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The Oligarch archetype has been renamed to Orator
Romulus is now the Schemer archetype
Urban buildings such as Markets and Theaters are no longer required to be built adjacent to one another
The build requirements will be lower if they are built adjacent to one another
The penalty for not having a Governor in a city has been removed
The hurry specialist and raise improvement effects have been swapped between the Orator and Judge archetype
Judges can now hurry specialist production with money
Orators can now raise improvements
Some archetype stats have changed
Zealots: -1 Wisdom (up from -2)
Schemers: -1 Courage (up from -2)
Orator: -1 Discipline (up from -2)
Relationships have been updated
Some relationships will now remove others, making opinion changes more consistent
Some Unique Units have been renamed
The Mahout is now the African Elephant
The Howdah is now the Turreted Elephant
The Camel Rider is now the Akkadian Archer
The Camel Lancer is now the Cimmerian Archer
Assyria now starts with the Trapping tech (This replaced Ironworking)
Carthage now starts with the Divination tech (This replaced Stonecutting)
Egypt now starts with the Stonecutting tech (This replaced Divination)
The Engineering law now requires 3 training per year for upkeep costs (Changed from Civics)
The Tyranny Law now provides +10 Training per year, and +20 gold per military unit within your territory (Up from 10)
The Volunteer Army Law now provides +20 Training per war
Excess luxuries now yield -1 discontent per year for your Capital
Trade missions have been updated to scale based on your relationship with the other faction
A sentry command has been added to the unit actions tab
This will put the unit to sleep and wake the unit up when an enemy is within 5 tiles of the unit
The Militia cost increase per unit has been reduced
The Colossus and Lighthouse Wonders must now be built in water tiles
Tutor events have been changed, making them slightly less likely to occur
Several improvements have received updates to their adjacent tile bonuses
Farms adjacent to pastures get +40% food (up from 20%)
Farms adjacent to granaries get +60% food (up from 50%)
Farms adjacent to windmills get +60% food (up from 50%)
Lumbermills adjacent to windmills get +60% wood (up from 50%)
Nets adjacent to harbors get +40% food (down from 50%)
Groves adjacent to any religious monastery get +60% food (up from 50%)
Trader families now gains +2 gold per population (Previously was +10 per city)
Trader families now gain opinion from having their cities further apart
The Lighthouse now gains +2 Gold per specialist (Previously was +2 gold per population)
The Theology tech has been renamed to Doctrine
Theologies no longer cost Civics
Upgrading Unique Units now requires a Citadel
Dowries have been adjusted
Forced divorces now cost legitimacy instead of money/opinion
The Game of the Week is now on a random difficulty level
The miserable trait stat is now -1 Charisma (up from -2)
A new project has been added: Consular Tribunes
This project can only be acquired if you make a certain decision in “The Fighting Class” event
This project yields +5% Training, +5% Civics, and -10% Discontent
Various map scripts have been updated
River locations have been improved to originate in poor rain areas less often
Organic border areas of maps have been improved to have smoother borders
The Inland Sea map script now has improved desert areas
In Single Player games, city sites intended for the player should now prefer to be on the same landmass as the player’s starting area
The Northern Ocean map script should now has deeper parts of the great desert area out of bounds, and map dimensions have been increased to compensate for low amounts of habitable land
Additional AI cities should now prefer to be on the same land mass as their Capital, but can still occur on other land masses
Longer rivers and mountain ridgelines now eligible to receive multiple name tags. (Same name on each tag)
Map Element Name Tags now do a much better job of avoiding cities, avoiding resources, avoiding tundra (hard to see), and avoiding one another
Island names added
Desert names added
Forest names added
Lake names added
Toned down River occurrence rate on Continent map script, to match with tiles being lost to Tundra or Desert areas
Coastal Rain Basin: Lake appearance rate turned down a bit
Animations for tree cutting, roading building, digging and repairing have been added to the worker
Hit, death, and crouch (while hidden) animations have been added to the scout
Combat animations have been added for the Axeman unit
The icon for the Builder archetype has been updated
Unit promotion icons and some effect icons have been updated
The leader portraits for Dido, Hatshepsut and Romulus have received some minor edits
Romulus’ avatar has also been updated to match his portrait
The leader portrait and avatar for Ashurbanipal has been updated
All starting leaders now have elderly portraits
The art for the Random leader choice in game set up options has been updated
The leader portrait for Nebuchadnezzar has been updated
Art has been added to the Ishtar Gate event
New family icons have been added
Various action icons have been updated
An icon for the new sentry command has been added
