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Last active July 4, 2020 23:05
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Some changes have been made to Agents
Scouts can now become agents from outside a rival territory (The scout must be positioned on a tile that touches that nation’s border)
Making a scout an Agent will add an Agent button below the city widget, this button allows the players to select which character they would like to become an agent
Agents can now perform a ‘Treachery’ mission - this mission costs 500 money, consumes 1 order, and takes 2 turns to complete
A successful treachery mission results in that city losing 10 HP and rewards the Agent 20 XP
A new project has been added: Autonomous Rule
This project yields -0.2 Orders, -2 Money, and boosts the city’s growth by 10% and food by 20%
This project can only be obtained via the ‘Autonomy in [City]’ event
Treasuries have been boosted
Treasury I now yields +10 Money per year (Up from 5)
Treasury II now yields +20 Money per year (Up from 10)
Treasury III now yields +40 Money per year (Up from 20)
Treasury IV now yields +80 Money per year (Up from 40)
The Freedom Law now provides all cities +1 Science per year (Down from +2)
Breaching a City with a Wonder being built deletes that Wonder (and it can be built by a different player)
You can no longer declare war on another nation or tribe within the next 5 turns after calling a truce
City Sites can now be claimed with any unit
Units can no longer be hidden on city site tiles
Units can now pass through tiles occupied by rival units, as long as they are not hostile and it's not the final tile of their movement step
Various higher tier improvements have had their resource cost per year increased
Particle effects have been added to units
Clouds of dust will now kick up from units feet as they move around
Worker animations have been updated with particles to match the animations (Workers mining will now produce clouds of dust and loose rocks as they mine, etc.)
The Battering Ram has been updated with new animations
Idle, Run, Attack, Hit and Death
The model for the harbor improvement has been updated
The models for the following units have been updated:
Nomad Skirmisher
The Mangonel unit has been updated to include fire particles
The Warlord unit has been updated with the following animations:
Various idle animations, run and walk animations
The icons for the following units have been updated:
Battering Ram
The ‘Become Agent’ action icon has been updated
A new painting for illness related events has been added
An icon for Weak culture has been added to the city widget
Various resource icons have been updated
Victory Condition toggles for the following Victory types have been added to the Advanced setup tab of the Single Player setup screen:
Points Victory, Double Victory, Ambition Victory
These toggles will initially be turned off, toggling them on will enable these victory conditions in the game that is being created
Archetypes have been moved into a new category separate from Traits in the Encyclopedia
The top bar has received some polish and spacing updates
The ‘Hurry’ production button and selections found in the city screen have received some polish updates
Worker build action buttons have received some layout and font changes
Players can now use CTRL + Click to toggle “Connect to City Network” mode on the Add Road worker build action
Updates have been made to the warrior audio cues
Warriors now have an additional death audio cue
Volume levels for attack, hit, and death audio cues have been adjusted to duck appropriately (This was to address issues where these sounds could be too loud)
Updates have been made to worker audio cues
Worker audio (mining, farming, etc.) will now adjust based on how close the camera is to the worker, and whether or not the worker is selected
New Events
Gods and Monsters
The religious beliefs of one of your families have expanded to include fantastic stories
Holy Figures
One of your families begins to worship their ancestors as holy figures
Religious Law
Someone from one of your families makes a speech to the court to encourage them to align laws with the teachings of the religion they follow
An elder from a religious church has written a collection of writings to be taught to the people, and members from one of your families urge you to adopt these teachings
Personal Faith
One of your families has held a series of feasts to expound on their personal spiritual beliefs
A member of one of your families labels every member of court and all citizens of another nation as sinners
A member of your family visits you privately to inform you of a spiritual conflict at work in another nation
Mystical Trance
Several members of one of your families have started holding spiritual gatherings, where they teach visitors a powerful new form of worship
The recent attacks on one of your cities has inspired a citizen uprising
City Ablaze
As soldiers sack the streets of one of your cities, fires break out and begin to cause further damage and disorder
New Recruits
While seizing another city, your soldiers encounter jails full of foreign captives who offer to replenish your forces after they are freed
Jailed Spy
Recent assaults on one of your cities has resulted in crowds of prisoners, one of them is a former military student from another nation jailed for suspected spying
Secret Laboratory
While sacking the streets of another city, your soldiers uncover a secret laboratory operated by foreign scientists
Battlefield Strain
After a recent skirmish, one of your generals appears to be suffering from a strange mental affliction
Fog of War
In the confusion of battle, your soldiers accidentally charge on their fellow troops
The Coward
The fall of one of your cities unnerves the court, and the next morning one of your courtiers is missing from their chambers
The Lost of [City]
After one of your cities is captured, refugees begin to populate the surrounding countryside seeking shelter
Mercy in [City]?
