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Last active April 22, 2021 14:07
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49656 Test (04/19/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49765 Test (04/21/2021)
A new achievement has been added
Have Ten Leaders (in one game)
Play By Cloud Multiplayer Games have been disabled on the Test Branch
This change was made to address version mismatch issues that are caused by multiple players using different branches
Play By Cloud Multiplayer games will remain available on the Main Branch
The ‘Enemy of the State’ trait has been removed
This trait was replaced with ‘Fugitive’ where applicable
The Stronghold improvement model and icon have been updated
The Nomad Warlord unit model and formation have been updated
The Maceman unit has received a texture polish pass and now displays team color textures
Three new Historical character portraits have been added
Four new event paintings have been added
Barbarian Campfire
Combat Training
Horse Rider
The following unit icons have been updated
Nomad Warlord
Palton Cavalry
Construction stages have been removed from rural improvements
Farm, Mine, Quarry, Lumbermill, Pasture, Camp, Grove
Running dust particles have been added to various units
The Cities tab has been improved
Players can now select a Filter to view, and then choose the sorting order for that filter - the following filters are now available
Governor Status
Players can now right-click unit sorting options to only show that unit type in the Units tabs
Hovering over a unit in the Units tab now highlights their tile on the map
Some selection panels now include the ability to collapse and expand sections based on your choice
Family Selection Panel: Cities and Living Members categories can now be collapsed/expanded
Religion Selection Panel: Cities and Theology categories can now be collapsed/expanded
The City screen will now display an indicator when a yield is being consumed by production
For example, hovering over the City’s civics yield while building an ‘Archive’ will inform the player that the City’s civics is being used to produce the Archive
The Agent button on the City Widget now has different states to display if there is no agent, or if the player can add an agent
The Mini Technology tree now features a ‘Toggle Names’ button that allows players to toggle whether Technology names appear on the tree [Players can also hold ALT to view Technology names on the mini technology tree]
The Multiplayer Pause/Play button now features tooltip text that explains how turn timer settings can be found in the Options menu
The ‘Current Games’ heading on the Start Screen can now be clicked to force a refresh of the Cloud Games list
Religious icons on the Nations/Tribes tab are now larger and color coded
The HUD has received a polish update
The Pikeman unit has been updated with new SFX
The Caravan unit has been updated with new selection SFX
New Events
Two’s Trouble
Two children from your nation have become inseparable as of late, and are creating trouble in the palace
Childhood Fight
One of your advisors visits you in a panic, explaining that your children have gotten into a fight
Study Rivals
Your child sends a letter from the academy, expressing that they are having trouble keeping up with their rival
Late Nights
Your child is caught sneaking out of the palace
Little Leader
Your child’s influence on another child is strong
Sparring Partners
Your child is consistently at the top of their sparring group...apart from one
Young Hero
Your child risks their life to save another child
Playing Ball
Your child and a friend greet you while playing a game of catch
Rhetorical Questions
Your child’s inquisitive nature has angered a member of your nation
Teen Idol
Your child idolizes a teenager of your nation, wishing to be more like them when they grow up
Mountain Minerals
A nearby mountain is reported to have layers of an unknown iridescent metal folded into the rock
Studying [Landmark]
A student in your nation believes that studying the properties of a nearby landmark will aid their studies
Natural History
Your Court Scientist is too excited to rest after hearing about a nearby landmark
Shadows and Dust
The stunning beauty of a nearby landmark makes you feel small and fragile
Fire of the Gods
Religious groups argue over the use of a nearby landmark
River Crossing
The waters of a nearby river are dangerous, and you must decide what kind of bridge to install
The Sea Peoples
Your scouts report seeing signs of devastation on a nearby coast
Desert Peoples
Your scouts report meeting a hardy and friendly tribe of nomads in a nearby desert
Sacred Ground
The discovery of a landmark has the priests of two religious groups at each other’s throats
Those Before
