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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55553 Test 10/18/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55600 Release 10/20/2021
Scholar Governor gives +2 Science from Archives
Zealot Leader gives +60 Religion Opinion
Schemer Agents receive +20% bonus to all agent yields
Improved road city connection visuals
Team color has been added to Nets
Added more icons to represent existing unit abilities: Pierce, Cleave, Circle, Splash
Ambient audio has been improved
We now show maintenance icon in tile yield text where appropriate
"Harvested" icon visible for harvestable tiles in yield overlays
Localization: Replaced <English> fields with <en-US> in text files
New Event:
Fixed display of governor icon when governor has no special trait
Game no longer displays deck/research buttons if no techs are available
Dead characters no longer finish missions
Play-by-cloud observe mode no longer has access to game information that is available to Network observe mode
Fixed luxury screen incorrectly triggering city background ambience
Resolved issue with harvest audio playing incorrectly
Removed multiple click sfx from court interface
Added click sfx to map
Fixed hotkey assignments on Mac
Fixed issue where some improvements were raising over time
Mod screen: Manage tab now has option to update mods that are out of date
Added more music to flag as licensed tracks
Fixed layout issue when changing map script on SP basic setup screen
Various text and event fixes
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