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A Double Victory condition has been added
This triggers when you have double the VP of your nearest competitor and at least half the target number of VP
All reform techs now give +1 Victory Point
Reform techs now go up in cost 25% each time they are researched
The Steel tech and Battleline tech have swapped places on the Tech Tree
Axeman and Maceman abilities have swapped (Axeman now have the arc attack, and Maceman now have the anti-infantry ability)
The strength values for these units have been adjusted
Axeman now also have a bonus against Polearm units
Trade League adjusted from: Unlocks Convoy, +3 Growth in Coastal Cities to: Unlocks Convoy, can Sell for the same price as Buying
Monetary Reform changed from: can Sell for the same price as Buying to: No Discontent penalty from Hurrying, -1 Discontent per year
Calligraphy: Now gives Libraries 4 Culture and 2 Science, from 4 Science
Some techs have been renamed
The Strategy tech has been renamed to Windlass
The Windlass tech has been renamed to Cogwheel
The Holy War law no longer provides training to State Religion cities
Holy War: Now adds “Can Hurry Unit Production with Money” to State Religion cities
Orthodoxy now allows Disciples to purge Non-State Religions
State Religion cities now yield +4 Civics (Down from +5)
The Secularism law has been changed so that all cities now have a -50% chance per year to produce rebel units (Down from -100%)
The Volunteers Law can now Hurry all City Production with Population, rather than just Units
The Veneration Theology now yields +20 Gold per Monastery (Up from +10)
City borders have had their vision range increased by one
All units have had their vision range increased by one
Mounted units now get a -25% penalty when attacking settlements (cities, tribe camps)
Polearm units exert ZOC against Mounted units
Greek’s Unique Units (Hoplite and Phalangite) now have the Polearm unit trait
Camel Archer loses Nomad Trait, gains 25% bonus vs Horse Units
Certain traits can now affect family opinions
The Famous trait now gives -25% Specialist Costs
A new unit promotion has been added
Heckler: +20% vs a unit with a General
The Dealmaker trait has been updated
This trait now gives Governors a -50% Improvement Cost buff
Bypassed heir is now a relationship with the Leader or Heir, rather than a trait
Maintenance modifiers for most effects have been reduced
Connected, Stronghold, Citadel and Palace 20% -> 10%
Citadel Growth reduced 20% -> 10%
Shrines now give the Healer promotion (+1HP/Year) instead of Herbalist
A capture capital ambition has been added
Alliances now always cost a lump sum payment
Resource cost per population based on culture has been rebalanced
The price for buying additional orders now has more volatility
Excess orders are now always sold for 10 gold (This will not affect market cost)
Commander Archetype no longer has “Can Hurry City Production with Population”
Commander Archetype now has “Can Hurry City Production with Orders”
AI archetypes now affect likeliness to declare war
Earlier specialists (Acolyte, Monk, Priest, Officer, Poet) cost less Civics to build
Improvements without specialists now cost Maintenance
Building an Urban improvement on a non-Urban tile costs more Stone
Trader family workers can build multiple roads per Year
Founding a Patrons Seat no longer grants the Seat +1 Culture level, now adds a Great Minister to court
Patrons Seat no longer has “Can Hurry Project Production with Money”
All Patron Cities now have “Can Hurry Project Production with Money”
Barbarian Strength (a setting that can be adjusted during game setup) will now influence how likely it is that tribes will declare war on you
Tribes now spawn faster at higher difficulty levels
Tribes raiding range now scales with difficulty
Most money event rewards have been rebalanced
Changing a city governor now costs 5 orders
Roads no longer require a connection to a trade network
Suggested tile improvement options no longer include multiples of the same improvement class
The Family Gifts mission that Chancellors can do will now show the player an event informing them of the outcome of that mission
Cattle have received idle animations
The barbarian marauder unit has received some animation updates
This unit now has attack and hit animations
The combat idle animation for this unit has been updated
Some unit and specialist icons have received updates
The Onager unit icon has been updated
The Acolyte, Rancher, and Woodcutter Specialist icons have been updated
The following unit promotion icons have been updated
Some tech tree icons have moved around or been updated to account for tech tree changes
Tribe crest icons have been updated
A new icon has been added to indicate when a city is idle
The icon for the Colosseum has been updated
The model for the Onager unit has been updated
The model for the Odeon has received some minor updates
The model for the Amphitheater has been updated
The Pantheon Wonder has been updated with a greybox model
The Odeon and Town models have been updated
Various events have been updated with new art
The single player setup screen has received some updates
There is now a ‘Premade Map’ option available, with a new map included called ‘The Old World’
Players can now set AI aggression during game setup
AI aggression determines how aggressive the opponents will be towards you
Tech Tree rework
These changes are to better communicate to players what techs are currently available, and which will be available soon
Players can now use Shift + Tab to reverse cycle through units and decisions
Mercenary units (and other free units received from events) are no longer associated with any families
Event decisions that reward a random trait will now produce an additional pop up to inform the player of what trait was received
The Choose Research pop up will now update or close after things are selected via the Tech Tree screen
The tech tree spacing will now adjust based on aspect ratio
There is a known issue with this feature where the Tech Tree spacing will not update after your resolution is changed. To fix this, save the game, then quit and relaunch. Upon reloading the tech tree spacing should be updated to match your new resolution settings.