An icon for the bloodthirsty promotion has been added
Grove improvements now support variations (Wine, Incense, Citrus and Olive)
The camp improvement has been updated to reduce interference with nearby resources
The model for the Amphitheater has been updated
Religion icons will now use player colors once they have been founded
Religion icons are now featured on the Empires tab
Player and Theology icons have been changed to be on the same line in the religion tree
The size of the cooldown icon on the selected unit panel has been increased
Hostile units are now shown on the minimap
Unit banners now distinguish between Human and AI players
The size of the research bar has been decreased
Events pertaining to laws now have tooltips associated with each law
The size of the text on the cycler button has been decreased to reduce text overflow issues
Updates have been made to the font size yield combinations and growth progress - this information should now experience overflow issues less often
Yield rate is now shown on the third line of the city screen, and text size has been increased
Idle cities will now display information relating to what was finished building that turn
Diplomacy information now has a tooltip
Leader selection and game setup UI has received some polish updates
The character, tribe, family etc. tabs in the top right UI have received some polish updates
The notification buttons have received some polish updates
The Options menu has received some minor updates
Pop ups should now close when opening other menus
The effect of adjacent tiles has been added to certain tooltips
Family members that have died will now appear greyed out on the Inheritance screen
The leader’s cognomen has been added to their portrait area
A search bar has been added to the encyclopedia
The backgrounds for the game log, religion screen, and law screen have been updated
Help text has been added for city capturing
Help text explaining unit combat values has been improved
Audio cues have been added to more events
An Intrigue audio cue for events has been added
A sadness audio cue for events has been added
Various audio improvements have been implemented
New Events
The Fool
You come across a fool who is searching for a new court to work in
Momentous Meeting
Another nation comes to you, offering food and other gifts
Lethal Affliction
Your scouts have fallen ill and died
End of an Era
Your leader dies, and their heir prepares to take the throne
Injured (Name)
Your scouts discover a caravan from another nation that was attacked by bandits
Political Prisoner
Your scouts encounter a group of soldiers whipping a prisoner
The Fool
You encounter a curious figure named Pieface
Stories and Souvenirs
Your scouts encounter a group of strangers and share stories and souvenirs
Friendly Meeting
Messengers from another nation greet your scouts and invite them to an informal meeting
People Skills
Your heir’s love of fellowship and late evenings has interfered with their duties
Wise Outlook
Your heir spends most of their time studying and needs an initiative to focus on
Internal Strength
Your heir has shown admirable strength in challenging situations but has grown idle
Ordered Mind
Your heir has organized the court and royal household and needs a new goal to aspire to
Cimon the Foreigner
An esteemed member from another nation’s court arrives in your nation, requesting to remain in your capital as a foreign ambassador
Show Respect
A leader from another nation arrives in your court and requests your court members follow their customs
Deadly Inheritance
A leader and their heir arrive in your court, and your agents uncover some disturbing rumors
Writing on the Wall
Your servants discover mysterious writing on the banquet walls the morning after a feast
The Fighting Class
A parade of common soldiers interrupt the royal court to make demands
A court agent stands accused of murder and pleads immunity
The Final Message
After weeks of ill health, your leader dies
Southern Expedition
Two of your families fight over whether or not to make an expedition to the south
One of your families accuses another of political wrongdoing, and has voted to ostracize a specific member
Legitimize Heir (This is currently a stub event)
You must choose whether or not to legitimize an illegitimate child so you have a suitable heir
Fixed an issue with AI pillaging
AI is now less likely to declare war, especially if farther from the player
AI unit values have been tweaked to encourage more unit build variety
AI now explores more with non-Scout units
AI workers no longer chop wood before doing their primary tasks
AI no longer uses Militia to fulfill their military unit quota
Fixed an issue with AI specialist value
Miscellaneous Changes
An email field has been added to the gameplay options menu
Players should fill out this information, especially those who plan to submit bug reports. This will allow us to get in contact with you should we need more information about your reports
Save structure has been updated
OldWorld/Saves - Saves made using the “Save As” option will go here
OldWorld/Saves/Auto - Saves generated when ending a turn will go here
OldWorld/Saves/Quick - Saves made using the “Quick Save” option will go here
Quick Save file names have been changed to OW-Save-Quick.xml
