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Test Branch: Old World Vesion 0.1.51752 Test 6/7/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.51893 Early release 6/9/2021
Can now gift cities/units/yields while at truce
Can queue unit repairs
Decreased likelihood nations will declare war on each other when at peace.
Imprison tutorial added
Can now upgrade Tribal Mercenary units for Training,
Reduced scale of tribal mercenary costs
Improvements to helptext and tooltips
Mirror Map is no longer a valid map option for odd-playered games
Improvements to mirror map setting in multiplayer
Spread Religion now gives a small Opinion boost with that Religion
The following units have received animation updates:
Cimmerian Archer
Akkadian Archer
Female Worker
Visual Updates to:
Christian Temple
Christian Holysite
Cold baths
Greece city center and urban tile
Assyria city center
Egypt city center
Additional art updates:
Scale and rotation adjustments to Acropolis, Lighthouse, Colossus, Ziggurat, Ishtar Gate, Necropolis
Scale adjustments to construction states
Lighting improvements
Added colors to family/nations icons in gifting interface
Adjustments to spacing in the tech tree
Improved UI for offensive launched
Update to Mod menu
New icon of Cimmerian and Akkadian archers
Added height icons in game editor
Improvements to city list
Improvements to observe mode:
Observe button has been renamed"Join as Observer"
Observers are now able to select units in regions of the map which are greyed-out for the particular player.
Exiting a game as an observer no longer displays information about save data
The worker construction time widgets now update when switching players as observer.
Switching between players in observer mode is now instantaneous.
ALT+Click on player tab to switch active player as observer
Improved AI for automated player units:
More aware of danger
Workers will now move between cities
Scouts will now choose to act as sentries or build agent networks
Workers will now build roads, harvest and chop wood
Adjusted frequency of ai declaring war on tribes
Reduced number of tiles AI purchases
Improved logic for exploring on water
Tile improvement recommendations include repair of pillaged improvements
Improved logic for guarding city sites and captured cities
General improvements to combat tactics
Camera follows all automadted unit actions
Added sound effects for:
Cataphract archer
Cimmerian Archer
Female Archer
Female Worker
New events:
Adult Children
Council Dispute
Patriarch v Oligarch
Spouse vs. Ambassador
Poor Quality Iron
A Sharp Reprimand
A Piercing Insight
Era of Guilds
Reign of Decadence
Age of Independence
Era of Trade
Age of Inflation
Era of Prosperity
Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue with Capital helptext
Fixed trait icon in linked text
Issue where selecting certain text in the action menus would minimize that section
Addressed issue where ambassador/chancellor/spymaster missions were showing up on leader’s action panel.
Fixed multiple issue where players on the same team could spawn at the same city site
City walls no longer have white highlight in city view
Addressed small issue on starting adopt state religion mission
Purge Religion mission now shows correct cooldown icon and tooltip
Fixed issue with river when joining the coast
Fixed some cases where improvement tooltip would stick on screen
Fixed issue with cycle button getting stuck
Fixed scenario load file status not clearing when switching scenarios
Fixed issue where loading game button was not disbabled when load is already in progress
Fixed issue with hold court mission
Various text and event fixes
Scenarios now unlock as soon as the player has achieved the first level of victory
Addressed issue with citadel teamcolor
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