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Council Members will now gain boosts from their stat ratings
Wisdom: +10 Rival Nation Opinion per Wisdom point
Charisma: +2 Civics Global per Charisma point
Courage: +10 Tribe Opinion per Courage point
Discipline: +0.5 Growth per city per Discipline point
Wisdom: +1 Culture per City per Wisdom point
Charisma: +10 Family Opinion per Charisma point
Courage: +3 Training Global per Courage point
Discipline: +4 Money Global per Discipline point
Wisdom: +1 Science Global per Wisdom point
Charisma: +10 Religion Opinion per Charisma point
Courage: -0.2 Discontent per City per Courage point
Discipline: +0.5 Orders Global per Discipline point
A new Chancellor mission has been added: Pacify City
This mission costs 100 Civics to start, and your Chancellor will gain +20 XP upon completion (Starting the mission will also consume 1 order)
This mission has three possible outcomes: Pacification successful, Pacification exposes our weakness, or the player will receive a Pacify City event
A new Spymaster mission has been added: Steal Research
This mission costs 100 Civics to start, and your Spymaster will gain +20 XP upon completion (Starting the mission will also consume 1 order)
This mission has three possible outcomes: Research Stolen, Research Stolen - effort exposed, or the player will receive a Steal Research event
Land combat units can now attack ships and vice versa
Normal combat rules still apply, ships must be on a coastal tile next to a unit that is on land in order to attack
Land-based melee units can now attack ships under normal combat rules - melee units will need to be next to a ship that is on a coastal tile in order to attack
Ranged units can attack a ship as long as it is within their attack range
A new unit promotion has been added: Amphibious
This promotion provides a +50% bonus to combat strength for land/water attacks
The character upgrade system has been reworked
Characters will now only receive Governor / General upgrades if they are a Governor or a General
Carthage will now gain Civics instead of Science when founding cities
Players can now ALT + Click on the Agent button of a Rival City widget to return their agent
Returning the Agent will remove the agent from the Rival city and give the original scout unit back to the player
The Oracle will now create an Agent in all Holy Cities
Players will be able to select agents of their choice in Rival Holy Cities after Oracle construction is completed
The following Wonders models have been updated:
The Ishtar Gate
The Pyramids
The following units have been updated with new models and unit icons:
Elite Gaesata
Elite Peltast
Elite Warlord
The Nomad Marauder unit has been updated with idle, combat idle, fidget, walk and run animations
The barbarian marauder unit has been updated with new death animations
The Hagia Sophia event has been updated with new art
The following portrait pools have been combined to increase portrait variation
Assyria and Babylon
Greece and Rome
The following unique character portraits have been updated
The following yield icons have been updated
The main menu background has been updated to display a rolling map
The icon for the Saddleborn promotion has been updated
The icon for the Map Overview screen has been updated
The icon for the Tech screen has been updated
The icon for the Encyclopedia screen has been updated
Tile yield previews shown in the city screen and during worker improvement selection have had their trim removed to reduce clutter
Tribes listed on the Empires tab will now display an icon to indicate if they are being sent any luxuries
Hovering over the following entries in the Worker build menu will now display the trade network overlay
Add Road
Build Harbor
Build The Colossus
Build The Lighthouse
Recommended improvement options will now display on the tile tooltip produced when hovering over a tile with a worker selected
The background for tips displayed on loading screens has been updated
More UI improvements have been added to help indicate when courtiers have active missions in progress
Info panels displayed when selecting nations and tribes have been simplified
The selected tribe widget has received some minor updates
Family icons located on the city widget have been updated to indicate which city is the founding city for each family
The first city founded for each family will now feature that family’s icon with a crown, all additional cities for each family will display the normal family icon
Bonus cards displayed in the choose research pop up have been updated
Bonus cards will now have a golden border to help differentiate them from normal research options
The Choose Ambition pop up has been updated to display the ambitions in the same order that families are listed in the family tab (These are listed in the order they are founded)
A close button has been added to the City screen
This button is located in the bottom right hand corner, to the left of the minimap
The orders icon has been updated to be slightly bigger
