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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.41886 Test (08/26/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.41893 Early Release (08/26/2020)
The Multiplayer Mod has been removed and replaced with a No Characters option
This option removes characters and families from the game
This option can be used in Single Player games, it is located in the Advanced Setup tab
This option will be automatically enabled during Multiplayer game setup (Players will need to delete their existing GameOptionsSave.xml file for this change to take place, or it can be set manually during Multiplayer game setup. Multiplayer is available in the opt-in Test Branch.)
Courtiers now have tutor missions
These missions can be activated by selecting a child that can be tutored, and then selecting ‘Tutor via [Courtier]’ - or by selecting a Courtier and then selecting ‘Tutor [Child]’
These missions have varied chances to raise one of the child’s stats - these chances increase based on the stat ratings of the chosen courtier
It costs 500 Money and 1 Order to start one of these missions
A new resource has been added: Lavender
This resource grants culture when harvested (this amount varies depending on how close the resource is to your territory)
This resource grants the player a luxury once it has been improved with a Grove
The Asceticism Law has been changed to Pilgrimage, this law now grants the following bonuses
+1 Civics from Groves [All Cities]
+2 Growth in Holy Cities
+100 Money from Holy Sites
This law now has an upkeep of high civics (Previously was high training)
The level requirement for assigning a General to a unit has been removed
The ‘Convert to Religion’ action performed by Disciple units will now affect Tribal sites individually rather than affecting the whole Tribe
A new ambition has been added
Kill 5 Units (as General)
The careless trait has been removed
The model for the Mausoleum wonder has been updated
The Elite Gaesata unit has been updated with new animations
Idle, Fidget Idle, Combat Idle, Run, Attack, Hit, Death
The Elephant resource has been updated with new animations
The following shrine icons have been updated
Shrine of Melqart, Shrine of Poseidon, Shrine of Anahita
The following shrine icons have been changed
Shrine of Ishtar, Shrine of Astarte, Shrine of Venus
The icon for the pillage action has been updated
The following nations have been updated to include more adult portraits
Various tree art has been updated
The art for cut trees has been updated
The art for trees on arid tiles has been updated
Scrub art has been updated
Portraits featured in event pop ups have been made slightly smaller to prevent larger pop ups from stretching to the boundaries of the screen
The frame featured on portraits in event pop ups has been updated
The frame featured around the selected nation in the game setup screen has received some polish updates
The Worker action button panel will now be hidden when there are no valid actions for the tile they are standing on
Unit icon shapes have been updated
Units that block tiles they are standing on have a shield shaped icon frame
Units that do not block tiles have a round shaped icon frame
Some elements of the Choose Research pop up have been updated to feature centered text
Unit banners now move with units as they move
Attack audio effects for the Nomad Marauder unit have been updated
Attack audio effects for the Warlord unit have received some edits
Hit audio effects for the following units have received some edits
Scout, Warrior
Various updates have been made to movement audio effects
Movement audio is now more clear at different zoom levels
New Events
A tutorial event for the Onager unit has been added
Local Corruption
As your Chancellor’s agents work to ease tensions within a city, they discover a history of local corruption
Treason in [City]
While uprooting the causes of a city’s discontent, your agents uncover a plot meant to destabilize the local government
Well Connected
A member from one of your families proves instrumental in helping your Chancellor pacify the citizens of one of your cities
Divine Intervention
Your Chancellor’s agents find a reliable partner in your Religion’s leadership
Filthy Animals
Several days after shepherding a group of wild goats to the palace, the herd falls ill
Rose Madder
In a recent harvest, your gatherers discover a collection of herbs and flowering plants with a variety of properties
Your Court Scientist suffers from an accident while they are on a fishing expedition for their research
Dead of Night
The warden of one of your city’s jails comes to court with urgent news
Plea for Leniency
You receive an impassioned message from the spouse of one of your prisoners, pleading for their release
[Family] Tarnished
A mob of supporters for an imprisoned member of one of your families surrounds the city’s jail and demands their release
Surprise Birth
According to whispers among guards and prisoners, one of your prisoners has given birth
This event can start an event chain
Day in the Sun
After years of imprisonment, one of your prisoners sends a humble request
This event can start an event chain
Prison Riot
A riot breaks out in one of your city’s largest jails
Live and Let Dye [CC]
Someone arrives at court to discuss health issues that are occurring due to the use of dyes
This event can start an event chain
Calendar and Seasons [CC]
Your thinkers and philosophers contemplate correcting the calendar
This event can start an event chain
The Prophet from the Sea
A ragged man appears in the streets of one of your cities, claiming to have spent days in the belly of a sea monster
This event can start an event chain
God’s Consort
You notice that your spouse has been in a sullen state as of late
This event can start an event chain
Captured Noble [CC]
After a victorious battle, your men capture an important noble from another nation
The Labyrinth
One of your families asks to build a Labyrinth to challenge and entertain the people
This event can start an event chain
Gladiator Games
The head of one of your families suggests holding some Gladiator Games to entertain the citizens
AI now deals with threats in its own territory better
AI attacking and defending has been improved
AI now converts tribes to their state religion
Miscellaneous Changes
The Load Game/Save As window will now generate Time/Date formatting that follows users OS settings
The build version date should now display in a format that matches user culture and region preferences
Active Mods will now be displayed above the version number on the Main Menu
Hovering over the ‘Active Mods’ message will display a tooltip listing the mods that are currently active
Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues with the Choose Research background
Fixed some alignment issues with various UI elements
Fixed an issue with scout positioning
Fixed some indentation issues with certain help text elements
Fixed an issue where Skirmisher weapons were not shown properly in the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where the placeholder model for the Acropolis wonder was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where event decision buttons showed the disabled state incorrectly
Fixed some clipping issues with the Marauder unit hit and combat idle animation
Fixed a delay that could occur when scout units were transitioning to and from their hidden state
Fixed some issues with worker positioning on various improvements and Wonders
Fixed an issue where barbarian units could spawn on top of player units
Fixed an issue where all dropdown menu options were being displayed as active in certain cases
Fixed an issue where AI units would not take advantage of new territory after founding a new city
Fixed a flickering text issue that could occur when hovering over captured cities
Fixed some formation issues with a few units
Fixed a formatting issue that was occurring with captured city help text
Fixed an issue where the options menu would sort below other UI elements when opening it a second time
Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect rendering on some units
Fixed an issue where specialist button statuses were not updating when ALT was held or released
Fixed an issue where the AI was not selecting governors for their cities
Fixed an issue with modded saves
Fixed an issue where the Northern Ocean map script incorrectly featured the Mirror Map option during Multiplayer Game setup
Fixed various null reference errors
Fixed various event issues
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