack audio.
New Events:
Hold Court - Family Scuffle
Hold Court - Weary
Friends Fight - Bribe
Friends Fight - Copper
Religion Contact - Nation of Faith
Religion Contact - Art and Faith
Religion Contact - Zealot
Religion Contact - Trouble on the Road
Tutorial - Inheritance Law
Pillaged Tile Event
Pillaged Improvement
Pillaged Industry
Pillaging Tribesmen
Insolent Tribesmen
Temple in Danger
Luxurious Trades
Parental Wisdom
An Offer of Help
Royal Tutor
Making Your Mark
Powerful Depictions
A Perilous Plot
Suspicious Successors
The Burden of Leadership
Ambush on the Road
Progressive Scholar
Commanding Charisma
Undisciplined Spending
Distant Rule
Family Values
Attempted Coup
Successor Faction
Pillage and Plunder
A Matter of Honor
The Enemy of my Friend is my Friend
Land of The Midnight Sun
Bug Fixes:
Addressed issue in Riddle of the Sphinx event
Various spelling fixes for events.
Fixed Fertile Crescent achievement
Swordsman now shows appropriate coloration
Fixed issue with swordsman combat preview
Fixed issue where city widget did not always update
Addressed issue with religion’s opinion color
Fixed marriage tooltip not spawning for some marriage options
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