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Last active July 7, 2022 09:10
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.61162 Test 06/22/2022
Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.61320 Test 06/30/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.61443 Release 7/6/2022
Changes from 6/22/2022
Localization has been finalized
Text that is newly present in game may not be completely translated including:
Dynasty events
Help text added to support new competitive play options
Dynasty System added
Dynasties are alternate starting leaders and characters that can be used with existing nations to change how they play.
4 new Dynasties have been added to Greece for the Heroes of the Aegean DLC.
These can be accessed when starting a new game - pick Greece as your nation, set Leader Archetype to Preset Leader and you will have a choice of Dynasty.
Play as Philip, Ptolemy, Leonidas, Pericles or Alexander! Each of the new leaders has new special abilities, missions, related characters and events.
Random/Pick Later nations now allow for Random/Default dynasty choices (if preset leader archetype is selected)
Adjusted difficulty settings
Text has been added to describe difficulty levels
The Able: Passive AI with moderate penalty. AI will not Force March
The Just: Peaceful AI with small penalty. AI will not Force March
The Good: Peaceful AI with fledgling development. Tribes are Weak
The Strong: AI Aggression Normal, Fledgling Development. Tribes are Normal
The Noble: Raiders will invade from distant lands AI Aggression Normal, Established Development. Tribes are Normal
The Glorious: Raiders will invade from distant lands AI is aggressive, Established Development. Tribes are Normal
The Magnificent: Raiders invade from distant lands, AI is aggressive with advanced development and small advantage. Tribes are Strong
The Great: Raiders invade from distant lands. AI is competitive with advanced development and moderate advantage. Tribes are Raging
Finishing a Wonder reveals the City tiles
Clerics: +100% output from Monasteries and Temples, start with Monasticism
Traders: +1 Order per Bullion Resource
Sages: Family seat +25% Science
Scholars: Leaders give +2 Science per Archive, Governors unlock Inquiry
Judges: Leaders can switch laws for 100 Civics
Heroes: Leaders give +50 Training per Kill (up from +40)
Goods Boost Bonus Card: Doubled yield
Unlimbered units now suffer a -10% defense penalty
Stunned units no longer have Zone-of-Control
Added new characters to courtier events
Adjusted distribution of starting locations for single-player maps
Raiders more likely to attack units of the nation they are raiding
War declaration popup now has additional text depending on the relative power of the other player
Tactician Generals now do -3 HP Melee Counterattack damage (instead of -1)
AI gets normal city founding bonuses in games without development
AI improvements
Steam Deck Player Option has been added
Game of the Week identification has been added to completed games in Hall of Fame
Unclaimed City Site and surrounding rural tiles have been updated to more clearly show which tile will stake your claim
Improvements to fonts and text display
Improvements to character role assignment panel
Improvements to attack preview interface
Border growth preview now works for events as well as for techs
New portraits added
Increased tooltip scaling limit
Right-Clicking on any tile now closes the city screen
Game shows"click to skip animations" text on the next turn button intermittently during the AI turn
Added CTRL+Click to restore dismissed reminders
Encyclopedia pages for dynasties have been improved
WASD camera panning now overidees edge scrolling
Improvements to founding nation with Pick Later option enabled
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where modio wasn't loading enough listings
Fixed Ethnic Diversity Achievement
Fixed issue where movement rings were hidden after harvesting
Fixed modified adjacent discontent yields not appearing in preview overlay
Fixed graphs drawing out of bounds after undoing a turn
Fixed secondary damage preview for critical hit
Fixed possible existing player stockpiles being overwritten at game start
Fixed Mediterranean map
In-game player names are now used to reference the players in cloud games instead of platform usernames
Fixed order of Hittite heirs so Mursili will be the preferred heir
Fixed area above the reminders panel not closing the panel when clicked
Fixed highlight effect on unit promotion button not showing when promotion is free
Various text and event fixes
Various improvements to Carthage and Greek Scenarios
Fixes to Play by Cloud email notifications
Minor event and text fixes
Fixes to Learn to Play Scenarios
Fixed issue where heir was marked as bypassed improperly
Fixed issue where ruler dying on same turn as victory would result in no victory message
Fixed Convoy IV not appearing for Legendary cities
Fixed where occasionally units disappeared when arriving at their destination tile during AI turns
Fixed some top bar offset scaling issues on tech tree, city list screens
Victory Points are displayed on the UI if time victory is enabled
Improvements to Network connectivity in Multiplayer
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dhialuck commented Jul 6, 2022

amazing work guys!

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