A small adjustment has been made to the icon size of bonus yield icons displayed on tech cards
Rename windows (Rename character and rename city, for example) will now display the character limit associated with those fields
City names have a character limit of 20 characters
Character names have a character limit of 24 characters
The following areas have received some polish updates
City screen
The Barbarian Marauder unit has been updated with new attack audio
New Events
Child of Prophecy
An old beggar wanders into court and declares your newborn a child of prophecy
Showered with Gifts
You nation rejoices at the news of a new heir and your families wish to bring gifts to the child
Renewed Hope
The birth of your heir lays to rest any worries about your legacy, and you wish to provide them with every comfort and opportunity
A New Heir
Celebrations erupt in the capital after the birth of your heir is announced
The Crone
The misery of ongoing illness motivates you to pursue any potential remedy
This event can start an event chain
The Mystic
A mystic arrives in court and pays you a visit after you fall ill
The Remedy
In the middle of a rigorous debate, you collapse on the floor of the court
Do it Yourself
You have been suffering in the grasp of a terrible illness and decide to take matters into your own hands
This event can start an event chain
Doctor Pieface
Pieface wakes you from a feverish slumber and informs you that he has come to heal you
This event can start an event chain
The Monkey’s Paw
During a feast celebrating the recent solstice, someone from your nation reveal’s a monkey’s paw to those in attendance
This event can start an event chain
Barren [CC]
You and your spouse haven’t been able to have children, and seek the counsel of your courtiers and wise men
Miracle Birth [CC]
An heir is born after you and your spouse were thought to be barren
The End of a Siege [CC]
After a long siege on your city, foreign soldiers retreat, leaving a wooden horse in front of your walls
This event can start an event chain
Troops Ransack [City] [CC]
Upon entering a foriegn city, your troops ransack the city and devastate its surroundings
Religious War [Stub]
Another nation is upset that you have angered adherents to their state religion, and are about to declare war
War or Marriage [Stub]
Messengers from a tribe arrive and demand that you marry one of your descendants to one of their own
Demand Luxury [Stub]
One of your families demands that you give them your excess luxuries
Barb invasion [Stub]
One of the tribes is displeased with you and launches an invasion
AI improvements - knows how to move units out of the way before moving other units in
AI upgrades their characters
Better AI trait evaluation
AI should now build the best improvement available for each tile they build on
Miscellaneous Changes
Victory Types (Points, Double and Ambition) are now set to be on by default
Support has been added for multiple quick saves
Players can now have up to 5 quick save files, the most recent one will always be the OW-Save-Quick.xml file
Starting settlers now have a neutral colored unit icon
All units will now fade out when killed
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where ethnicity help text wasn’t using the correct tense when referring to nations/tribes
Fixed an issue where adjacent improvement yield information was not showing on hover tooltips
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when attempting to start a new game with a random nation
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when replacing improvements that have a specialist with a different improvement
Fixed an issue where the Make Agent button was present on enemy scout units
Fixed an issue where the healer and tough promotion icons were not correctly aligned in the Promote option on the unit actions panel
Fixed an issue where hover text would not display when mousing over family members in the living relatives section of the character actions panel
Fixed an issue where the ‘Connect to Tile’ worker action did not display tooltip text when hovered over
Fixed an issue where workers from rival nations showed action buttons and filters when selected
Fixed an issue with critical chance and movement range text was not appearing correctly on some unit tooltips
Fixed an issue where children would no longer appear on the inheritance screen if the leader divorced their other parent
Fixed an issue where empty notifications were appearing
Fixed a null reference that could occur when clicking on the family seat icon located on the city widget
Fixed an issue where movement circles would not appear correctly after certain worker animations played
Fixed an issue with AI attacking civilian units instead of military units
Fixed an issue where double attack animations would play when defeating a single unit
Fixed an issue where workers were unable to build improvements sometimes
Fixed various event issues
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