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You can no longer assassinate children younger than 6 years old
The following Wonder models have been updated
The Colossus
The Apadana
The Grand Bazaar
The Lighthouse
The following Wonder events have been updated with new art
The Lighthouse
The Mausoleum
The following improvements/wonders have been updated to feature urban buildings surrounding them
Hanging Gardens
The Ishtar Gate
The following unique character portraits have been updated
The Nomad Marauder unit has been updated with a new walk animation
This unit has also been updated to show dust particle effects when moving
The Odeon improvement has received some minor placement adjustments - this improvement will now conform more naturally into the terrain it’s built upon
A Characters Tab has been added to the menus located in the top right corner
This tab can be used to view all of the characters within your nation
This tab will display notable points of interest for each character (Character stats, character roles [Heir, spouse, ambassador, etc.] character archetypes, and their opinion rating)
This tab is now using the icon that was previously used for ‘Court’ tab
The ‘Living Members’ area shown when selecting a family has been updated to show a more detailed list of the characters within that family
The Court tab has been updated with a new icon
This tab has also been updated to show the stats, archetypes and opinion ratings of listed characters
The Units tab now features an icon to indicate whether or not a unit has a general
Council member icons have been updated to only appear in color when there is a candidate available to be assigned to the role
Unit ‘turn’ options (Pass, Sleep, Sentry, and Disband) are now shown in separate buttons below the unit actions panel
The city production menu will now close when selecting to choose a Governor within the city screen
Icons for the following religious disciple unit actions have been updated:
Establish Theology
Spread Religion
Convert to Religion
Purge Religion
The following unit effect icons have been updated
The legitimize action icon has been updated
The Growth icon has been updated
The icon for the ‘Choose Governor’ widget located underneath the city tab has been updated
Icons featured on the unit promotion action have been spaced out for better visibility
The button used to view Wikipedia articles attached to events has been updated to match the encyclopedia icon
Character portraits featured in event pop ups have been updated to function as buttons - clicking the character portrait in an event will select that character
Recommended improvement icons shown with a worker selected have been updated to include a border
Specialist widget information has been reformatted to be more compact
The Ambitions UI will now always show in games where Ambition Victory is enabled
Choose Governor/General pop ups have received a polish update
Selected unit information will now remain visible while choosing a general for that unit
Tooltip text has been added to the Quick Load option
Main menu buttons and event buttons have received a polish update
The following units have been updated with new movement audio effects that match the speed the unit is moving
The following units have been updated with new run audio effects
New Events
More events have been added to ‘The Crone’ event chain
Some chain events have been added to the ‘Making Friends’ event
Some new stub events have been added
A Family Affair
You discover some shocking news about your spouse and your sibling
Safe Houses
A city is under siege, and you must decide where the militias should focus their efforts
To Arms
Citizens come to the palace, eager to aid in the defense of their city
Abducting the Heir
One of your families shares some interesting news with you, presenting an interesting opportunity
This event can start an event chain
Amulet of Fertility
One of your servants gives you an amulet of fertility after the birth of your child
Wood Shortages
One of your court soldiers reviews the military and concludes your nation’s supply of wood is insufficient
[Player] Delenda Est [CC]
Your courtier has been making waves by ending their speeches with a call to eradicate a rival nation
Those Meddling [Family] [CC]
Talks of one of your families associating with a delegation from a rival nation are circulating the courts
Mercenary Demands [CC]
Captains of one of your mercenaries meet with you to make demands
AI values victory point techs only when playing at Competitive opponent level
Miscellaneous Changes
The Mod Management screen has received various updates
Mod info will display if a mod is selected
Mod description text should now adjust according to content on the install/manage tabs
Mod toggles are now only present on the manage tab
Mods now show indicators to inform the player if they are up to date
An exclamation point means the mod has a different version local to repository
A check mark means the mod is up to date
Selected mod buttons have been moved outside of the scroll area
A ‘New Mod’ button has been added
An uninstall button has been added
Mods now get moved to their proper folders when changing between different types of mods
Homepage links are now clickable
The filter options have been changed to a dropdown
The mod screen will now prompt the player to update if a mod update is available
The mod screen will now default to the ‘All’ filter on start up
The mod list will now refresh after uploading
Units have been updated with a new intermediate speed setting - units will move at this speed when moving more than 1 tile inside of its first movement circle
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where toggle options were incorrectly showing an extra image behind the toggle
Fixed an issue where units could move into the fog of war and bump other units off of city site tiles
Fixed an issue with inconsistent family opinion ratings in situations where a bypassed heir had a child
Fixed an issue where cities listed in the expanded Pacify City mission list were listed in reverse order
Fixed an issue where non-leader starting characters (Remus, Alexander, etc.) showed their leader’s bio in their encyclopedia pages
Fixed an issue where the Trireme unit became obsolete before it was meant to
Fixed some issues related to event cycling
Fixed an issue where choosing a governor for a city would select the city afterwards
Fixed an issue where the ‘Establish Theology’ action would appear for religious disciple units before a State Religion had been established
Fixed an issue where a council position could be filled before founding a capital city
Fixed an issue where undoing an action would not close event pop ups
Fixed some issues with the ‘Choose Governor’ decision
Fixed some height issues with the Pyramids wonder
Fixed some alignment issues with the selected units panel
Fixed an issue with the background of the projects tooltip within the city screen
Fixed an issue where the units list would not show while a city was selected
Fixed an issue where coastal tile features were appearing above water incorrectly
Fixed an issue where the in-game editor was available on locked saves
Fixed various event issues
Fixed various mod management screen issues
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