Your family wishes to resurrect the practices of your ancestors, to pay respects to those who came before
Beast of the Sea
Your scouts bring news of a nearby sea, where locals tell tales of beasts that move across the waves
The Pilgrimage to [Landmark]
Pilgrimages to a nearby landmark are causing disruptions in your City
Mountain Fighting
You visit the rugged landscape of a nearby landmark, but you aren’t there to see the sights
Taking the Mantle
One of your Generals is dead, and their child is wracked by grief and anger
Restless General
Your General requests permission to return to the battlefield, despite still bearing vicious wounds from a previous fight
The Missing
News arrives that the body of your missing subject has been found
[Character] Wounded
You receive word that a member of your nation managed to escape battle after their forces were defeated, though they didn’t escape unscathed
Betrayal of the Faith
An incident takes place during a religious procession
Hostage Situation
You find a dangerous situation taking place in your private chambers
This event can start an event chain
Of Dogs and Daggers
A tragedy occurs while you are winding down from a day of royal duties
The AI no longer claims city sites that are closer to a human player (See below for more details)
This will only occur in games where the AI starts with more than one city
This behavior will only last for 30 turns in normal games
This behavior will only last for 10 turns in ‘Play to Win’ games
Bug Fixes
Fixed some clipping issues with the heal effect
Fixed an issue where the Governor project icon wasn’t appearing correctly in No-Character games
Fixed an issue where icons were missing from disabled tabs
Fixed an issue where the Ranged Tactician Leader bonus icon was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where the Military Prestige and Industrial Progress technology icons were not appearing correctly
Fixed a display issue with coastline rivers
Fixed an issue where AI would try to move into the same non-visible tiles repeatedly
Fixed other various AI movement issues
Fixed an issue where AI was sometimes not repairing hamlets
Fixed an issue with AI’s use of March
Fixed an issue with AI Civics spending
Fixed an issue related to the AI’s use of the ‘Influence’ mission
Fixed a UI exception related to AI calculations
Fixed a spacing issue with the cognomen label on the Timeline screen
Fixed an issue where tribes weren’t assigned a new leader properly upon the death of the old leader
Fixed some expectations that could occur in the event browser
Fixed an issue where the Restart Game button was present in Network games set up with certain settings
Fixed a text issue with one of the loading screen hints
Fixed an issue where Agent and Governor indicators didn’t update properly after the positions were filled
Fixed an issue where the Cities tab would display Luxury information when no luxuries were being sent to a city
Fixed an issue where Luxury information didn’t display help text in the Cities tab
Fixed an issue where the Light Chariot unit was missing its textures
Fixed an issue where Culture help text wasn’t displaying the complete values of the city’s culture
Fixed an expectation that could occur when closing the Event Browser
Fixed a scenario loading error that could occur on Mac
Fixed some character opinion issues
Removed random rotations from some improvements that could present display issues at certain rotations
Fixed an issue where the Cities category title appeared as broken text on the Religion selection panel
Fixed a text issue in the unit list
Fixed an issue where city production yields could overlap
Fixed an animation error the could occur when engaging in combat
Fixed some issues with blurry icons in the Technology Tree
Fixed some alignment issues with the city widget
Fixed an issue where the Governor values column was still present on the Cities screen in No Characters games
Fixed a crash related to the Epic Social overlay that could occur when attempting to launch the game
Fixed a sorting issue with the attack cursor and the city widget
Fixed some instances of doubled parentheses on the City screen
Fixed a health bar display issue that could occur when using modded HP values
Fixed some cycling issues that could occur when the last cycle was an idle city
Fixed some settings issues that could occur when toggling mods on during game set up
Fixed an issue with Tactics students causing truces
Fixed an issue where upgrading units would cause them to lose their Family assignment
Fixed a memory leak
Addressed some performance issues related to UI and terrain, we appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve performance!
Fixed various event issues
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