The governor and politicians of a sacked city beg your officers for mercy, vowing to serve your nation if their lives are spared
No Way Out
As the walls of one of your cities begins to collapse, your defending forces rush to protect the city’s governor
Rising Star
After a successful battle against enemy soldiers, your general recommends a particular soldier for a court advisor role
Storms of Battle
As enemy forces attempt to breach one of your cities, a storm appears on the horizon
Call to Action
After your troops are routed by enemy forces, your general requests more resources for the front lines
Among the Dead
Following a heated battle, your general finds a familiar figure among the dead
Anarchy in [City]
In the aftermath of battle, disorder reigns in one of your cities
Autonomy in [City]
One of your cities would like to establish autonomy and rule itself independently
Threat of Mutiny
One of your families threatens a court mutiny over the government’s Slavery laws
Weak Will
A member of one of your families accuses you of having a weak will in regards to your subjects
Hidden Scrolls
You find some scrolls containing your child’s thoughts on your nation’s policies
Reined In
Your spouse expresses their unhappiness with how the court governs
Lost Integrity
Your generals express their displeasure with the current state of the military
Demand City - Stub
One of your families demands that you give them a city
Improved AI danger awareness
Improved AI city defense tactics
AI knows to purge religions
AI disciple improvements and fixes
AI knows to place aqueducts adjacent to farms
AI does not leave any city sites for other players at "competitive" opponent level setting
Various AI improvements
Miscellaneous Changes
Some hotkeys have changed
The hotkey to hide units is now ALT + Z
The hotkey to hide all (UI overlays and vegetation) is now SHIFT + ALT + Z
The hotkey to hide UI is now ALT + X
Hotkeys have been added for Undo and Redo
Undo: CTRL + Z
Redo: CTRL + Y
The vast majority of hardcoded strings moved to text xmls
Menu and UI text reloads when language is changed
Cloud Save and Load buttons have been removed from the Single Player menu
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where victory conditions were not triggering correctly
Fixed an issue where the Add Road option was appearing in the Disciple unit action menu
Fixed an issue where the tooltip associated with the Multiplayer menu was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where the Hanging Gardens build button featured overlapping yield and build cost information
Fixed an issue where duplicate yield text would show on tiles with a potential specialist
Fixed an issue with worker stats display
Fixed an issue with worker animations not playing correctly for certain actions
Fixed an issue where the build progress bar did not reset when builds were completed
Fixed some issues where production text shown on the city widget would overflow
Fixed an issue where some HUD cycler elements would appear on the city screen
Fixed an alignment issue where the top right menu of the inheritance screen
Fixed a null reference that could occur when hovering over the Citizens tooltip of the Christianity encyclopedia entry via the Tools menu in the Main Menu
Fixed an issue where the hitboxes for the undo and redo buttons were too large
Fixed an issue where hovering over city HP bars with a unit selected would cause the HP bar to flicker
Fixed an issue where the settler action menu would not appear correctly under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where some unit’s attack animations weren’t playing correctly
Fixed an issue where replay data could cause old saves to crash
Fixed an issue with AI war declaration
A significant cause of Out of Memory crashes has been addressed. Late games and large maps were especially affected. Thanks for all your feedback and User Reports
Fixed various event issues
Fixed various text issues
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