Luxury action buttons have had their text updates to give the options available more clarity
The City Build queue has received some minor updates
The close button present on units/projects present in the build queue has been updated
There is now an arrow button between each queued item, allowing players to move things that are later in the queue to the beginning of the queue
The specialist widget in the City screen has been improved
Family widgets have been improved
Added new category icons for Worker
The Training yield icon has been updated to better differentiate it from Maintenance
Various icons have received a polish update
Added Action Icons
Add Urban
Add General
Found City
Worker filters moved to a context menu
The unit list tab has been updated to sort units similarly to how they are listed in the unit pop up help text
More consistent layout for player/tribe selection panels
Family portraits have been spaced out a bit on the relatives section of the character actions panel
The Inheritance screen background has been updated
An indicator arrow has been added to show which active cycle group is selected
Added minimap minimize button
Updated help text regarding specialist cost reductions
The window size of the file browser has been increased
An ‘All Job Candidates’ option has been added to the gameplay options menu
This option will show all candidates, even those who already have a job
Graphics options present in the settings menu have been updated with tooltip text
Graphics preset option has been moved to the top of the menu, as it determines all other settings
Selection panels have received some small revisions to standardize them and remove unnecessary elements
Some UI elements have received minor updates to reduce clipping issues
Music is now unlocked after researching the Drama tech
This feature is still in progress, music will still not start until reaching turn 10 regardless of whether or not Drama has been researched
Add audio for worker actions
New Events
Your scouts investigate some nearby ruins and make a shocking discovery
The Diviner
Your scouts find an interesting character upon investigating some nearby ruins
Face in Gold
Another civilization arrives in your court to discuss coinage
Mechanical Wonders
An heir from another nation arrives in your court and has a request after spending time with your great scientist
A Flirtation
Your spouse is openly flirting with someone during a goodwill banquet, gossip ensues
Caravan of Love
The heir of another nation shows some interest in your heir during a visit to celebrate relations between your nations
You receive some troubling news about the heir of another nation after their recent visit to your nation
True Inheritance
Your servants discover that your heir is missing from their chambers and has left a note for you
Pleasure Banquet
Just as an eventful day full of contests and performances seems to be wrapping up, more wine is brought to the hall and your subjects request the festivities continue
Funeral Procession
Following the death of a person from your nation, their family requests a funeral procession to honor their military career
Visitor from the East
A noted scholar and philosopher arrives in your nation and requests an audience with you
Mysterious Sickness
Citizens in one of your cities are suffering from a mysterious disease and your scientists demand immediate action
The Pox Spreads
The pox continues to ravage the city it started in, and has begun to spread
After the Death
After several difficult years, the mysterious sickness seems to be receding, and you must decide how to mark this moment for generations to come
A Confirmation
Your spouse comes to you with a demand regarding your heir
Unfaithful Tidings
Rumors about your are circulating in the capital, and your spouse approaches you with a simple plea
Rumors of your heir’s uncanny abilities have reached the court, and many wish to inquire about their knowledge
You visit the academy where your child is studying rhetorics, and find that they have wooed many of their classmates
Youthful Zeal
You visit the academy of rhetorics, and you and your child end up in an argument about court policies
Eager for Combat
You receive news that your child is unhappy with their lessons at the academy of tactics, and then they send a demand
Peaceable Kingdom
Your child visits home and has acquired an interest in caring for animals, and you must suggest how they further their interests
Returning Soldier
A soldier comes home
Physical Confrontation
An incident at the tactics academy requires your attention
Ancient Lessons
Your child finds something in nearby ruins
Rule of Law
Your child visits court
Unhealthy Interests
Your child shows an interest in poisons
A Funny Feeling
You wake up with stomach pains
Traitorous Tutor
Your servants discover that your heir and their tutor are missing
This event will start an event chain
Your family has some disagreements regarding your ruling style
A Keen Eye
Your spies are bickering about a rival nation and you offer a solution
Secret Strike
Your spies suggest a plot to put your enemies at odds with one another
Rousing Words
The latest recruits have finished their training and you are tasked with giving an inspirational speech to send them off
In Your Honor
Your Chancellor returns with good news after delivering gifts to one of your families
Devoted Followers
Your family is grateful for the gifts delivered by your Chancellor, and asks for additional support to a cause they are devoted to
Unexpected Feelings
Your Chancellor delivers some gifts to one of your founding families, and a member of that family mistakes the intention behind the gift
What is Art?