The N key now highlights resources
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where family icons were not appearing correctly in the city list tab
Fixed an error that could occur with the audio cues tied to ruins events
Fixed an issue where certain characters in the encyclopedia did not have a background image
Fixed an issue where the Game Log button on the Victory / Loss event opened the timeline rather than the game log
Fixed an issue where trade missions did not take the correct amount of time to complete
Fixed an issue where the cycler button would turn transparent after ending a turn
Fixed an issue where the cycler button was interactable after ending a turn if there were still units to cycle through
Fixed an issue where game log entries could scroll off the top of the screen
Fixed an issue where information in the city screen could scroll out of bounds
Fixed an issue where the game log screen would stay open after opening the AI log
Fixed an issue where the options menu did not initially open at the correct size
Fixed an issue where clicking an open dropdown would reopen the dropdown rather than closing it
Fixed an issue where trying to create a new save folder would result in a blank window that couldn’t be used
Fixed an issue where redrawing techs and opening the Research pop up again via the event cycle would result in a decision no longer valid error
Fixed an issue where players could select units that were hidden under the Fog of War
Fixed an issue where selecting enemy units would reveal movement information to the player
Fixed an issue where choosing an ambition would not properly complete the event, resulting in the player being able to choose an ambition multiple times
Fixed an exploit where players could send luxuries to avoid making a choice in certain events
Fixed an issue where baths could not be built
Fixed an issue where the ambitions panel and council slots did not always update mid-turn
Fixed an issue where the selected character panel did not update after renaming the character
Fixed an issue where players could select foreign leaders that were generals of a unit and release them from the unit
Fixed an issue where decision buttons did not update as yield stockpiles changed
Fixed an issue where the rename button was present on characters that don’t belong to the player
Fixed an issue where the hide vegetation hotkey was hiding more than just vegetation
Fixed an issue where some hotkeys weren’t triggering correctly
Fixed an issue where birth events stated that male leaders were giving birth to children
Fixed an issue where characters from foreign nations were restricted from certain roles based on their families
Fixed an issue where closing an event and using the event cycle to reopen would possibly open a different event
Fixed an issue where women could give birth after they had reached the age that they became infertile
Fixed an issue where opinions listed in the character panel did not update until transitioning to the next turn
Fixed an issue where worker animations were not playing correctly after loading a game
Fixed an issue where icons were not appearing correctly in loading screen hints
Fixed an issue where the Submit Bug window didn’t have a summary area to fill out
Fixed an issue where the option to show system time would need an additional turn to appear
Fixed an issue with the formatting of the peace tooltip
Fixed an issue where eliminated nations were not removed from the empires tab
Fixed an issue where changing from the Exploration Law to the Epics law could result in scouts being trapped on water tiles (Scouts will now be moved to a nearby land tile after the turn is complete)
Fixed an issue where players could get extra information when selecting units that aren’t their own
Fixed an issue where the scroll wheel still functioned while the mouse was off screen or the game wasn’t focused
Fixed an issue where button icons could resize improperly
Fixed an issue where healthbars were not showing up correctly on unit widgets
Some incorrect values in the help encyclopedia have been fixed
Fixed an issue where some UI elements would not update when specialists or other things were added to cities
Fixed an issue with the Largest Military and Largest Population ambitions
Fixed an issue with the projects tooltip in the city screen
Fixed an issue where action icons would sometimes scale incorrectly
Fixed an issue where entries in the city build list could get cut off and appear incorrectly
Fixed an issue where the right hand tabs would appear underneath the minimap once their lists reached a certain length
Fixed an issue where the wine resource was not appearing correctly
Fixed an issue where the garrison improvement would not appear correctly on hill tiles
This issue fix also extends to Holy Sites built by religious disciples
Fixed a null reference that could occur when trying to move into the borders of a city a non-hostile tribe had captured
Fixed a null reference that could occur when starting a game on a pre-made map
Fixed a rare crash that could occur with the Northern Ocean map script
Fixed a map generation error that could occur with the Seaside map script
Various event issues have been fixed
Fixed various crashes
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