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Last active September 9, 2021 21:13
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54632 Test 9/7/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54634 Release 9/9/2021
Descriptions added for Blessed and Cursed
Added convert religion mission for religion heads
Garrisons/Strongholds/Citadels adjusted, defensive bonus only applies to friendly units
Enact All Laws goal now also requires all families to be Friendly
Alliance Victory Epic achievement has been added
Garrison/Stronghold/Citadel now require 2/4/6 laws respectively (down from 3/6/9)
Launch Offensive now removes all cooldowns except STUNNED
Reduced Population food consumption by 1
AI Advantage setting has been adjusted
Garrison promotion has been renamed to Warden
Hunters no longer have opinion boost from units inside territory; instead it is from defended cities
Clerics get opinion boost from holy cities
Sages get opinion boost from most specialists
Adjusted scale of Courthouse, Ministry and Palace
Updated Ore Mine visuals
Updated Garrison Model
Visual effects have been added for trait acquisition
Changed default ordering in MP to military units after decisions
Moved specialist production buttons above project buttons
Pressing N now brings up more detailed information about units
Foreign characters are now included in the family tree if they are the leader's ancestor or spouse
Adjusted blur effect so it doesn't affect all UI
Added network game player kick option to tab panel
Improvements to help text and tooltips
All Mohawk Scenarios have been added to the reference folder
Various improvements to AI
Minor performance improvements
All scenario files added to reference folder
New Events:
Alliance Victory
In The Eyes of the Gods
The Mighty
The Ready
The Avenger
The Conquerer
The Brilliant
The Architect
The Keystone
The Devout
Some Time Later (6 variations)
Fixed urban tile suggestions shown on incorrect tiles
Various text fixes
Fixed BG for unit promotion overlay sinking into terrain
Tech Tree now displays the correct player's information in Observer Mode
Culture level now displays correctly in the encyclopedia
Fixed issue where character could become both ill and severely ill
Fixed issue where all units could perform all their actions in multiplayer regardless of the turnstyle
Fixed issue where melee counterattack was not showing in tooltip
Fixed specialist category using wrong header in quick actions menu
Fixed issue where Walls weren't getting added immediately
Fixed issue where agent networks were charging incorrect amount of money
No longer can heal on forts that are under construction
Assigning a hotkey to slot 2 should no longer overwrite bindings in slot 1 that had modifier keys
Fixed goal in Carthage I that was not discoverable
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