Your family appreciated the gifts sent by your Chancellor, and decide to send you a gift in return
Your Chancellor attempts to bring gifts to a family, but it doesn’t work out as expected
Delivery Mistake
The gifts you intended to send to one family were mistakenly delivered to another family
Moment of Weakness
While engaged in war with a foreign nation, a different nation arrives in court to make demands
Your family is unhappy with another nation’s decision to adopt a certain law, and demands you denounce them
Ongoing Alliance
A nation reaches out to you after your coronation to discuss terms for maintaining the alliance between your nations
Heated Debate
One of your families asks you to denounce another nation for following a different religion
Family Politics
After receiving some gifts from your Chancellor, a member of the family visits you in court
A Time to Reap
A courtier arrives in court to inform you of a decision they’ve made
An augur requests to do a spiritual reading for you
This event will start an event chain
The Court Mourns
Your nation mourns after the death of a Courtier
Disturbing the Peace
The heir of your rival is caught disturbing the peace
Outrage in [City]
Outbreaks of violence have erupted in one of your cities
Rekindled Passion
You are in a miserable stupor and the royal household suggests solutions that may help
One of your families requests that you translate foreign texts into your own language
Educating Our Women
Your elites voice concerns over educating women to be their equals
Freed Slave
A philosopher comes to you to discuss how they feel about slavery
Tutorial events have been added for Spearman and Maceman units
Miscellaneous Changes
Some units have received some minor name updates
The Catapult unit is now called the Onager
The Onager unit is now called the Mangonel
The Raider unit is now called the Marauder
Some tutorial events have received minor edits
The introduction tutorial event will now always fire regardless of tutorial settings
The introduction tutorial event has received some text edits
Multiple changes have been made to change the “Empire” term to “Nations, to clear up inconsistent use of terms
The help text for unlimbering and anchoring actions has been updated
The pillaged text now appears again
The camera now pans to AI founding cities
Date and time are now listed with save information in the file browser
The Map Editor has received a few minor updates
Support for Custom User Translation mods has been added
Players will need to create a ‘Translations’ folder in their Documents\My Games\OldWorld directory - Custom User Translation mods will go into this folder
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where conquered cities could not be assigned to a family
Fixed an issue with raising improvements
Fixed an issue where using Ctrl + Hover was not correctly showing the worker build previews
Fixed an issue where hovering over families in the single player set up screen resulted in a null reference error
Fixed an issue where aqueducts could provide multiple fresh water bonuses
Fixed an issue with making decisions after using the undo button
Fixed an issue where players could not remarry after their spouse died
Fixed an issue where the family marriage mission would fail to fire sometimes
Fixed an issue where AI would not attack captured cities that were in a state of anarchy
Fixed an issue where characters that were placed in Council roles did not have their actions list update appropriately
Fixed an issue with courtier and royal family member costs
Fixed an issue where some actions were incorrectly being put into context menus when selecting foreign leaders
Fixed some issues with text placement and scaling on the selected character and family panel UI elements
Fixed an issue where some UI elements weren’t properly hidden in certain full screen menus
Fixed an issue where dead characters could still provided bonuses
Fixed an issue with locking tooltips for characters
Fixed crash from event that spawns rebel units around barbarian cities
Fixed an issue where the character upgrade pop up would have no options to choose from
Fixed an issue where the Anchor and Unlimber cooldown icons were swapped for boat units and certain siege units
Fixed an issue where some character actions were incorrectly being hidden
Fixed bug with Miners working on Laurion Mines
Fixed an issue where luxury action buttons were mislabeled, also fixed their text positioning
Fixed an issue where tech tree status icons were inconsistent sizes
Fixed some issues with dead characters
Fixed some issues with map settings present on the game setup screen
Fixed an issue where a blank space would appear after character names when their family crest wasn’t shown
Fixed an issue where the diplomacy icons shown in the empires tab were inconsistent sizes
Fixed some alignment issues with unit cooldown icons
Fixed an issue where some map editor tools buttons weren’t being highlighted correctly
Fixed an issue where civics icons would sometimes appear incorrectly on the inheritance screen
Fixed an issue where some event titles appeared incorrectly in the game log
Fixed an issue where the camera could still be zoomed in and out with a pop up active
Fixed an issue with options toggles
Fixed an issue where the legitimacy icon would overlap with Legitimacy text
More work has been done to address performance issues
Fixed some issues with performance on game start up
Fixed various event issues
Fixed various error messages that could occur
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