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Last active November 25, 2020 21:57
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44760 Test (11/23/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44811 Early Release (11/25/2020)
Carthage’s unique bonuses have been updated
All cities can now hurry city production with money
All coastal cities gain +10 Money/Turn and pay -25% Specialist Costs
Some traits have been updated
Insane: -2 Wisdom, +2 Courage, -2 Discipline
Ill: -2 Courage, 20% chance of leading to Severely Ill
Severely Ill: -2 Courage
Incubated: -2 Courage, Cannot be tutor/governor/general or serve on the Council
The Acropolis now costs 1200 stone to build
The Watermill and Windmill improvements now yield +2 Science per turn
The Spearman unit has been updated with new animations
The model for the Market and Grocer improvements has been updated (These changes are still WIP)
The Fair model has been updated to use the model previously used for the Market and Grocer
Some unique character portraits have been added
Cities are now displayed in the attack preview HUD when attacking a city
The Units Tab has been updating with new sorting filters
Hide Civilian Units
Hide Scouts
Hide Naval Units
Hide Siege Units
Hide Ranged Units
Hide Mounted Units
Hide Infantry Units
Established Theologies are now shown on each Religion tab in the Religion screen
New Events
Never Enough
The constant consumption and wanton spending of one of your families is taking its toll on the treasuries
Power to the People
Your city’s ruling family would like to take the public’s role in government to another level
On Their Own
Your city teeters on the brink of starvation, and the court debates a policy change
Disaster At Sea
You receive terrible news from the academy after a storm occurs overseas
Bookish Demeanor
One of your commerce students has developed an expensive hobby
Drunken Misconduct
You receive troubling news about the behavior of a student attending the Commerce Academy
Money or Friends
A commerce student visits you to discuss something that’s been troubling them
Hemp Addiction
A student is charged with burning hemp and ingesting other substances from the doctor’s supplies
Miscellaneous Changes
Mod dependencies are now displayed on the Mod Screen
Players will now receive a notification when non-host players disconnect from Network Multiplayer games
Added the ability to control persistent server games remotely
Players can now set a host password when setting up a server game
Entering this password when joining the game allows the user to pause/unpause and change some other game parameters from the main menu
Play By Cloud turn emails have been updated to use ‘Old World’ as the sender name
Bug Fixes
Fixed some more height elevation issues with various buildings
Fixed an issue where character tab filters did not stay at the top of the menu when scrolling through the character list
Cleaned up some tooltips that contained redundant information
Fixed an issue where colorblind mode was not activating on the main menu options menu correctly
Fixed an issue where unit banners were not stacking correctly when multiple units were stacked on a tile
Fixed an issue where the city widget could produce flickering tooltips
Fixed some widget layout and tooltip issues
Fixed some AI movement priority issues
Fixed an issue where the AI was building too many ships
Fixed some performance issues caused by having an AI player on a human team in Multiplayer games
Fixed an issue where the hidden status icon was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where the Commander bonus was not applying to the enemy unit in the Attack Preview HUD
Fixed an issue where loading screen hints were not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where city widgets were not appearing in revealed fog
Fixed an issue with tile edge outlines when using the ‘Hide Movement Steps’ option
Fixed some display issues in the Attack Preview HUD
Fixed an issue where the download button was not appearing for Host players on the Load Play By Cloud game screen
Made some improvements to help with network connectivity issues - this is not expected to fix all low bandwidth issues, but there should be slight improvements in some cases. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to make improvements!
Fixed an issue where Council Position icons were flashing in instances where they shouldn’t be
Rebalanced some opinion and upkeep modifiers, and fixed various opinion issues
Fixed some event browser issues
Fixed some broken text issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed various UI issues
Fixed various event issues
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